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10 Best Drugstore Tweezers For Eyebrows Reviewed [Updated 2022]

Written by Arianna Last Updated: December 1, 2020

Looking for the best drugstore tweezers?

If you’ve run into eyebrow tweezing woes in the past, then you know the value of finding the perfect pair of tweezers that works for you.

Finding the right pair sometimes is about trying out a few to see how they feel in your hand and getting familiar with using them in your weekly habit of maintaining your skin.

However, there are some that set the bar even higher, and those are the tweezers you want to literally hold onto forever.

Here’s a pro tip: Look for slanted or angled eyebrow tweezers that are sharp rather than blunt.

The downfall of pointy, un-slanted eyebrow tweezers is that they can pinch your skin easily and fail to grab teeny tiny hairs that are just making their debut.

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10 Best Drugstore Tweezers Reviewed

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best drugstore tweezers for your eyebrows rated and reviewed.

1. Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer in Pink

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer - Eyebrow Tweezers for Women and Men (Neon Pink)
  • 25 DEGREE ANGLE: Professional quality, 25° slanted tip is the perfect angle for working against the brow bone
  • GRABS EVERY HAIR, EVERY TIME: Perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips close evenly and firmly to remove hair from the...
  • AWARD WINNING: Allure 'Best of Beauty' winner every year since 2001. This product is not tested on animals.
  • PREP YOUR BROWS: Start by opening pores using a warm washcloth (not too hot or it can cause redness!) This will...
  • HOW TO USE: After locating the unwanted hair, grab the tweezer tips slanted at a 25° angle and squeeze down on the...

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The slanted, stainless steel and pink pair of tweezers from Tweezerman is a cult favorite among beauty and makeup experts.

This inexpensive pair has a slanted tip that makes it easy to grab short and ingrown hairs.

It also effectively pulls hairs at the root without breaking them off and leaving them in your skin to develop into ingrown hairs.

Finally, you can send them in to Tweezerman for free sharpening over the course of their life, ensuring you always have a sharp pair at your disposal.

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2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Tools - Precision Tweezers
930 Reviews
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Tools - Precision Tweezers
  • High-quality, slant-tip stainless-steel tweezers that remove stray hairs for salon-quality brow grooming.
  • The precise tip is designed to perfectly grab and pull out hairs by the root and remove even the shortest of brow...
  • The tapered blade with a slanted tip provides for expert hair removal
  • Perfect tension maintains bounce-back for control
  • Includes a protective rubber cap for safe storage and to protect tweezer blade when not in use

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Anastasia Beverly Hills is the go-to eyebrow expert for Hollywood celebrities, and these tweezers don’t disappoint.

They are handcrafted in Italy, are comfortable to hold and are adept at grabbing short hairs and pulling them at the root without breaking.

The tip of these tweezers isn’t slanted, but it does have a micro-fine tip, which helps with grabbing short hairs with precision.

They also have a protective cap that protects the tension in the tweezers when you are not using them.

They are a pricey pair of tweezers, but they also never need sharpening.

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3. Revlon Expert Tweezer with Slant Tip

Expert Eyebrow Hair Removal Tweezer by Revlon, Tweezers for Men, Women & Kids, Stainless Steel
  • EASY HAIR REMOVAL: Your go-to tweezer for meticulous hair removal, Expert Slant Tweezer Slant Tip makes your...
  • PRECISE, ANGLED TIP TWEEZER: Pluck your brows or stray hairs with expert precision with the sharp, perfectly...
  • SUPERIOR TENSION AND CONTROL: Features easy grip and perfect tension for optimal comfort and control so you can...
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL: This tweezer is made from stainless steel, so it’s sturdy, lasts longer, and is easy to...
  • REVLON LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Our tweezer is high quality and lasts—that’s why we offer our Revlon Lifetime...

Last update on 2023-03-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This pair of tweezers is one of the least expensive on the market, but one of the best at plucking hairs at the roots without breaking the hair.

It is made from stainless steel, has a slanted tip and is backed by a lifetime Revlon guarantee.

What the Revlon Expert Tweezer is not the best at is getting out ingrown hairs.

