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10 Best Shampoos For Itchy Scalp 2021: Reviews & Top Picks

Written by Arianna Last Updated: November 12, 2017

There are many different causes for having an itchy scalp. It may be because of dandruff, an allergic reaction or even the shampoo that you’re using (more details below). Whatever the reason, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best shampoos for itchy scalp and their reviews.

These shampoos are tested for the clear purpose of helping you to remove any dryness that you might experience. The great thing about these shampoos is that although they serve a special purpose, they aren’t that expensive.

With that said, let’s get started. Here’s a list of the 10 best shampoos for itchy scalp along with their reviews.

Table of Contents

1. Complete Scalp Care by Clear Shampoo

This daily anti-dandruff daily shampoo is designed specifically for flaky, itchy scalps. It comes in a generous 12.9 oz bottle and won’t leave your hair feeling dry or fragile.

Its mint and cucumber-infused formula leaves your hair feeling and looking silky smooth. It also soothes your scalp, helping to eliminate that irritating itch.

It has Zinc Pyrithione to help eliminate embarrassing flakes. Clear recommends using this shampoo at least twice a week and pairing it with their Complete Scalp Anti Dandruff Condition for best results.

Part of what makes this shampoo so alluring is that it won’t dry out your scalp like other anti-dandruff shampoos. That means that it helps eliminate flakes and itchiness without drying out your scalp and exacerbating the problem.

It has an amazing 4.3 stars out of 630 customer reviews, with a decent 63% of the reviews being 5 stars. Customers say that it not only competes with but beats bigger name products such as Head & Shoulders and Selsun Blue.

It’s hard to find a reason to not try this wonderful product out. It fits just about any budget, and you’ll see results pretty quickly (with some customers claiming to see results in as little as just 3 washes).

Pros & Benefits:
  • This shampoo is incredibly affordable, even for someone on a tight budget.
  • Complete Scalp Care by Clear has a clean, subtle, neutral scent that isn’t overpowering.
  • Clear makes a matching conditioner for enhanced results.
  • Clear brand shampoos are designed specifically for women.

2. Aloe Vera Shampoo by Honeydew Products

This 100% natural shampoo is super nourishment and vitamin enriched. Its rich formula has a luxurious blend of aloe vera, sunflower oil, and Keratin (derived from plants).

This shampoo is for both men and women and provides a deep, quenching hydration to your scalp. Not only does it treat your scalp, it helps to nourish, repair, and condition your hair for the softest, healthiest hair you can hope for.

Aloe Vera Shampoo by Honeydew Products is made to be complementary with any conditioner you choose, so you can have more personalized experience.

Whether that means using another brand of conditioner to boost the effects, or adding a little essential oil in the morning, this shampoo allows you a little extra freedom in your routine.

Honeydew Products’ Aloe Shampoo has a solid 4.1 stars with over 60 reviews, with 67% of said reviews being full 5 stars.

People who use Honeydew’s Aloe Shampoo say that it was the only thing that worked on their scalp, even over professional and medical shampoos.

Most people report seeing an unbelievable change in as little as two washes, and that it’s incredibly soft. Seemingly everyone loves its fresh, crisp fragrance. Some people even say that the shampoo leaves their hair so soft, they no longer have to buy a conditioner to go along with it.

Another great point is that they feel it lasts a while, as you only need to use a small amount each wash.
At $9.95 a bottle, it’s still a steal.

Even if it’s a little more than you might pay for its store brand counterparts, it’s still cheaper than most prescription shampoos, and it’s very modestly priced for the quality ingredients it uses.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Honeydew Product’s Aloe Shampoo is Sulfate and Paraben Free.
  • This product comes with 100% customer satisfaction money-back guarantee.
  • This Aloe Vera Shampoo is actually a 100% natural shampoo.
  • Vegan safe, cruelty free, & hypoallergenic.

3. Scalp 18 Shampoo by ArtNaturals

Scalp 18 uses two key ingredients that have been used to treat a wide array of scalp and skin conditions for generations. Coal and tar make up the base of this fantastic, medicated shampoo.

If you’re into natural health and beauty, you’ve probably already heard of using coal and tar for their wonderful soothing and healing properties. It’s also infused with ‘deeply hydrating’ oils, such as argan and jojoba.

This is considered a ‘therapeutic anti-dandruff shampoo and boasts that it will rush to relieve your dry scalp. With its special blend, it’s easy to see how you can find quick relief with this shampoo.

