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15 Best Sunglasses Under $50 For Women [Updated 2022]

Written by Arianna Last Updated: August 11, 2017

Perhaps you already have sunglasses filling your wardrobe, but one more pair won’t hurt. The sun may not be out today, but everyone longs for the sunny days to enjoy a great summer holiday and do all cool stuff.

Sunglasses are designed to frame your face, enhancing your appearance as well as protect your eyes from glare. From cat-eye shaped, to rounded and butterfly shapes, there is a pair for everyone.

Before you buy, however, ensure that you take frame measurements to ensure that you’ve the right size. With so many brands in the market, it’s painstakingly challenging to make a cohesive decision on the best; they all look like the best.

On this list are designer sunglasses from renowned eyewear brands. When choosing a pair of glasses among the 15 sunglasses reviewed below, consider the design relative to your face shape, the cost, and the materials.

Table of Contents

1. Quay Australia After Hours Sunglasses

It’s the overall design of these sunglasses that place them in the first spot. Quay Australia after Hour Sunglasses are available in chic tortoise, matte black, and transparent pink. That offers a perfect balance between ageless and edgy. The sunglasses feature winged square frames, making them the best sunglasses you’ll keep forever.

If you’re on budget, the Quay Australia range of sunglasses is yours to keep. The frames are big enough, making them an ideal place to hide your eyes. There are different designs and lens colors to choose from.

After hours in a trendy design whose square frames are built of polycarbonate, the fleshy and thick arms may be uncomfortable for some people, but they make them super robust if dropped accidentally. At 148 mm wide and 52 mm high, this pair fits a wide range of women. The nose gap is 15 mm.


• Durable plastic frame made from impact resistant polycarbonate
• Hard wearing plastic lens
• Polarized
• Cat-eye frame style with stainless steel hinges
• Highly rated sun glare and UV protection
• Super soft packaging with magnetic closure

2. Woodies Walnut Wood Sunglasses

Woodies Walnut Sunglasses have highly polished 100 percent Walnut arms, offering support to the traveller style plastic frame. Every pair is exclusive with its own select wood grain striation. Walnut is a lightweight wood that offers a relaxing fit, making it completely sturdy and durable.

The spring hinges sport a stainless steel material designed to remain in shape throughout the sunglasses’ lifespan. The lenses have been designed to stay dark and polarized. That ensures the wearer has 100 percent UVB/UVA protection no matter the intensity of light.

Woodies Walnut Wood Sunglasses are chic, natural, and durable. Every pair comes with a hard-wearing black carrying case, a wooden guitar pick, and a microfiber lens cleaning cloth. The pair measures 6 inches by 6 inches by 2 inches and weighs only 1oz.

This makes it ideal for many women and remains light enough for all day use. The bamboo tube packaging gives the glasses a classic feel while protecting them when not in use.


• They come with a pick, carry case, a lens wipe cloth, and a bracelet
• Lens doesn’t get scratched even in the purse
• Lightweight and Sturdy wood material
• Dark glasses eliminate sun glare
• Pretty and stylish
• Polarized lenses offering 100 percent UVA protection
• 30-day money-back guarantee

3. Smith Optics Questa Women’s 49mm Retro Sunglasses

The Smith Optics Questa borrows from the 1990’s Moto series. The unique retro-pattern is uniquely imprinted on the metal that sits on the nose. Other core features include distinct wire core temple and the circular eye wire that’s a trademark of the Smith series.

Dr. Smith is famous for developing the world’s pioneer thermal sealed sunglasses. He intended to remain outdoors, having a blast when everyone else was locked inside. Many years later, the original intent remains; talk about life being better beyond walls.

The Smith Optics Questa Women’s 49mm Retro Sunglasses have a high safety standard with each pair being better than its predecessor. Every aspect of these sunnies amplifies the thrill of the human experience. All smiths’ optics follows that simple idea. The sunglasses are lightweight with perfect lenses that fit everyone.