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4. Rubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers

Rubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers
  • QUICK AND EASY SOLUTION FOR REMOVING FINE HAIRS: This high-precision tweezer from Rubis Switzerland is perfect for...
  • SLANTED TIP TWEEZER, COMFORTABLE GRIP: Rubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers are versatile and easy to grip, thanks to the...
  • MADE OF RUST-PROOF, SURGICAL STEEL: This tweezer is made from premium stainless steel to retain sharpness for a...
  • AFFORDABLE AND ECONOMICAL: Rubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers let you achieve flawless skin on-the-go, perfect for missed...
  • QUALITY CRAFTED TWEEZERS: Rubis Switzerland offers trend-driven, high-quality beauty products designed to deliver...

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Made from stainless steel, the Rubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers are among one of the most sturdy and comfortable pair of tweezers to use.

There are perforated circles cut in the stainless steel sides to add comfort grip for your fingers as you are tweezing.

This pair of tweezers gets high marks for pulling short hairs and hairs at the roots.

But it is not as good as some of the other tweezers at getting those pesky ingrown hairs.

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5. Cricket Point Tip Tweezer

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If ingrown hairs are a regular issue for you, then the Cricket Point Tip Tweezer is probably going to be able to help you out.

Engineered in Germany and made from stainless steel, this tweezer does okay with removing short hairs and hairs at the root, but it truly shines when coaxing out annoying and sometimes painful ingrown hairs that begin growing under the skin.

The selling point of this tweezer is it’s sharp point.

Tweezers with a sharp point – rather than an angled slant – are adept at targeting hairs that have begun to grow inward, just below the surface of the skin.

Just be careful not to hurt your skin as you grab hold of the ingrown hair or pulling too quickly and breaking off the hair before you can actually pull it out safely.

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6. Cricket Pointed Slant Tweezer

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The Cricket Pointed Slant Tweezer is going to shine where it’s “Point Tip” cousin doesn’t.

While the Cricket Point Tip is your go-to tweezer for ingrown hairs, the Cricket Pointed Slant Tweezer is going to grab those short hairs and hairs at the root so they don’t break off and turn into ingrown hairs.

Both of the Cricket tweezers are made from stainless steel and they won’t rust even after you sterilize them.

The Cricket Pointed Slant Tweezer also is good at gently pulling out splinters as a bonus.

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7. Slice Slanted, Extra Wide Grip Tweezer in Purple

Slice 10447 Slanted Tweezer, Extra Wide Grip, Easy To Use for Normal & Course Hair or Splinter,...
  • Perfectly aligned slanted edges: Easy & quick to use, ideally for normal to course hair as well as eyelashes
  • Oversized grip width (size of a thumb) makes them easy to hold, adding increased strength & control
  • Stainless Steel, hand-filed for the sharpest possible edge. Interior ridges help grab even the shortest hairs
  • Curved Head won't obstruct view, making brows easier to see when tweezers are held at angle
  • Designed by Famous Architect Michael Graves, after 2 years of testing for the perfect tweezer design

Last update on 2023-03-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This pair is one smartly engineered tweezer.

That’s because it has a curved, slanted head that makes it easier than other tweezers to see your eyebrows in the mirror as you are plucking.

This makes cleaning up your brow area easy and more efficient because you can see the hairs left to go while making sure you are staying within the limits of your natural brow line.

In addition, the Slice Slanted Tweezer is a comfortable pair of tweezers with a rubber coating and an extra wide grip to make sure the tweezers stay securely in your hand while you pluck away.

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8. Sally Hansen Mighty Mini Tweezer

Sally Hansen Beauty Tools, Mighty Mini-Tini-Tweeze Slant Tip
114 Reviews
Sally Hansen Beauty Tools, Mighty Mini-Tini-Tweeze Slant Tip
  • Slant tip with platform
  • For detail work, on-the-go
  • Stainless steel

Last update on 2023-03-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

When you need an easy, effective tweezer on the go, the Sally Hansen Mighty Mini may be your pal.

You can throw this compact tweezer into your beauty bag and target unsightly rogue hairs on the fly.

