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15 Best Sea Salt Sprays For Hair: 2022 Reviews & Guide

Written by Arianna Last Updated: November 9, 2017

Beach hair doesn’t have to disappear when summertime ends. With sea salt spray, you can get effortlessly beautiful hair in a stylish, beach-ready look. These sprays are great for both curly hair and straight hair.

Some people are naturally able to have beach waves and scrunchy curls. For everyone else, sea salt spray can help. Whether you want to enhance your natural waves or create a messy texture, you only need a simple spray to get started.

Sea salt spray can be used on wet or dry hair. When you spray it on wet hair, it can add texture and enhance your waves. If you want to restyle your hair, ad messy hair or create texture, use it on dry hair.

These products are great for creating messy, beach-style hair at just a moment’s notice. For that messy, scrunchy hair, you need the best sea salt sprays.

At the bottom of this review you’ll find a sea salt spray buyer’s guide. With that said, let’s get started. Here’s a list of the 10 best sea salt sprays for hair and their reviews for 2021.

Table of Contents

1. Tresemme Expert Selection Perfectly (Un) Done

For the tousled beach waves you need, Tresemme’s sea salt spray is ideal. It’s a part of the Perfectly (Un)Done collection. Unlike some sprays, this is an entirely non-sticky option. It includes a sea kelp extract for natural, beautiful hair.

Skip out on the salty stiffness to achieve your sexy style. It’s designed to work with the other styling products in the collection, but it can also be used alone for natural-looking waves.

The Perfectly (Un)Done Sea Salt Spray uses a lightweight formula that never makes your your sticky or stiff. It can be used after a shower on damp hair.

Just spray it on your hair and then work it through with your fingers. For naturally wavy hair, use the spray after your shower and scrunch your hair.

Then, allow your hair to completely dry. For straight hair. Use a rounded brush on mostly dry hair. Twist the hair around the brush and blow dry it to create beautiful, tousled hair.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Made with sea kelp extract
  • Can be used with other Perfecting (Un)Done hair products
  • Creates gorgeous, tousled waves
  • Uses a non-sticky formula
  • The lightweight formula never weighs your hair down

2. Nuance By Salma Hayek Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Imagine having beach-worthy hair without any effort. Nuance is designed to add body and texture to your hair. Unlike some sea salt sprays, it can be used on fine, layered hair.

Even if your hair does not naturally curl, you can use the spray to create tousled, beacy locks. Since it uses a non-sticky formula, you can use it multiple times a day without making your hair stiff or uncomfortable.

This spray can be used on damp or dry hair. Once you apply it to your hair, scrunch your locks or style like normal. As it dries, it adds a layer of texture and body to your hair.

This spray helps to enhance curls without making your hair greasy. If you have thicker hair, apply it on the different layers and scrunch. Before long, you can enjoy that soft, wavy look that is so hot right now.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Made with algae and seaweed extracts for softer hair
  • Never leaves a sticky, stiff residue
  • Has a mild, pleasant fragrance
  • Helps to texturize your hair
  • Enhances curls and adds beachy waves

3. Captain Blankenship: Organic Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray

Unleash your inner mermaid with Captain Blankenship’s organic spray. This organic beauty company is based within the Hudson River Valley of New York.

Like their other products, the Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray is made with a natural scent and luxurious ingredients. All of the ingredients are wild-harvested or organic.

The spray starts with Pacific sea salt. Sea salt is harvested from the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean. This salt helps to create a voluminous, full texture for your hair.

Other than sea salt, the spray is also made out of sea kelp extract, aloe vera and rose geranium essential oil. The sea kept extract helps to rejuvenate and repair your hair naturally.

It’s said to speed hair growth for longer, more luscious locks. Meanwhile, the aloe vera plant is native to the American Southwest. It has hydrating properties that help to add shine and smoothness to your hair.

Even if you have multiple styling sessions, the aloe vera can keep your hair glossy. With the rose geranium essential oil, you get softer hair. This gentle oil helps to prevent your hair from becoming damaged by the environment.