The all-plastic sunglasses are ideal if you’re looking for a long lasting pair. The width of the pair is 58 mm, the bridge is 15 mm, while the arm is 140 mm; this is a great size to match the needs of many women with petite faces.


• A composite cellulose proportionate frame
• Composite lens
• Small medium fitting coverage
• High-quality carbonic polarized lenses
• Adjustable wire core temples and barrel hinges

4. Shiner Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses

Shiner Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses feature Traveler designed polarized lenses that come in a gift box. The sunglasses are the ideal choice for driving, surfing, fishing, or climbing. They’re the stylish sunglasses you need for summer.

Shiner Sunglasses are made by a renowned retailer of high-quality sports and outdoor bags; Shiner. They’re lightweight and comfortable sunnies made from ultra-light bamboo wood. Women find them comfortable and they don’t notice they’re wearing them for a while.

The bamboo wooden wayfarer sunnies will make you the center of attraction at the beach in summer. Every pair has a stylish and distinct wood grain, and we all love natural wood. The wooden frames are the point of sensation on these glasses.

Thanks to the wooden frame, Shiner 2021 Bamboo shades float. The eco-friendly and recycled wood used ensures you save the environment and feel good about your contribution.

These sunglasses are known for their stylish build. They’re available in different colors to match your outfits and your style. The glasses are designed for adventure with all the colors representing the jungle.


• High-quality, stylish design
• Reliable after-sales service
• Stunning handmade frames
• Polarized lens offer UV 400 protection and block 100 percent UVA and UVB rays
• They restore true color and eliminate discarded light
• They Scatter light to protect your eyes
• Universally fitting stainless steel double spring hinges and built to last
• Each pair is enclosed in an engraved bamboo gift box

5. BNUS Italy made Classic Sunglasses

Able to absorb up to 85 percent of visible light and block a lot of blue light, BNUS Italy made classic sunglasses ensure good vision and clarity. They’ve outstanding color contrast and offer a better natural vision. They’re made from super scratch resistant plastic material.

Don’t let a headache caused by glare ruin your day. They’re best for golfers who deal with visual distractions like bunkers, water hazards, and flat areas. Make those trips worthwhile by avoiding blinding rays bouncing off the water surface.

Driving or riding a bike in glare is risky because glare conceals potholes and other dangers. Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding these sunglasses are ideal. BNUS Italy made Classic Sunglass have HD polarized lenses ideal for athletes and other female users. Their size accommodates all sizes.

BNUS high-performance sunglasses are designed to optimize safety and meet the highest consumer standards.

Each pair is designed sleek for the stylish lady and sturdy for a long productive life. The length of these glasses is 47 mm, the width 56 mm, the bridge 17 mm and the arm 138 mm.


• Exclusive screw-free nylon frame design
• UV400 glass lens for high-quality performance
• Backed by a 12 month-warranty and after sales service

6. PRIVÉ REVAUX “The Commando” Handcrafted Designer Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Each Commando pair is designed with high quality materials and a classic designed to protect your eyes and match your style. The Classic handcrafted aviator sunglasses have a rich colored lens that makes you the center of attraction. The PRIVÉ REVAUX sunglasses have a RX-ABLE frame that you can use with prescription lenses should the need arise. They come in black, silver, and gold.

Privé Revaux wants to ensure you remain fashionable and trendy. They only manufacture limited quantities per year. Every pair comes in style with a tailor-made trifold case, a serialized authentication card, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

The polarized lenses ensure your eyes and protected. The lenses are made of triacetate cellulose that guarantees superb optical clarity and total UV protection. The frames and temples are made of ultra-light scratch resistant stainless steel. They’ve a bold and sturdy build ready for action.

The Prive Revaux case is a custom built collapsible case made from hard-wearing polyurethane leather that protects your eyewear. The interior of the bag is lined with a soft material to protect the lenses from marks or scratches. They’ve a magnetic latch that snaps and closes fast to keep your sunnies secure.

