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10 Best Mascara No Flaking Products & Their Reviews (Updated 2022)

Written by Arianna Last Updated: April 8, 2019

Flaking mascara can be a frustrating and inconvenient occurrence, sabotaging your time and hard work to look your best.

There are many reasons a mascara can flake, from wet lashes to simply the contents of the bottle drying out over time.

Thankfully, for those who wish to avoid such a hassle, there are multiple options available.

In this quick look, we’ll take a moment to inspect and analyze the benefits and downsides of ten products that boast the ability to free you from such annoyances.

Who knows? A more hassle-free morning routine could be just around the corner.

With that said, let’s get started. Here’s a list of the 10 best mascara products for no flaking in 2021.

Table of Contents

1. Nyx Professional Propel My Eyes

Our first item is a wallet-friendly number from Nyx Professional’s cruelty free line, Propel My Eyes.

Its highlighted selling point is the four wheel brush with short bristles that are multi-cut into right angles, providing separation and a more even application of the product.

Perhaps even more attractive though is its price, set at just under a cool seven dollars, it’s remarkably cost-effective.

Despite not being waterproof, the formula is long-lasting and resilient, and you should find that a single coat should stay put the entire day with nary a smudge or stain in sight.

This durability comes at a price, as it can be slightly difficult to remove, but a combination of  micellar water and old-fashioned elbow grease has been found to do the trick.

For those curious, micellar is an oil and water based cleanser that many in the professional beauty business swear by.

Returning to the Propel My Eyes, it should lastly be noted that this mascara requires some patience. If you hit the snooze button too many times and are scrambling to get out the door to work, this may not be the one to reach for.

If applied too hastily, you run the risk of clumping. All in all, a very cost effective product with only a handful of issues that are easily rectified.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Four wheel brush.
  • Cost effective pricing.
  • Durability.

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2. Maybelline Volum’ Mega Plush

Our next feature is another affordable number called Mega Plush, from Maybelline’s Volum’ Express range.

Some mascaras will use substances that contain what are called “hard waxes,” sometimes known to be responsible for flaking.

Thankfully, you won’t find any of those here, instead this is a water-based product absolutely packed with moisturizing products that leave your lashes looking thick yet feathery.

Another highlight to this product comes from numerous product reviews that express relief that this product does not cause irritation to the eyes.

There’s no reason for great looking lashes to come with a painful price, and if this is something you’ve come up against in the past, this mascara could be designed with you in mind.

In contrast to the previous entry on our list, Mega Plush requires a very quick application, if not you could end up with dreadful clumping. While waterproof, the same cannot be said versus sweat.

If you’re going to be working or playing out in the heat, it’s possible you need to look elsewhere. One final caveat, while it packs a punch for something priced as low as it is, it tends to perform best on longer lashes.

Applying it to those with shorter ones may lead to less favorable results. Overall though, this item receives rave reviews from both critics and customers, so it may be worth a look.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Water based.
  • No irritants to the eyes.
  • Powerful moisturizing ingredients.

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3. Urban Decay Perversion

Despite a possibly off-putting name, Perversion from Urban Decay is said to produce a stunning result with minimal effort.

An expertly designed brush does a sterling job of separating your lashes and coating them in a finish guaranteed to turn heads, all with only one pass.

Its creamy texture is not only highly pigmented but packed to the gills with ingredients like marine glycogen, amino acids, and proteins all designed to enrich and invigorate your natural lashes.

So, while effective and with wild praise from users, what’s the catch?

For one thing, it’s expensive, costing upwards of forty dollars. There are those that claim it earns every penny, but there’s no escaping the fact that this is a luxury item with an equally luxurious price tag.

Consider using it sparingly for special occasions. Using it daily will probably leave your bank account in tears. It’s durable, which is both a feature and a drawback.

That single brushstroke will last you for eight hours or more, but at the end of the day it’s going to be difficult to wash off.

While most are satisfied with their look, there are occasional reports that the end result can be somewhat sticky. Nevertheless, if you are willing to spend extra on something that will live up to its promises, this might be just the ticket.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Easy to apply.
  • Dramatic results.
  • Boost health of lashes.

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4. L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes

It’s important to keep in mind when shopping that sometimes you’re paying extra for nothing more than brand recognition, but you may well find that the bargain bin can yield some pleasantly surprising results.

Such is the case with the Double Extend Beauty Tubes. You can find these little pink wonders for around eleven dollars, and the local drugstore probably has a dozen lying around at any given time.