ArtNaturals’ Scalp 18 rocks a 4.1 rating from nearly 800 reviews, 60% of which are 5-star ratings.

People who use Scalp 18 love that the bottle, which is already a good size, lasts quite a while. This is because they don’t have to use a ton of shampoo each washing.

They report seeing a noticeable difference after just a few washes, and complete relief after just three weeks. It keeps your hair moisturized and looking beautiful even 2 – 3 days after use. Everyone who uses it loves that it doesn’t dry out their scalp, even after repeated uses.

They all report absolutely gorgeous hair and flawless scalps. All this while still cutting down on and stopping flakage – even due to psoriasis.

We start venturing into a price territory that some people may not be comfortable with. But not to worry – this is a quality product that won’t let you down. It’s also cheaper to buy than the whole host of products you’d have to buy otherwise.

Pros & Benefits:
  • This shampoo doesn’t dry out your hair or agitate your scalp.
  • It really utilizes all natural oils and ancient healing techniques.
  • ArtNatural’s Scalp 18 can provide relief from even severe cases of seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Scalp 18 is completely cruelty-free.

4. Clarifying Shampoo by Tru Moroccan

This sweet smelling shampoo is perfect for both ridding you of those pesky flakes as well as any excess oil your scalp might produce.

It’s completely safe to use with color-treated hair as it’s made only with natural oils. It contains no chemicals, no paraben, and nothing harmful for your hair or scalp. Tru Moroccan prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients in its Clarifying Shampoo.

They also don’t believe in testing on animals, meaning that you can enjoy this shampoo without any guilt knowing that it’s cruelty-free. You can also enjoy the matching conditioner that Tru Moroccan produces.

Clarifying Shampoo by Tru Moroccan has a 4.0 rating from 134 reviews, of which 62% are 5 stars.

Customers who use this shampoo love its amazing smell, and can’t believe how lightweight and clean it leaves their hair feeling. They can’t believe that after years of needing daily showers to combat their extra oily hair, they can go a few days without looking like a “greaseball”.

Many say that it has worked better than their prescription shampoos at beating dandruff and unsightly scalp build up and that it leaves their hair unbelievably soft. All of this leads to a beautiful and itch-free scalp.

You’re getting a great deal. The natural ingredients plus the #1 spot together could command a lot more, but they ask a very fair (and relatively cheap) price for it.

Pros & Benefits:
  • This Clarifying Shampoo is made with natural ingredients.
  • This shampoo is paraben free.
  • Tru Moroccan’s Clarifying Shampoo was voted #1 Best Clarifying Shampoo.
  • It has a delightful and refreshing natural citrus scent.

5. Degrease by Maple Holistics

This shampoo means business. Degrease shampoo for oily hair and scalp removes oily build up. This can help to bring relief to chronically itchy scalps. Its blend of extracts and oils serve to clarify your hair, removing dandruff and oil build up.

It also balances your scalp’s pH and encourages healthy sebum levels to make your hair both healthy and beautiful.

It also improves circulation and minimizes pore size, which helps prevent flakes, shedding, and hair loss. This is considered a regenerative shampoo, and the keratin in it helps to promote smooth and silky locks. All that and it can get rid of your oily scalp with keeping it hydrated.

Degrease by Maple Holistics has an overwhelmingly positive rating of 4.3 with 342 reviews, 75% of which are 5 stars.

Customers who use this are astounded by the results they see in as little as 3 – 4 washes. It works all day, rather than just a few hours after the first wash. Many are also impressed by the way it completely cleans, yet still washes out entirely.

They also like that even the small bottles can last quite a while, as most only need to use a dime-size amount of shampoo each wash. Many people who have suffered itchy scalps and flakes for years have found relief with this fantastic product.

At $15.63, this is our first “mid-priced” product on the list. It’s well worth skipping eating out a night or two over the course of the week to order, as you’ll see results almost right away.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Maple Holistics’ Degrease is completely sulfate free, with no dyes, artificial fragrances, or dyes.
  • This shampoo comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Degrease is a great product for people with sensitive skin and scalp.
  • Degrease helps to stimulate and promote new hair growth.

6. Hempseed Organic Shampoo by The Wonder Seed

This shampoo is truly nothing short of amazing. Using a blend of virgin organic hemp seed oil, organic aloe, coconut oil, ginseng and nettle extracts, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and several other great natural ingredients.