At the same time, it helps to clarify your hair. Altogether, these ingredients help to give you a beach look all the time. From texturizing your hair to adding moisture, this organic product helps to create those tousled waves you crave.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Wild-harvested Pacific sea salt
  • Completely natural and sulfate free
  • Contains organic ingredients like Palmarose, Rose Geranium and aloe vera
  • Sea kelp extract helps to boost the luster and smoothness of your hair
  • Clarifies and protects your hair from the environment

4. Davines This Is a Sea Salt Spray

When you’re in a rush, true, beach-style waves are impossible. You can’t skip work and go surfing, but you can still have beach-style waves at home.

This sea salt spray creates that lovely, beachy texture that you need. After using the spray, your hair is left with a tousled, voluminous look. You can use this sea salt spray on damp or dry hair. It works for any hair type and quickly adds fullness to your hair.

Davines has worked to make a balanced, sustainable product. The sea salt spray is designed to leave your hair as soft as it started. When using this spray, you don’t have to worry about stickiness or stiffness.

It’s lightweight enough to use throughout the day and will never weigh your hair down.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Winner of the Coastal Magazine’s 2014 Beach Beauty award
  • Adds volume and texture to your hair
  • Can be used on damp or dry hair
  • Creates a tousled, beach-ready look

5. Shore of Yourself Sea Salt Spray

Get the flexibility and volume you need with the Shore of Yourself spray. This spray is ideal for curly hair that needs extra texture and volume. You can use a blow dryer or finger drying to create the style you need.

Best of all, the gentle formula helps to bind moisture to the hair. It contains therapeutic properties that are known for conditioning and moisturizing the hair. With continued use, the spray naturally adds volume and thickness to your locks.

Completely free of harsh chemicals, the spray includes sea kelp extract for moisturized hair. This extra contains amino acids and polysaccharides that help to smooth your cuticles. As a result, you can enjoy healthier, shinier hair.

The formula is designed with an ingredient called benzyl salicylate. This ingredient basically absorbs UV rays. This means that your hair is protected from the dryness, damage and color fading caused by the sun.

The cruelty-free formula boosts your hair’s volume and flexibility. It can be used to create soft waves or curls for a beach wave look. All you have to do is spray it on damp or dry hair. You can let it dry naturally. To add fullness, diffuse your hair with heat.

This blend is made with algae extract, sea kelp extract and sea salt. The algae extract works to moisturize and condition your hair. Meanwhile, the sea salt offers therapeutic properties that help to condition, thicken and moisturize your hair.

With a simple spritz, you can have the look you want and healthier hair.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Parabens free
  • Boosts flexibility and volume
  • Uses sea kelp, sea salt and algae extra for healthier hair
  • Protects your hair from harmful UV rays
  • Provides that tousled, gorgeous style you need

6. Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray

When you want tousled, beachy locks, the last thing you need is flyaway hairs. With the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray, you can skip the flyaways for a polished, beautiful finish.

This excellent spray adds definition and shine to your hair. You can use this product on any hair type to get amazing body and texture. At the same time, it provides a light hold that helps to keep your scrunchy waves around all day. The Toni & Guy spray is perfect for creating that lived-in look.

To use the spray, just apply it from root to tip. It works best on towel-dried or dry hair. This spray is perfect for giving you cutting-edge hair that is worthy of the catwork.

If you want to update your look or enjoy having a simple hairstyle, the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray can help. It gives you a light hold for added body and texture.

Best of all, the product works for all types of hair. Even if your hair is not naturally curly, you can get light waves without that annoying, crunchy feel. Just spray it evenly on your hair and prepare for tousled waves.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Adds body and texture with a light hold
  • Can be used on all hair types
  • Boosts your hair’s shine and definition
  • Adds moisture to your hair
  • Boasts of a polished, flyaway-free finish

7. Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

Baby fine hair is no problem with the Aquage Sea Salt Texturing Spray. If you want a random, undone look, then this is the spray for you. It helps to add amazing volume while making you look like you just emerged from the ocean.