L’Oreal promises an increase of lash volume by around eighty percent but everyone’s body is different so there is going to be a more varied range of final results.

However, testimonials from customers seem almost unanimous in their praise, and more than one before and after photo can attest to noticeable results.

While unlikely to leave any “raccoon eyes,” this product is still very easily removed with a quick hop in the shower, once the water starts hitting your eyes it will come off in little strings.

For all its positives, it’s a truism of life that nothing is perfect. On this note, if you want to enjoy the aforementioned easily washable properties, to quote Henry Ford, “you can have any color, so long as it’s black.”

While other shades are on offer, they’re not washable and are reportedly difficult to remove. Secondly, while you’re definitely getting quality, you’re not getting much quantity.

These are relatively small bottles, and you’ll find yourself using them up somewhat quickly. All of that aside, if you want designer brand results without a designer brand price, this might be the product for you.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Inexpensive
  • Readily available
  • Simple to wash off in the shower

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5. Cle De Peau Beaute Perfect Lash Mascara

When it’s time to break out the big guns, Cle De Peau Beaute has you covered.

This is a mascara that pulls no punches to deliver a look that radiates sultry boldness that applies with a smooth, clean finish that is all but guaranteed to be completely free of any hint of clumps.

The end result is an unrivaled boost to your lashes. When used as instructed, the brush will expertly separate and define, all while simultaneously curling every follicle.

Perfect Lash is made from a durable, waterproof formula that won’t leave a hint of smudge, even after being worn for an entire day.

With all the fanfare and praise surrounding these little bottles of black magic, you might be wondering if there are any downsides.

There are, and the main one is the price, as it’s one of the most expensive mascaras on the market today, even more so than the Urban Decay Perversion.

A bottle will cost you a whopping fifty dollars, and that’s before taxes and shipping are applied. The other drawback involves the staying power of the pigments, which are both a blessing and a curse.

Removal feels like a deep tissue scrub, and may require a great deal of time and effort.

Two rounds of DHC Cleansing Oil and a few pumps of Neutrogena Gentle Cleanser have been found to make good headway on this front.

All in all, if you are looking for results that justify the hefty sum it asks for, this might be the uncompromising entry you’re looking for.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Lives up to its reputation.
  • Curls lashes while separating.
  • Water and smudge proof.

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6. Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

There are sprinters and then there are long distance runners, and High Impact is definitely among the latter. Those seeking a product that won’t flake for hours upon hours on end would do well to give this entry a look.

Even after an impressive seventeen hours, the flaking factor is slim to none. One of its marketed features is the curved wand, which is designed to better lift your lashes and provide a healthy dose of curling.

In this respect it performs admirably, and as previously stated, will go the distance. Some customers even report being able to wear it to bed. Normally one would expect that removal would be an arduous task, but not for High Impact.

A simple one-two punch of little more than makeup remover and a cotton disk should be all it takes. This is not the case for all users, though, one of whom mentioned running in the heat.

If you’re from or will be spending time in warmer, more humid climates, take care before using this one. Reviews are conflicted on clumping, some are blessed enough to never experience any while others find it a constant issue.

Finally, while the wand is great for lifting the eyelashes, the tip is a little on the plush side and you may have difficulty applying to the lower eyelid.

For twenty five dollars this unit isn’t too bad of a purchase, though your mileage may vary. Still, this number is worth a look.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Impressive staying power.
  • Great lifting of lashes.
  • Easy removal.

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7. Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara

With endorsements by stars like Cher and Cindy Crawford, at least according to the promotions, this manufacturer certainly has a degree of pedigree, but does it live up to its lofty goals of enhancing one’s inner beauty?

Such things are subjective, but results are not. Boasting a brush that’s slight and slim, The Volume really shines when it comes to separating every single lash, and diameter of the brush means that, unlike the previous entry, taking care of both top and bottom lashes is a breeze.

Remarkably, all while coating every inch, it fans out every tiny hair from root to end. If you’re looking for a particularly rich hue that will make your eyes pop, this product is heavily pigmented in a strikingly deep black.

Yet another contender that delivers staying power, rain, tears, and even the humidity of a tropical climate are no match for this mascara. Now while durable and sure to leave an impression, it will occasionally clump.

Hopefully one coat is all you’ll need, if you pile on the layers the whole thing comes crashing down, and it will fall off in chunks. If you’re going to use it, a single pass is all you’ll need.

It’s worth nothing that for whatever reason this formula dries quickly, both when applied and inside the bottle.

While nowhere near as expensive as Perfect Lash earlier in the list, at twenty eight dollars a bottle, if the solution keeps drying out on you it can get moderately expensive.