The Wonder Seed has created the perfect shampoo to rid you of just about any scalp or hair issue. From itchiness to lifeless hair, Hempseed Organic Shampoo has you covered.

Not only does it nourish your scalp and hair, it encourages hair growth. It’s powerfully strong against itchy, flaky scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, and eczema, yet it leaves your hair bouncy, smooth, and shiny.

The Wonder Seed’s Hempseed Organic Shampoo has an amazing 4.6 rating out of 187 reviews, with a staggering 81% being 5 stars.

The customers who buy it rave about this shampoo. From its sweet and pleasant scent (which is still light and not overpowering) to the soft results they can see and feel immediately, everyone who’s tried it seems to love this shampoo.

People who use it love that it helps their hair and scalp to regulate itself over time, meaning that they can slowly go from shampooing every day to every couple of days to every few days over the course of weeks.

They absolutely love that The Wonder Seed offers a matching conditioner, which only helps to amplify the effects and help you feel relief from your itchy scalp even more quickly. Many people claim to feel and see a difference immediately, with drastic changes in hair appearance within just a few washes.

This is another mid-priced shampoo. As anyone familiar with hemp seed can tell you, any product containing hemp seed not only has unbelievable benefits – it has a bigger price tag.

Still, this is relatively affordable for most, and is well worth the price.

Pros & Benefits:
  • This is a cruelty-free product, as well as a vegan-friendly one
  • Hempseed Organic Shampoo uses a completely all-natural, organic formula.
  • This shampoo helps to support the green movement, as it’s safely sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • It’s 100% ‘toxin free’ and contains no paraben, sulfates, artificial fragrances, etc. This makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin and who are prone to allergies.

7. Soapberry for Hair by Tree to Tub

This is definitely a shampoo worth trying – and the 805 backers who raised over $41,000 on Kickstarter to bring it into existence thought so, too.

It’s color safe, great for men and women, and uses ‘a proprietary blend’ of the finest and best botanicals out there. This botanical blend includes Wild soapberry, aloe vera, Gotu Kola, and olive leaf. It’s gentle on your hair and skin, yet great at combating itchy scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and hair loss.

For those familiar with SLS and sulfate-free shampoos, you’ll be delighted to hear that this one still lathers – naturally.

It relies on no perfumes or artificial fragrances, meaning that you can enjoy the wonderful, clean, fresh scent of natural soapberry. means it’s easier for people with sensitive skin and allergies that are agitated by fragrances.

Soapberry for Hair by Tree to Tub has a 4.1 rating from 188 reviews, with 64% being a full 5 stars.

People who use this shampoo love how soft manageable their hair is after just one use. They praise it for the wonderful, deep clean it gives without leaving their hair and scalp dry and wilted.

It gets rid of itch and dandruff quickly, and leaves them anxious for the next time they’ll use it. With results that you have to experience to believe, it comes highly recommended.

We’re starting to get into what some people refer to as ‘salon prices’, but as with our other products, it’s totally worth it.

Pros & Benefits:
  • This shampoo is fantastic for people with a sensitive scalp or skin.
  • Soapberry for Hair is cruelty-free & completely vegan.
  • It contains no harsh chemicals, SLS, sulfates, silicone, parabens, dyes, perfumes, or toxins.
  • It’s a great green product as it’s both fair trade and eco-friendly.

8. Tea Tree Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Set by Maple Holistics

This awesome set has been dubbed the ‘dandruff fighting duo’, and it really earns its nickname as it contains a plethora of essential oils (all natural, of course).

This along with tea tree oil, which is both anti-fungal as well as antiseptic makes it especially welcomed news for those whose itchy scalp is caused by fungus.

It works by cleaning away dead cells and soothing your scalp. It’s fantastic for growing strong, long hair and rejuvenating growth and reversing hair loss. It has amazing hydration, ensuring that your hair and scalp feel fantastic and look amazing. It’s completely safe, both for you and the environment.

And if that doesn’t already sell you – it’s a risk-free investment. If you don’t love the product and you don’t see any results, it has a money-back guarantee. Yes, that’s right – you can try it and if you hate it, you can get your money back. This is one of the advantages to buying upper-tier or more expensive brands.

The Tea Tree Oil set by Maple Holistics has a 4.4 rating out of 400 reviews, with an impressive 74% being 5 stars.
People who use this shampoo & conditioner set love how clean it gets their hair and scalp while providing immense nourishment and hydration.