These sunglasses come with a premium cleaning fiber made from the best microfiber material. This guarantees the safe removal of dirt, dust, grime, smudges, and fingerprints without leaving a mark or a scratch.


• High-quality case
• Trendy and fashionable
• Metallic frame
• Polarized composite lens
• 60 millimeters lens width

7. VIVIENFANG Women’s Flash Mirror Lens Oversize Polarized Cateye Sunglasses

Quality is the result of dedication and comes at a price. That’s not the case with Vivienfang women’s sunglasses. The sunnies are the result of long-term research for the development of superior quality eyewear, but at a great price. All Polarized Cateye sunglasses comply with the highest international standards

Vivienfang women’s sunglasses are stylish, up-to-date sunnies with a design and quality incomparable to related mainstream products. That ensures high-quality at a great price. Wearers experience quality products far beyond similar top brands.

The chic metal trim is the highlight of the oversized cat-eye shades. The ultra-light style showcases an exterior metal lining and matching bridge that’s ideal for heart-shaped or oval faces. The flash lens highlights the different materials that complete the Cateye look.

Vivienfang Sunglasses are equipped with Polarized Lenses that reduce annoying glare. They scatter the excess light, therefore, eliminating eye fatigue. They promote natural vision by transmitting original colors without the slightest modification.

The lenses have extra anti-scratch coating that acts like sunscreen for your eyes and the surrounding skin. The sunglasses have a comfortable nose pad made from super-soft and allergy free silicone. That protects your nose bridge and enhances comfort. The sunglasses are designed as one-size fit for all and this makes them a favorite for many women.


• High-quality metal hinges for hassle free opening and closing
• 100 percent UV protection
• Exquisite packaging, making them an excellent gift choice
• Anti-reflective frame
• Polarized 49 millimeters by 54-millimeter lens

8. LOVE PUNCH Flat Lens Mirrored

Made by the leading manufacturer and exporter of specialized fashion eyewear, Love Punch Flat Lens Mirrored women’s sunglasses are high-grade and lovely. Celebrities wear the brand in USA, UK, Australia, France, and Germany.

The high-quality shades comply with international CE standards and passed the FDA drop ball test. They’re completely appreciated in all international markets. Wear them and take advantage of the trendy up-to-date eyewear.

The Love Punch Cateye sunnies are designed with a sleek color mirror flat lens on a lightweight metal frame. It has a distinct brow bar and slender temples to complete its ultra-thin contemporary design. They’re exquisitely designed to give you an effortless look and a relaxed appeal.

For their high quality, they’re also sensitive. Never clean them using ordinary clothing or paper towels. Using any household soap or detergent will also damage them. Only a few mild soaps are safe for sunglasses, otherwise, you’ll slowly damage the lens coatings. The overall design of the sunglasses is chic with different colors to choose from.


• Metallic frame
• Anti-reflective lens
• Polarized lens for UV protection
• Comfortable nose pad
• Superior quality metal hinges

9. SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Women Sunglasses

SojoS vision sunglasses let you enjoy the natural beauty of sunshine and keep your beautiful eyes protected. These sunnies are designed with a comforting lift that fits a woman’s lifestyle. The name is inspired by the secret in a female’s eyes.

The manufacturer appreciates the fact that there is a story hidden in every woman’s eyes. They take care to deliver beautiful eyewear that protects and showcases the mystery of your eyes. Different eyewear brings a different emotion that matches a person’s style and personality.

The most expensive isn’t always the best, and everyone has a preference. SojoS sunglasses ensure that beauty follows you where you’re. The SojoS trendy sunnies are cat-eye shaped that, not only keep your eyes safe, but bring out your well-groomed appearance. Get a pair, and you remain fashionable.

The SojoS Vision cat eye sunglasses are manufactured from a hard-wearing material that stands the test of time. It’s your best companion for outdoor activities like driving, hiking, shopping, and taking photos. Here’s an excellent fashion accessory you can wear daily all-year round.

