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10 Best MAC Eyeshadows For Beautiful Eyes [Updated 2022]

Written by Arianna Last Updated: May 30, 2017

The make-up market is saturated with Mac eyeshadows; the wide choice of shadows can make it a challenge for an eye shadow fanatic to choose the best for their skin tone and match their preferences.

There are many Mac eyeshadows that live up to the hype; Mac, having been in the industry for a long period, has produced quality beauty products and their eyeshadows are on top of the chain.

MAC gives beauty fanatics out there the opportunity to redefine their looks with their wide variety of eye shadows. The good thing with MAC eyeshadows is that their unique features allow for easy application, blending and furthermore stay for long without wearing out or fading.

This list has filtered out majority of the best MAC eyeshadows for beautiful eyes.

Table of Contents

1. MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Eyeshadow

The Veluxe Eyeshadow is in this list thanks to its texture. It is a Mac eyeshadow released in 2013 but despite it being new in the fashion industry, the eyeshadow is popular among shadow wearers. This is for those who are fond of Japanese eyeshadows and the brightening effect they have on the eyes.

The Veluxe is offered in a palette of five colors arranged in strips. These colors graduate in shades and are ideal for use on different types of skin complexions. They are unique in that Mac has less palettes arranged in strips. They would match a few other brands with strip eyeshadow only they are less baked and aren’t raised.

Each of the palettes is offered in the conventional MAC black compact box. The strips being a new thing for MAC, the idea may seem quirky. Again, when you are used to the pan design, it may be hard to run your brush or sponge on the strip. Each strip on the palette weighs 1 gram; given that other palettes from MAC weigh about 1.3 grams, there is no much difference.

Each palette offers a blend of satin and shimmery shades. Shimmery shades take a large part of the palette giving the shadow a great texture. These have a creamy and powdery consistency that mirrors a Japanese eyeshadow. The shadows apply fairly easily on to lids giving the wearer a smooth and sparkly finish. However, the shadow falls out easy and as such, a good base is needed.

Though not heavily pigmented, the shadows build nicely creating wearable looks. Again, the colors on the palette match perfectly ensuring that you are not left with a mismatch; they graduate from the wearer’s eyebrows and lid, to a contrasting crease shade and a deeper and richer liner color. However, the colors tend to crease and a primer may be needed to lengthen their durability.

Key Benefits
  • Can last up to eight hours after application with a good base
  • Resistant to sweat and humidity
  • Usable wet or dry
  • Blends well with different skin types and skin complexions
  • Satin and shimmery shades offer a great look for all wearers
  • Easy on your skin and on your eyes; doesn’t affect vision for contact lenses wearers
  • Fade-proof and doesn’t crease with a good primer
  • Flexible coverage

2. MAC Shroom Eyeshadow

MAC has produced a couple of popular highlighting eyeshadows such as Naked Lunch, Ricepaper and Vanilla. However, the Shroom is somehow underrated but comes with great features to enhance the good side of your face.

This shadow is good for highlighting brow bone thanks to its shade and its ease of application. It makes it on our list because of its high highlighting abilities.

Shroom sports a satin soft beige shade that is ideal for most people seeing that it is neutral; not too pink and also not too golden. Again, it is shimmery but not flat.

This gives the shadow a smooth and buttery texture that is accentuated by a good blend. On application, the shadow doesn’t feel chalky and dry. It’s a great match for warm colors and it blends perfectly with all skin tones.

The pigmentation is low, this gives the shadow an edge as a highlighter especially when applied on darker eye lids. After blending it, the overall look is great; you will have a polished yet subtle appearance. This shadow lasts all day without any need to reapply your makeup. Each unit contains 0.05oz.

Key benefits
  • Neutral eyeshadow accommodating different skin tones and different highlighting needs
  • Lasts all-day without need for re-application
  • Doesn’t crease and doesn’t fade
  • Easy application without any need for a primer or a base
  • Great value for money given its performance
  • Relatively less shimmery further increasing its highlighting abilities
  • Applies evenly and is suitable for use wet or dry
  • It’s available in a variety of textures and finishes

3. MAC Brule Eye Shadow

This is a great choice for brow bone highlights. It’s a warm neutral eye shadow that was created for eye shadow wearers who need a shadow that will not call attention to itself but rather to the eyes, the brow bone and the surrounding body parts.