They love the scent, the fast results, and the compliments they receive from using it. That’s right, you won’t be the only one loving your hair and scalp. Everyone who uses this recommends it to their friends, family, and even co-workers.

Many customers even compare it to going to the spa and say that it does more for them than just improve their hair and scalp. They say that it brightens their whole day when they step out of the shower after using this amazing duo.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It’s a completely sulfate and paraben free set.
  • This is a complete shampoo and conditioner set – no need to worry about extra shipping.
  • The Tea Tree Oil set comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • This set is a cruelty-free product.

9. Scalp Therapy Natural Dandruff Shampoo by Puriya

This shampoo will stop your itchy scalp dead in its tracks. That’s because it uses an herbal blend of rosemary, sage, arnica, and tea tree oil, which means that it has anti-fungal properties to ease that itch quickly.

It doesn’t stop there, however. It also deeply hydrates your scalp and hair as well as promotes blood circulation.
This ensures that your scalp will become healthier, which leads to more beautiful hair and virtually no itching.

The shampoo also gently removes build-up and residue, meaning it will reduce oily scalp as well as leave your hair looking shiny and full of life. The natural ingredients used in this product mean that it’s safe for everyone in the family, from Dad to baby, and yes, even Fido.

Scalp Therapy Natural Dandruff Shampoo by Puriya has a 4.3 rating out of 326 reviews, with 70% of them being 5 stars.

For people who use this product, there’s an almost immediate relief. In as little as three days, even symptoms caused by severe eczema and seborrheic dermatitis are nearly completely gone.

This includes the irritating red bumps that can lead to hair loss. Customers enjoy the wonderful, thick and rich sensation the foam creates when they use it.

Many say that they have gone from using several products that barely manage to control their itchy scalps to just Scalp Therapy. The nice, light scent is lovely but not too strong, and the way it leaves your hair feeling model perfect is amazing.

If you’re hesitant about their price, they also include a money-back guarantee.

Pros & Benefits:
  • This shampoo comes is a 180-Day money-back guarantee. That’s just a 2.5 days short of half a year.
  • It’s free of fragrances, sodium chloride, paraben, and sulfates.
  • This awesome shampoo is safe for pets, too.
  • Scalp Therapy’s Natural Dandruff Shampoo is perfectly pH balanced and doesn’t use harsh chemicals.

10. Professional Defense Shampoo & Conditioner Set by Eco Beyond

Our most expensive product suggestion, and yet still very modestly priced (especially when you consider that this is a shampoo/conditioner set). This set of shampoo and conditioner was made to gently yet thoroughly remove excess oils and dirt without leaving your hair dry or greasy.

It has a hydrating conditioner that helps to protect your hair and leave it thicker and shinier. It also helps to soothe your itchy scalp.

The scent is a tantalizing mix of juniper berry, cranberry, and blueberry. For its main ingredient, Eco Beyond chose the Eco-Farming Complex, which is a blend of Lady’s Mantle, Marshmallow, and Calendula.

These come together to brighten your hair, hydrating it and helping it to retain moisture. It’ll cure you of your itchy scalp and damaged hair quickly and leave it looking beautiful and smelling amazing. It’s very hard to emphasize how delectable the scent is.

Professional Defense Shampoo & Conditioner set by Eco Beyond rocks an amazing 4.5 stars out of 15 customer reviews, with an exceptional 87% being 5 stars.

People who use this love the fruity, light scent. They also rave about the fact that it leaves their hair feeling very clean without stripping it or making it dry and lifeless.

They love the way it foams and froths, and can’t believe the amazing way their hair looks after using the product. Your itchy, dry scalp could be gone in as little as a week with this wonderful shampoo & conditioner set.

This product gives solid results almost immediately and it’s a shampoo and conditioner set. The ingredients and thought that went into the formula more than justify the price.

Pros & Benefits:
  • This shampoo and conditioner set has an incredible scent unlike any other.
  • Eco Beyond’s Defense set uses no harmful additives or paraben.
  • It was specially developed with itchy, oily scalps in mind.
  • This set comes with hand pump nozzle for easy use and fewer spills.

Potential Causes of Itchy Scalp

Here’s a quick list of some of the potential causes of itchy scalp.