Inside the package, you get your pair of shades, a soft microfiber pouch, and a soft sunglasses cloth. In the event of any problem, you’re covered by a 30-day guarantee. Designed by a company known to create fashionable products, these glasses reflect summer fashion in every way.


• Anti-glare lens that offers 100 percent UVA and UVB protection
• Soft silicone nose pad that protects your nose bridge
• Metallic frame
• Non-polarized
• Mirrored lens

10. MERRY’S Cat Eye Mirrored Sun Glasses

MERRY’S Cateye trendy sunglasses are a fashionable eyewear designed to surpass similar products. The manufacturer has employed hands-on experience in the eyewear industry. They’re dedicated to continually improving their products to maintain a family-like relationship with consumers.

MERRY’S sunglasses will take care of your vision by protecting your eyes from dangerous sun rays. The mirror lens offers 100 percent UV 400 protection and blocks all UVA, UVB and UVC rays. They’re designed for outdoor activities like walking, driving, shopping and partying.

Buyers of MERRY’S Cat Eye Mirrored sunglasses can enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee. The refund covers the unlikely possibility that you don’t like the product. There is never a risk trying these trendy sunglasses. The package includes a glass case, a soft fabric pouch and a cleaning cloth in a gift box packaging.

Merry’s glasses are everything you’d need in a durable pair; their overall design lasts long enough to allow you to buy three or more glasses. These eyeglasses are offered light and you can wear the all day without feeling their weight on your eyes. Even better, their size fits a wide range of head sizes.


• Mirrored lens for 100 percent UV protection
• Metallic frame
• Non-polarized

11. Elimoons Cat Eye Sunglasses

The Elimoon’s Cateye Sunglasses is the best interpretation of a classic design eyewear. The glasses are designed for the trendy woman. The difference is found in the Triacetate polarized lens that’s utilized.

If sun glare bothers you and makes your vision hazy, the Elimoons high definition sunglasses are what you need. They deliver a noticeable improvement in comfort and clarity. With every purchase, you get to choose between two colors to match your outfits.

You’ll stand out with the cat eye metallic frame. The sunglasses’ highlight is the colored mirror flat lens that draws all the attention to itself. The polarized reflective colored lenses cut out a significant amount of glare while offering enhanced light transmittance.

By blocking 100 percent UV radiation, they reduce eye strain and eliminate any potential damage to your eyes. You’ll enjoy improved vision with Ellimoon’s polarized eyeglasses.

The exquisite design, flat thin temples, and robust metal hinges enable more stability and flexibility. Add in the ultra-soft memory nose pads that provide extra support, and you’ve a perfect custom fit.

Elimoons High Definition Polarized Sunglasses go very well with different outfits. Whether you’re wearing chic workout clothes, leisure, street style, or you’re going shopping your sunnies will fit in snuggly. The package includes two pairs of cat eye sunglasses of different colors.


• Improved lenses for clarity
• Ultra-thin and lightweight
• Lenses can filter more than 99% of reflected glare
• Hard-wearing material coated for shock and impact resistance
• Comfortable and stylish
• Specially designed with extended brow for a contemporary style

12. Juicy Orange Flash Mirror Flat Lens Oversized Cateye Sunglasses

Take your looks a few steps higher with this must-have all season’s accessory. The Flash mirror Flat lens Cateye sunglasses have a sophisticated design with colored mirror lenses and a slender metal frame. They’re intended to give the wearer a minimal cool appeal.

For clarity of vision, the manufacturer has used a polarized lens that reduces and scatters debilitating glare, thereby, reducing eye fatigue. You enjoy original colors without modification since the lenses are designed to provide natural vision.

The lens has extra layers of coating to give them anti-scratch features that also act like sunscreen. Your eyes and the skin surrounding them stay protected from harmful high-frequency light and UV rays from the sun.

The nose pad is made from super soft allergy free silicone to protect your nose bridge and enhance your comfort levels. The nose pad is safe, hard wearing, and doesn’t slide easily.

Since you’ll be opening and closing your sunnies hundreds of times, they’re equipped with durable stainless steel hinges. The outstanding anti-slip feature is a perfect match for ergonomics and comfort.