It’s also a good choice for highlighting inner corners and also for those who do light lid. To this end, the shadow has featured on our list; its performance, versatility and price are everything a consumer would love.

It’s described by MAC as a highly pigmented powder. The shadow applies evenly and blends perfectly. It can be used wet or dry and as you would expect with a Mac eye shadow, it’s easy to apply.

You will love the fact that it’s available in a variety of textures and finishes making it ideal for different skin tones. Again, you can easily apply it using fingers, sponge tip or a brush. It weighs 0.5oz and is refillable.

Brule is a soft creamy beige shadow offered in a satin finish. It sports a warm toned color which looks fresh and with a luminous matte finish. By any means, this shadow is not satin but gives an illuminating effect when well blended. If you need a natural luminous effect, then this is a must-have eye shadow.

It offers a smooth and creamy texture; a fact that lets it blend well with different skin complexions. The shadow is a good match for clean and smoky eyes and blends a darker skin perfectly. Its multi-functional shade creates a neutral look when used as a brow bone highlighter and when used over eye lid. When used over a primer, it neutralizes the color of the eyelid.

You can use this shadow to create an under eye highlighting effect. Though Mac says this is a satin shadow, it is more a matte giving it versatility and a staple for many shadow wearers. It has a medium to buildable pigmentation which blends well on skin. When used without a primer, the shadow lasts for averagely 6 hours.

The duration can be increased by use of a primer. It is created to match the quality of other Mac eye shadows but with a unique performance. To this end, it is crease and fade proof, it is created to offer a natural look, has been tested to ensure it’s not harmful to the user’s skin or eyes and it offers flexible coverage.

Brule has a perfect base color which makes it good for daytime use.

Key Benefits
  • Soft and creamy skin tone shade
  • Offers a creamy and smooth texture great for highlighting the brow bone
  • Blends perfectly into skin thanks to its shade
  • Lasts long especially when used with a primer
  • Medium to buildable pigmentation giving it versatility
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Safe for your skin and for your eyes with no usage side effects
  • Great for people wearing contact lenses
  • Does not cause or accentuate acne

4. MAC Honey Lust Eye Shadow

If you need to shimmer but do not feel like you need to deal with a pigmented shadow, the Honey Lust shadow is your best bet. It is among the best glitter shadows and that is why it features on our list. It’s a glittery bronzed peach offered in Mac’s luster finish; this gives it the ability to offer more glitter while appearing natural and highlighting the eyes.

According to Mac, Honey Lust is a highly pigmented powder that applies evenly and blends well with different skin tones and tans. It is offered with a smooth texture which may not be as good as other Mac eye shadows but still performs awesomely.

You may need two swipes on your brush to get the correct intensity. The shimmer produced by this shadow is non-gritty and when applied, it doesn’t seem densely packed, a fact that can cause unevenness in texture. This is undesirable but is easily rectified by application of a primer of good base.

Though this eye shadow will give you the grittiness you desire, there is a little fallout – which can be addressed by use of a base or primer – especially when using a fluffy brush. To minimize the fallout and get the shadow from spreading everywhere, use a flat and firm brush.

It is offered with a great formula and a gold champagne shade that offers a lot of shimmer. Though defined as a bronze dipped peach, the shadow has less of bronze and an average peach but the shade looks lovely. You will find it ideal for over lid wash applied with just liner and mascara.

There is a glamorous sheen to the shadow’s effect and the shadow doesn’t bring much color. You will also find it useful as an inner eye corner highlighter. This Mac doesn’t sell this as office wear, the shadow is not too loud and can be worn to the office. It is subtle yet festive and can be worn to occasions.

You can pair this with burgundy, browns and purples. It can be applied wet or dry and like other Mac eye shadows, Honey Lust is tested to assure users of skin and eye safety. It gives a flexible coverage and lasts six or more hours.

Key Benefits
  • Safe on your skin and does not interfere with vision
  • Lightweight, blends well and offers flexible coverage
  • Matches different skin tones
  • Easy to apply especially when a primer or base is used
  • Last for six hours when applied alone
  • Amazing color
  • Can be worn to many occasions including official meetings

5. MAC Mineralize Love Connection Eyeshadow

It’s a unique MAC product whose lightweight coverage, smoothness and bright color give it an edge over other products and on our list. The Mineralize Eye Shadow is usually a powder formula of refined baked minerals.