It’s made out of lightweight polymers for a natural, light hold. The formula is infused with magnesium-rich Dead Sea salts for the volume, texture and balance you crave.

All you have to do is spray the blend generously on your towel-dried hair. Comb it through so that it reaches all of your strands. Afterward, you can use your fingers or brush to create the right texture. You can also use a diffuser or a blow dryer to create a more unique look.

One of the best things to look for in a sea salt spray is a light hold. The last thing you want is crunchy, stiff hair. With Aquage’s spray, you get the look you need without the crunchiness.

It’s light enough to be applied multiple times a day. Plus, it helps to add thickness and volume to your hair. Forget about hitting the waves. When you have Aquage’s spray, you can have a beach waves without ever going to the ocean.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Lightweight polymers work to create volume and natural texture
  • The Dead Sea salt adds magnesium and nutrients for your hair
  • Contains Compressa, Filipendula and Chondrus Crispus extra
  • Offers a non-drying, moisturizing formula for your locks

8. R+Co Sail Soft Wave Spray

The beautiful curls you want just became possible with the R+Co Sail Soft Wave Spray. It’s designed as a 360 degree aerosol for amazing coverage and a better user experience.

This elegant spray evenly covers your hair for simple, fast styling options. All you have to do is spray, style and go when you use the R+Co Sail Soft Wave Spray.

With this spray, you get the most natural waves with amazing volume. It’s exceptionally lightweight, so you don’t even notice that you have anything on your hair. At the same time, it adds a natural volume and texture to your hair.

With this spray, you get soft, supple waves. The ingredients in the spray boost your hair’s moisture and natural shine. R+Co designed the spray to give you the immediate results that you need.

This product never contains sulfates or parabens. It’s cruelty free and gluten free. The sea salt helps to give you the texture you crave, but the other ingredients help to revitalize your hair.

Rose hips work to condition your hair so that it feels exceptionally soft and revitalized. Meannwhile, the sea kelp boosts the natural softness, shine and volume of your hair.

To style, you just have to spray it on dry or towel-dried hair. Afterwards, scrunch your fingers in your hair to create loose, tousled waves. For other looks, you can also use heat tools. Your hair gets the curls you want while remaining soft and completely touchable.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Rose hips help to revitalize and condition your hair
  • The aerosol design makes for even, complete coverage
  • Sea kelp boost the volume and shine of your hair
  • Your hair is left soft and touchable
  • Paraben-free for healthier hair

9. Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray

Luxury locks are yours with the Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray. Beach waves and bombshell hair are just around the corner with this soft, lush spray.

You can enjoy that sun-kissed shine and tousled look without any salty stiffness. This spray is so popular that it won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award. All you have to do is apply it to wet or dry hair. Tousle your hair as much as you like and then let it air dry for lovely, luscious locks.

Island-hoppers and beach combers can enjoy beach-to-bombshell hair with this glamour spray. Rich in natural extracts, it uses exotic oils to repair your hair and create a sultry texture.

The Oribe spray is made without sodium chloride or parabens. If you have had keratin or color treatments, this is a safe option to choose. As soon as you use the Oribe spray, it starts to nourish and repair your hair.

As it creates touchable waves, it adds shine and moisture to your locks. You get sexy, wavy hair without any stiffness. As an added bonus, it provides UV protection because of a unique actuator.

This specifically designed actuator helps to push the product into your hair for piece separation and added texture.

The eponymous Oribe line has managed to create a truly glamorous beauty product. Create an alluring style with this luxury spray. The Oribe experiences starts with their signature complex.

Lychee, watermelon and edelweiss flower extracts help to prevent your hair from dealing with oxidative stress. This blend prevents natural keratin from deteriorating while preventing damage and dryness.

It reduces photoaging and protects your color. Moisturizers like safflower seed oil, amber extract and marigold extract help to add a sultry, soft texture while protecting your hair from free-radical damage.