Made from stainless steel with a slanted precision tip, this miniature tweezer pair won’t feel comfortable in every person’s hands, but it does the job for quick tweezing on the go.

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9. Sonia Kashuk Precision Tweezers with Angled Tweezer Edge

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Made from stainless steel and black acrylic, the Precision Tweezers with an angled tweezer edge from Sonia Kashuk are both handsome and effective at pulling those rogue short hairs from your brow.

This is an economical set of tweezers that does the job well because of the angled edge at the tip of the tweezers.

The tweezers also have a sturdy grip, giving you the ability to balance and pluck precisely when you are close to your brow area.

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10. Benefit Cosmetics Grooming Tweezers and Brush Taming Eyebrows Tool

Last update on 2023-03-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Not only is the Benefit Cosmetics Grooming Tweezers and Brush Taming Eyebrows Tool adorable with its flower imprint on its stainless steel sides, but it’s a beauty tool with an added benefit for the user.

You’ll get an eyebrow brush at the end of these tweezers, which make smoothing out your brow line as easy as flipping the tool around.

Brush your brows lightly before and after plucking with the slanted tip of this cool beauty tool you’ll want in your bag.

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10 Bonus Tips For Eyebrow Tweezing

Tweezing eyebrows can be an easy part of your weekly beauty routine if you make the time for it, but it takes some practice.

That’s because you need to learn some of the tricks of the trade that make it easier to pluck those hairs roaming outside of your natural eyebrow line.

If you feel overwhelmed with the idea of plucking your own eyebrows, remember that you’re not alone.

Many people fear doing damage to their natural eyebrow line, and they can and do when they carelessly pluck hairs.

But with the right skills, tools and practice, you can get that natural eyebrow you’ve been wanting and you can successfully maintain your eyebrow over time.

The key is a steady hand, the tools that meet your needs and a commitment to maintaining your eyebrows as part of your health and beauty routine.

Read on to get a few quick bonus tips for making eyebrow tweezing easier and less painful today:

Tip #1: Don’t Use a Magnifying Mirror

When you’re plucking your eyebrows, try not to use a high-powered magnifying mirror.

Use a regular mirror – either the bathroom mirror or an illuminated makeup mirror.

The reason why your go-to mirror is a regular wall mirror or handheld mirror is brilliant: You’re more likely not to over-pluck your eyebrows if you’re using a mirror that shows your eyebrows at the proper scale.

When you see your eyebrows at a magnifying length, you’ll begin to see all of the lighter-colored, softer hairs that are a natural part of your brow.

You may feel like you need to pluck them all out because your brow is going to look very hairy at that scale!

But the truth is, those hairs don’t really need to be plucked.

The important hairs are the ones that are darker and are growing outside of your natural eyebrow area.

Therefore, remember to use a regular mirror and make it part of your practice to pluck a few hairs and then stand back to look at your eyebrows from a distance.

Observing scale and recalibrating really helps ensure your eyebrows are plucked evenly and that you follow the natural curve of your brow line when plucking.

Tip #2: Pluck Right After You Shower

If you hate all of those twinges of pain when you pluck hairs from your brow, then we have an easy solution for you: Pluck your eyebrows right after you get out of the shower when the steam is still in the room.

When you pluck your eyebrows shortly after you shower, you are less likely to feel pain when plucking your eyebrows.

That’s because the warm water helps to open up your hair follicles, which makes it easier to remove hair from otherwise sensitive areas of your skin.

You’re also less likely to see a lot of concentrated redness in the area where you are plucking because the hair follicles are releasing the hair more easily, thereby producing less trauma to the skin.

Tip #3: Get Your Brows Professionally Done First

It’s very common to be hesitant to pluck your eyebrows, especially if you are wanting to really give them definition.

Knowing that if you over pluck or do it incorrectly, you’ll have to wait several weeks to allow the hairs to grow back, you may want to leave that first time pluck to a professional.

What’s great about going to get your eyebrows plucked by a professional the first time around is that you can pick up some tricks of the trade and learn from him or her.

A professional will pluck to the natural shape of your brow line, which will then ensure a natural look for your entire face.