At the end of the day, if you want a product with endurance and want the finesse to service every lash with a gorgeous black, this could be what you’re looking for.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Durable against the elements.
  • Thin brush reaches small surfaces.
  • Particularly rich black color.

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8. I Max Conditioning and Protecting Lashes Mascara Gold

I Max has been in the business for decades, able to point to thousands of satisfied customers and years of perfecting and research into the science of beauty products.

More than just giving you a look and style you want out of a good mascara, the Mascara Gold also contains moisturizers and conditioners that will protect and strengthen your existing lashes, leaving them looking fuller and healthier than ever before, benefits that will show even well after being washed off.

Speaking of, cleanup is a breeze, all that’s required for removing this product at the end of the day is some soap and warm water, no vigorous scrubbing needed.

This ease comes with the catch that it is unsurprisingly, not waterproof. Leave this at home if you’ll be singing in the rain or expect any similar exposure to moisture.

Another feature, one boasted by the manufacturer and confirmed by consumers is that this is purported to be safe for those who’ve recently undergone Lasik eye surgery.

If this is a particular concern of yours, a look in Mascara Gold’s direction could be a smart move. Some users do cite a thick, dry feeling which some find uncomfortable but others list as a benefit.

If you’re looking for a mascara that is going to give volume, this may not be the one on this list for you. While it does wonders when it comes to defining and darkening, it won’t be providing much thickness or volume.

Final verdict? If you’re looking for a product with years of trial and testing behind it that will be safe and effective for even sensitive eyes, Mascara Gold is guilty as charged.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Enriches and invigorates eyelashes.
  • Washes off with only soap and water.
  • Safe for post-op Lasik surgery.

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9. Jane Iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara

If you’re the kind of person who prefers their makeup all natural, free of strange chemicals that look impossible to pronounce, then this next product may be the one for you.

Containing ingredients like beeswax, algae, and extract of radish, the hippie in you can rest easy knowing that what makes this mascara special didn’t come out of a test tube.

All these ingredients combine into wonderful moisturizing and conditioning agents that fill your lashes full of natural vigor, free of any brittleness or flaking.

The glossy mixture goes on thin and builds wonderfully. Cumulative application is no trouble for PureLash. The drawbacks are few but worth mentioning.

To start, while giving a great plumpness, it won’t be winning any awards when it comes to lengthening so be sure to keep that in mind if you’ve got eyelashes that are on the shorter side.

Second, while the layers do go on thinly, doing so can be a bit of trial and error on account of the shape of the brush, which some find awkward to use.

Most importantly, though, more than one customer has reported a redness and irritation in the eyes upon use. Whether this is an allergic reaction or something else entirely, be warned that there is a slight risk of this occurring to some individuals.

Hopefully you will be spared this thankfully rare occurrence but practice caution all the same.

If you’re looking for a mascara that comes from Mother Nature and keeps your lashes looking and feeling healthy to boot, look no further than PureLash.

Pros & Benefits:
  • No synthetics.
  • Moisturizing and conditioning.
  • Can be applied in layers.

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10. Covergirl LashBlastFusion Mascara

Our final entry comes to us from Covergirl, whose jingle is probably going through your head right now, it certainly did ours.

Another budget option at under seven dollars, the LashBlast wrings a considerable deal of value for its cost effective pricing.

While the formula is admittedly very thin, it has a base that hugs to your lashes well and goes on about as smooth as hot butter.

If you’re tired of clumps from thick, bulky mascaras this may be what you’re after. While it advertises itself as waterproof it may be more accurate to list this one as water resistant.

Once in a while, it will experience a measure of running, but for most the risk to that and smudging is very low.

As previously mentioned, this is a very thin product, and as a result may require some and additional layering to get a full plump look, especially for those with thinner or more translucent eyelashes.

Some may also find the applicator wand a bit too large and clumsy for delicate use, and its been accused of sticking lashes together rather than separating or defining them.

Most who use LashBlast are very satisfied customers, but even if it’s not the one for you, even just giving it a try won’t break the bank.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Budget pricing.
  • Thin, smooth application.
  • Water resistant.

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Final Thoughts

Flaked mascara can be a nuisance, but it pays to remember that whatever your needs, in this age of a thousand options with just the click of a mouse, there’s very likely a product that’s just right for you.

When it comes to enhancing your beauty through mascara, you’ll find that there’s always a wide array of selection to fit whatever budget you’re on.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 10 best mascara products for no flaking in 2021. See one that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.



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