Meanwhile, Kaempferia Galanga root extract gives you natural protection from UV waves. The hydrolyzed wheat protein works to renew damaged hair and condition your hair for a natural shine. The rest of the beach-wave complex boosts your waves with a light, soft hold.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Boost moisture and shine
  • Enjoy beach-inspired waves throughout the year
  • The unique nozzle design helps to create a wavy texture
  • Hydrolyzed wheat protein repairs damaged hair
  • Contains Lychee, watermelon and edelweiss flower extracts

10. Captain Blankenship: Organic Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray

If you loved Captain Blankenship’s Mermaid Spray, then you will fall for the Organic Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray. Embrace your inner diva with this shimmery, golden spray.

The golden shimmer is light enough to blend in while you’re indoors. When your hair hits the light, strands light up and glimmer with a golden beauty. This magical spray works with every hair color and texture for amazing shine and brilliant strands.

This cult-classic uses the same formula as the brand’s Mermaid Spray, but it includes natural gold mica. As a result, you can enjoy beach-inspired hair that shimmers with a glowing brilliance.

This spray is designed to enrich your hair with a range of beneficial minerals. It includes the essential oils of rose geranium and palmarosa. The organic sea kelp extract helps to strengthen your hair for added life and vibrancy. With this golden spray, your tresses get an added shine.

Best of all, the entire product is made with only wild-harvested and organic ingredients. The blend of essential oils leaves a beachy, rose scent on your locks while adding luster.

Made with completely natural products, the sea salt spray is free of of parabens and sulfates. Made within New York’s Hudson River Valley, the luxurious spray has a natural, luscious scent.

The sea salt is harvest in the Pacific Ocean for voluminous, full tresses. Meanwhile, the sea kelp extract works to repair damaged hair and stimulate hair growth.

Aloe vera hydrates your hair for smooth, glossy locks that light up the room. Because of the aloe vera, your hair can stand up to multiple styling sessions.

The rose geranium essential oil helps to clarify your hair while protecting it from environmental damage. At the same time, it works to gently soften your hair.

Your beach waves are only a moment away with this golden blend. All you have to do is spray a generous amount of the solution over your wet or dry hair. Afterward, tousle the strands with your fingers or style with heat tools.

Whatever you do, you can enjoy shimmery, luscious locks that a even a mermaid would love.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Made with wild-harvested, Pacific sea salt.
  • Includes sea kelp extract for rejuvenated, healthy hair.
  • Boasts of rose geranium essential oil for soft protection
  • Made with aloe vera for an ultra-hydrating solution

11. John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray

When you’re in a rush, you don’t have time to mess around with curling irons or crimpers. The beachy waves you need are only a few minutes away with the John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray.

With this sea salt spray, you get the waves you need without all the work. All you have to do is spray it on, scrunch your tresses and head off on your next adventure. Best of all, it makes your hair smell amazing.

The scent is like a blend of ocean waves and wintertime mint for a refreshing fragrance.

If you want full-body hair, this sea salt spray is the right choice. It helps to enhance the grip of your hair for better curls. It can create or enhance the natural waves that are in your hair.

While it might have blonde in the name, it can be used by brunettes as well. Boasting of a refreshing scent, John Frieda’s spray offers a low-sheen, matte finish.

It gives you those windswept waves and tousled hair that you want without having to hit the beach. The spray can be used on any hair length for a versatile, touchable look.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Boosts natural waves
  • Creates a ropey- ripple effect
  • Can be used for blonde or brunnette hair
  • Amazingly fragrant scent conjures up memories of beachy waves and summer sun

12. Fudge Salt Spray

Beach lovers everywhere can enjoy this amazing, tropical spray. Unlike some sea salt sprays, Fudge offers a unique, tropical scent with the salty fragrance.

As you spray, coconut mist wafts toward you that smells like a Caribbean island breeze. Plus, the spray is formulated to add volume and body to your hair. In just a few short moments, you can get that tousled, sexy look you need with just a few sprays.