The sunglasses come in a unique package that provides a place for easy and safe storage. You can gift these sunglasses to any woman who loves the sun.


• Durable metal frame
• Anti-reflective lens
• Exclusive anti-slip feature

13. Lilly Pulitzer Women’s Magnolia

The Magnolia brand of sunglasses is polarized sunnies with a quality print inside the temples. These chic sunglasses are a perfect companion during your sunny or beach vacation.

Founded by an all-American brand that’s Lilly Pulitzer, famous for printed dresses, the shades are a cornerstone of feminine eyewear.

All Lilly Pulitzer brands are known for their playful prints and bold colors, add to your collection the polarized sunglasses, and you give your wardrobe a touch of confidence. The Lilly Pulitzer range of sunglasses is available in different frame designs and finishes. You can choose between round, aviator, square, and Cateye frames in various colors and finishes.

The Lilly Pulitzer Magnolia sunglasses give you a touch of Southern charm to complement your warm leather feel. The leading features include a logo accent at the left temple, plastic frames, and UV protection. The integrated nose pad ensures comfort and a silky touch on your delicate skin.

The primary function of these glasses is to protect you from glaring sun rays and reflections. This has been coupled with the glasses’ ability to frame your face and make you stand out to create a pair you’ll love.


• Plastic frame
• Hard wearing scratch-proof plastic lens
• Polarized for enhanced vision
• 100 percent UV 400 protection
• Case is included

14. Nine West Women’s Shield Sunglasses

Protect yourself from the sun with supreme style with the Nine West Women’s Shield Sunglasses. These designer sunglasses have a semi-rimless look speaking of high fashion.

Nine West Women’s Shield Sunglasses is the epitome of feminine eyewear. It has a sexy look translated in the materials, colors, and trends to compliment your looks and style. You’ll enjoy the sleek look offered by these ombre lenses. The ultra-light pair of sunnies will keep you trendy while protecting your eyes.

The rimless frames feature an interlocked ring design, making your everyday sunglasses an accessory makes you paparazzi worthy everywhere you go. It comes in a soft case that ensures they remain scratch free and can fit snuggly in your vacation luggage or purse.

The gold and white colors of the sunglasses match the styles of different people. The arms of the sunglasses are 292 mm, a size that matches different faces. It’s made with decorative embellishments just as you love it.

The hand-made finishes make this one of a kind pair. A carrying and storage case comes with the package, allowing you the convenience of storage when the glasses aren’t in use.


• Metal frame
• 100 percent UVA/UVB protection
• Easy to clean
• Non-polarized composite lens
• Semi-rimless

15. Vogue Women Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses

Vogue eyewear has always stood out for its distinct quality and unique details. The different kinds of colors available make the Vogue Women’s Cateye sunglasses a hot fashion accessory. The leading sunglasses in the vogue range feature brown color frames and purple colored lenses.

This is the best choice for your daily and casual wear. The Vogue Women Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses are incomparable when it comes to combining style, comfort, and resilience.

Vogue has a unique way of blending superior quality with high fashion. The result is youthful looking sunglasses that reflect creativity and optimism.

When buying online, remember that the color you see may differ slightly from the actual product due to the effect of light. Vogue is renowned for its high-quality products, and the sunglasses aren’t an exception. You’ve a choice of frame designs to choose from including wayfarers, aviation, round, and Cateye.

The Sunglasses feature a flattering rectangular frame made of high-quality acetate. The arms feature a flower decal, giving it a truly feminine touch. The simplistic brow makes the sunnies the desired addition you want for your wardrobe.


• Brown or pink gradient lenses
• Rectangular frames and rounded corners
• 100 percent UV protection
• Plastic frame
• Plastic lens
• Non-polarized
• Highly durable thanks to the quality construction

Final Thoughts

These 15 pairs of sunglasses are all under $50 and all great for women. See one that’s not on the list and you think it deserves to be? Let us know down in the comments below.



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