Dandruff is one of the most common causes of itchy scalp, especially its extreme form, seborrheic dermatitis. This is when the yeast that normally lives on your head goes into overdrive. It comes and goes, and can worsen with weather changes and increased sugar intake in your diet.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are another culprit. This can be anything from a reaction to your new shampoo, hair dye, leave-in product, to just about anything you put on your head or in your hair. What’s upsetting about this is that most people don’t realize it could be an allergic reaction, and just suffer unknowingly when a simple change in routine could fix it.

Eczema and/or Psoriasis

Eczema and/or Psoriasis are both big players on the itchy scalp scene. They’re both strange and uncomfortable conditions that arise when your immune system decides to dislike your skin. Scaly, itchy red patches (which can easily hide under hair) crop up. It’s incredibly itchy, but thankfully can be treated just like dandruff in most cases.


Sunburns believe it or not, can affect your scalp. Even thick hair can leave vulnerable spots on your scalp, usually along your part. And as anyone who’s ever had a sunburn can attest to, when a sunburn starts healing, it itches.

Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is when something is taking away your scalp’s natural oils, which act as protectants. This leaves your scalp feeling dry and itchy, and makes it vulnerable to constant irritation.

Sweat and Dirt

Sweat and dirt are both guilty of causing your scalp to itch. When you don’t wash your hair often enough, products, dirt, grit and grime, and sweat all build up on your scalp, leading to irritation and itching. This is especially compiling when you live in the city or work out regularly.

Too-tight Pontytails

Too-tight Ponytails not only cause an itchy scalp – they can lead to hair loss. Because tight ponytails pull nerves and muscles in your scalp in an unnatural way, it can cause some major itching when you finally let your hair down.

Of course, there are a nearly unlimited amount of reasons (ranging from annoying to flat out dangerous) that your scalp could be itching. These are just a few examples of the most common reasons your scalp may be itching. Thankfully, finding relief from most of these issues is as easy as switching out your shampoo.

Best Shampoo For Itchy Scalp Buyer’s Guide

Doing your own research is important, too. That’s why we’re not going to leave you hanging. Here is a short buyer’s guide so you know what to look for on your journey to find the perfect shampoo to kick your itchy scalp (while keeping your hair looking fabulous).


1. Anti-fungal and antiseptic properties.

Anti-fungal and antiseptic properties are important for helping with and curing itchy scalp. This is because a good percent of itchy scalps are caused by fungus and/or bacteria.

However, be aware that these properties alone may not be enough – they can often dry out your scalp and cause it to become even itchier with time. When you go for these, make sure they’re in a shampoo that also boasts some serious moisturizing properties.

2. SLS-free, Sulfate-free, Sodium-free

These are usually big red flags for most people who are familiar with reading shampoo labels. Not only are they associated with hair loss, they can do some serious drying out of your scalp.

In fact, they’re responsible for a lot of dry scalp problems including itchiness. If you have to use a shampoo with these ingredients, consider supplementing with some deep conditioning products or even essential oils.

3. Hydrating formulas.

Unfortunately, a lot of shampoos that combat itching try to do it as cheaply as possible. This means that they can charge you a premium for specialty shampoo while using inferior ingredients to up their profit margins.

These ingredients all too often dry out your scalp and will cause the itching to worsen. That’s why it’s super important to make sure that the shampoo you choose brags about the hydrating formula it uses.

Even if the shampoo you buy has only the best ingredients, a hydrating formula will help to soothe your scalp and keep your hair soft.

4. Soothing qualities.

Choosing a shampoo that has soothing qualities is great for your scalp. Whether it calms your agitated skin after a day in the sun or cold winds or even just helps alleviate agitation associated with other skin issues such as psoriasis and fungal problems, soothing qualities are important.

They help your scalp feel and look better almost right away.

5. Verified customer reviews.

It may be a given, but checking out customer reviews – especially those that are from verified purchasers – can be very informative.

Reading over the best and worst reviews can give you some good insight. Paying attention to reviews that have been up-rated and responded to is key. If you don’t need to buy shampoo immediately, you can even respond to a review to ask for more details to see if it’s right for you.

6. Check for allergies.

If you know that you have allergies to any ingredients in shampoos, check the ingredients thoroughly before you buy a new one.

It isn’t going to help you or your scalp if you’re unintentionally careless. There’s no point in buying potentially expensive specialty shampoo only to exacerbate the issue or worse because you didn’t read the label thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed this list of the 10 best shampoos for itchy scalp and their reviews. See one that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below!



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