This salt-enhanced spray is perfect for adding texture to your hair. It’s designed with marine extracts that naturally work to thicken your hair and add volume.

Whether you want a shaggy look or bombshell waves, you can create your unique style with this spray. Before you try using it, make sure to shake the bottle well.

For the best results, use it on dry hair. Make sure to spray your hair from root to tip to provide that intense, texturized look you need. The spray is also designed to help separate your strands for a more beautiful, radiant style.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Contains marine salts that naturally work to thicken your hair
  • Naturally adds body and volume to your hair
  • Can be used on dry hair
  • Offers a medium hold for longer lasting styles

13. IGK Beach Club Texture Spray

Lavish, vibrant waves are yours with the IGK Beach Club Texture Spray. The scent conjures up images of the Miami Beach, rolling waves and warm sunshine as you spritz it on your hair.

This breakthrough aerosol gives you that windswept style you need within seconds. It never leaves behind a sticky residue. Skip the dry, heavy feel of other salt sprays with this moisturizing product.

A little of this spray goes a long way toward making beautiful, light waves. To use it, apply it to damp or dry hair. Make sure to work it from your roots to your ends for long-lasting waves.

To make sure your waves are separate, twist different sections together before scrunching them with your fingers. If you just want to enjoy fuller, more voluminous hair, spray it on when your hair is dry.

The scent is one of the main attractions of IGK’s spray. The Miami scent includes luscious notes of pink lotus, guava, vanilla, coconut water and midnight violet.

In addition, this spray is vegan and gluten free. It offers UV protection and is completely safe for color-treated hair. Hydrolyzed wheat protein boosts the volume and body of your hair. Meanwhile, the glycerin helps to lock in your moisture so that your hair never feels dry.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Surf-and-sand hair takes just a moment to create
  • Protects your hair from harmful UV rays
  • Free of petroleum, gluten and parabens
  • Contains glycerin and hydrolyzed wheat protein for moisturized, voluminous hair

14. Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist Hair Spray

Conjure up images of the Caribbean with this sea salt spray. Offered with a coconut scent, this spray enhances your natural waves. It’s formulated with the exact salinity of the ocean, so it’s perfect for creating beach-worthy hair.

This product is completely vegan and made with entirely natural ingredients.

Within Herbivore Botanicals’ spray, you will discover sustainable ingredients like aloe vera, radish root, vanilla and coconut. The aloe vera helps to add moisture to your hair while rejuvenating each strand.

Meanwhile, lime, vanilla and coconut work to create a tropical scent. From its amazing fragrance to the beautiful texture, this product is ideal for creating beach waves.

All you have to do is spray it on your hair and style it however you like. It can also be used as a body spray for a lovely, beach-inspired scent.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Aloe vera creates supple, moisturized locks
  • Enhances the wavy curls in your beachy look
  • Can be used as a body spray or a hair spray
  • Sustainably made with natural ingredients

15. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

You might not be able to spend every day at the beach, but your hair can look like it. With Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, your hair will look like you just emerged from the ocean’s waves.

You can get that sexy, windblown look you need from dry land. This spray offers amazing hold for lasting waves. It provides a clean, matte finish for sexier, sultrier hair.

With this spray, your volume gets a boost. It provides extra texture for a loose, sexy style. To balance out the sea salt, the spray also includes seaweed extract.

This helps to lock moisture in your roots for rejuvenated, healthy hair. While it can be used on dry hair, this spray works best on damp or wet hair.

Spray it evenly on your hair and scrunch your tresses with your fingers. You can also use heat styling for more defined curls. With the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, you get beach waves without having to visit the ocean.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Seaweed extract boost moisture in your hair
  • Offers a strong hold and matte finish
  • Creates textured, beautiful waves
  • Boost your hair’s natural volume and shine

Best Sea Salt Spray For Hair Buyer’s Guide

When you want beachy waves and beautiful hair, you need the right sea salt spray. This product is readily available, but finding the right option is not always easy.

There are too many products available to compare all of them, so the important thing is to look for the exact blend of ingredients that you need. Before you buy, decide what you’re looking for, your price range and the styling options you need.