Best of all, the natural, smooth line that a professional can create along your brow line will provide you with path for shaping your brows in the weeks following as hairs begin to pop out again.

Tip #4: Manage Post-Plucking Redness

It’s normal for your eyebrow area to appear red after plucking.

As you tweeze hairs at the roots, you are irritating the skin and the redness becomes a natural signal that the skin area is being traumatized, even if lightly.

There are a couple ways you can ease that redness before and after tweezing.

First, remember to pluck slowly and gently.

Use your tweezers to grab the hair at the root and don’t jerk the tweezers as you pluck.

Following your tweezing routine, you can apply a warm compress, a cold compress or an over-the-counter cortisone cream to target that red area.

The good news is that after about 30 minutes your eyebrow area will be back to normal and most of the redness will have dissipated.

Tip #5: Keep Them in Line

It’s good to keep an eye on your eyebrow growth every few days.

You’ll be able to see new hairs beginning to pop out and you’ll be able to remove them before they begin to disturb your previously groomed brow.

Maintenance is key in the eyebrow tweezing process, so simply add it to your routine.

Certainly you don’t want to pluck your eyebrows every day.

But, if you are inspecting your brow in the mirror, you’ll begin to notice when growth starts again.

Tip #6: Fill in Your Brows

Everyone has different eyebrows, and you may not realize that most eyebrows are not alike!

Eyebrows can be lower or higher on one side.

Others have bare spots either naturally or from over-plucking.

The good news is that there are ways to create illusions of having fuller or more symmetrical eyebrows using none other than eyebrow pencils and powders.

If you have a few open spots on your eyebrows, then fill them in with an eyebrow pencil or some eyebrow powder.

You’ll want to try a few different products to determine which ones work best for your eyebrow look.

Keep in mind that filling in your eyebrows adds definition to them, but you want it to look as natural as possible.

You can finish off your more defined look with some eyebrow gel that simply sets the pencil and/or powder in place and helps to prevent smudging.

Tip #7: Let Them Grow

We’ve all been there: You got a little tweezer happy when you were in high school or even most recently ahead of that big party.

You over-plucked your eyebrows and now you don’t know what to do.

Don’t worry, there are solutions but some of them are going to take time.

If you’ve had a bout with over-plucking, then let your eyebrows grow for a few weeks.

You’ll want to let them get as full as possible and then start over with your grooming routine, creating a plucked arch that follows your natural one.

Remember that for every hair you over pluck you’re going to have to wait between one and two weeks to see it come back.

So be patient, and use pencils and powders to make up for the missed hairs in the meantime.

Tip #8: Don’t Over-pluck

It’s also good to remember that you get a few second chances with your eyebrows, but over time it becomes harder for your eyebrows to recover from over-plucking.

Some women who have groomed their eyebrows for many years begin to see the hair halt and become more brittle as the natural part of the aging process.

To help maintain a healthy environment for your eyebrow regrowth and to combat the consequences of over-plucking, let your eyebrows grow out for a few weeks and experiment with wearing a fuller brow look.

Simply remove the hairs that don’t follow the natural arches of your eyebrows.

You also can try to engineer a little growth in bare areas.

Using a growth serum especially for eyebrows can help rejuvenate the eyebrow area and spur new growth.

Tip #9: Don’t Go Too High

One big mistake people make when plucking their eyebrows is they create an arch that is too high.

The basic rule is to amplify your natural arch.

Don’t pluck the hairs above your arch if at all possible, but don’t pluck too many below.

Taking away too much hair below your arch will make your arches look too pointed and unnatural.

Tip #10: Make the Right Choice for You

If there is any top tip we can leave with you, it’s use this guide to make the right tweezer choice for you.

Having the right tools in your toolbox really helps to protect your skin and your eyebrows from damage.

Final Thoughts

Try a few tweezers out to determine which ones feel the best and work the best for you.

Whichever pair you choose, you’ll want a slanted tweezer that has a sharp point rather than just a pointy pair that can pinch your skin and won’t be as adept at removing small hairs.

See one in this article that isn’t here but it should be?

Let us know down below!



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