Consider Your Price Range

It’s impossible to discuss any product without considering the price. While you might want to look at a cheaper spray, it’s important to consider how effective it’s first.

While one product may have more ounces, it won’t make a difference if the product is not effective. Some beach sprays are more concentrated, so you can use less to achieve the same effect.

Before you buy any spray, make sure that you don’t have to use the entire bottle to achieve your desired look.

If price is a major consideration, you may also want to consider buying in bulk. Some brands will sell larger bottles or multiple bottles at a cheaper price. Once you find a sea salt spray that you love, you can save money by buying in bulk.

Skip Sticky, Stiff Sprays

Unfortunately, sea salt is not the easiest ingredient to work with. Most likely, you have experienced this problem when you went to the beach. After emerging from the surf, your hair looked amazing.

The only problem was that the sea salt left your hair feeling sticky, stiff and unattractive.

Sea salt sprays can have the same problem. The cheaper sprays rely primarily on salt to give you tousled, beachy waves. While you might get the curls you love, it comes at a price.

When you start looking for the right spray, read through the reviews. You want to look for a spray that leaves your hair soft and supple. The last thing you want is stickiness or stiffness.

The best sprays will leave your hair looking amazing and flexible, so make sure that you invest in the right option.

Ingredients Matter

While your first goal is to get beachy, tousled waves, your spray can do so much more. Ingredients like kelp, rose hips and essential oils can boost the shine and beauty of your hair. Before you buy any product, think about the qualities you want in a spray.

Each ingredient works toward a unique goal. Rose hips work as an antioxidant to protect your hair against free radical damage. Meanwhile, benzyl salicylate can actually absorb UV rays so that your hair can safely enjoy the summer sun.

Other ingredients like kelp boost your hair’s shine, suppleness and vibrancy. If you want rejuvenated, soft tresses, look for the ingredients that match your needs.

Color-Treated Hair Needs the Right Solution

If your hair has been dyed, you need the right spray. You don’t want to invest in a spray that damages your color. Look for sprays that are advertised as safe for color-treated hair.

Even if you have natural hair, you will want a spray that is paraben-free and sulfate-free. These ingredients are linked to cancer and can damage your hair. If your spray is not free of sulfates, parabens and harmful ingredients, find a new spray to use instead.

Organic, Wild-Harvested or Man-Made Ingredients

While there is nothing wrong with man-made ingredients, some people prefer organic ingredients instead. Luckily, there are many sea salt sprays that consist of organic, natural ingredients.

These sprays can give you the look you want without having to worry about herbicides or pesticides.

Since these sprays are made from sea salt, most of them cannot be entirely organic. Instead, the best sprays use wild-harvested salt. For sprays like the ones by Captain Blankenship, the salt is harvested in the Pacific Ocean for a natural, safe product.

Shimmery Hair You Need

Within sea salt sprays, there are subsets with unique options. Some offer ingredients like gold mica. This particular ingredient gives you shiny, shimmery hair that glints when the sun touches it. Sea salt gives you the tousled waves you need, but you can also find other features for a more comprehensive hair styling product.

Heat Styling or Tousled Waves

You also need to consider how you will be styling your hair. Many people choose sea salt spray because they can spray it on and use their fingers to style it.

If you want to use heat to style your hair, you need to make sure that you invest in a spray that works well with heat styling. You can also start out with a spray that works for both styling options so that you can switch things up later on.

Bring the Fragrant Ocean Home

Last, you should consider the type of fragrance you want. Because sea salt is the main ingredient, most sprays will automatically have an ocean-like fragrance that you can enjoy.

Some salt sprays include ingredients like rose hips, geranium or kelp. The different ingredients can lend a floral fragrance or a summertime scent. If you want your hair to smell amazing, look for a fragrance that blends well with your natural scent.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed these 15 best sea salt sprays for 2021 and their reviews. If you have one that you’d like to add to the list, let us know in the comments below.



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