These refined minerals are responsible for providing the ultra-lightweight coverage. It’s, therefore, a must-have accessory in your beauty cabinet as it always looks great on you be it for evening or casual wear.

The product comes with six-pre filled palettes with four coordinated colors. It has been the norm that most powders are pressed into conventional pans. But for this kind of product, it’s molded into tiles which are then baked for 24 hours. This baking is done to allow for light application.

The product is known to provide a smooth and buildable coverage thanks to its mineral-rich yeast extract. Mineralize provides you with a medium or an intense coverage depending on how you apply. For a medium coverage you should apply it dry while for a more intense coverage, you should apply it wet.

The product lasts long upon application and is the main reason why most users attest to having used the product for many years. Despite its quality, the product’s pricing is a little bit overhead for most average consumers. To enjoy its services, you will have to dip into your pocket.

With its superb quality, you can apply up to an intensity of 100% with a spray of fix + or for a softer wash apply dry. The colors are quite stunning and complement each other.

Key Benefits
  • Easy on your skin with no known side effects
  • Has been tested to assure that it has no effect on the eyes
  • The product is non acnegenic – Being non-acnegenic means that this product will not cause or exacerbate acne. It implies that the product does not contain any acnegenic causing ingredients or triggers.
  • The product is safe if you’re used to wearing contact lenses – Doesn’t interfere with the vision after wearing contact.
  • The product’s mineral complex makes it instantly nourishing thereby giving you an eccentric look.

6. MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow (Quad)

The MAC Eye Shadow Quad is a favorite of many thanks to its performance. Like the Mineralize reviewed above, this eyeshadow allows light application. It’s easy to apply and that gives it the edge on our list.

This particular merchandise comes in a choice of four colors; copper bronze, golden brown, soft golden peach and pale yellow gold. These colors brighten the eyes and ensure you have an incredible look. The product has been doing rounds in the market ever since the year 2011. It further comes boxed weighing about 2.2 grams. It features yeast extract that nourishes the skin while providing a smooth, buildable coverage.

Mac describes this as a powder formula created with refined baked minerals to offer an ultra-lightweight coverage. There are six pre-filled palettes each with four coordinated colors. It’s molded into terracotta round tiles unlike other eye shadows which are pressed on metal pans.

It is baked for 24 hours giving it great light and enhancing light application. Besides yeast extract, Mineralize Quad has a blend of 77 minerals to further nourish the skin and provide a silky smooth and buildable coverage. For a low to medium coverage with a shimmer, apply it dry. For intense coverage with color, apply it wet.

One advantage of Mineralize Quad is that there are different varieties all different in color and function. These varieties include Glimmer of Gold, Waft of Grey, Harvest of Greens, Sprinkle of Blues and Party of Pastels.

This widens the choices for consumers as it caters for all their needs. Mineralize formula is softer and a tad more crumbly. However, it is weak in pigmentation with the middle shades being flaky in texture.

Key Benefits
  • Safe on your skin
  • Safe for your eyes; does not interfere with vision whether on lenses or naked eyes
  • The product is non acnegenic; does not propagate acne
  • Nourishing and results to a smooth skin
  • The product is affordable to the average consumer implying that you’re not going to dip too much into your pocket
  • Being that the merchandise arrives packaged in a box suggests that if you’re not readily using it, it can last for long, confirming is durability
  • The product is easy to use; you can use your fingers, brush or sponge tip applicator during application.

7. MAC Eye Shadow Naked Lunch

The product comes in new packaged box to ensure durability. Furthermore, it arrives in a discontinued discoloration (naked lunch). It is highly pigmented, applies evenly and blends well with other makeup to give you a great look. To this end, this eye shadow makes it on our list.

The naked lunch comes with a standard shimmer shadow. Other shadows like the pearl or satin are also available for the MAC eye shadow NAKED LUNCH in MAC outlets. The color is a whole eye shadow and not available as a refill, so you’re required to buy a new one once original one gets finished.

The product is smooth and lasts all night upon application. However, you’re supposed to be careful when applying to your brush and ensure that you do not put too much.

Aside from applying in particular occasions, you can use the MAC eye shadow NAKED LUNCH regularly as an eye shadow for your lids. Furthermore, the product is easy to use. You can wear the product alone as well as with an eye liner black or mix both for a better look.

The product has a smooth and rich texture, with great color. Furthermore, the MAC eye shadow NAKED LUNCH is actually ideal for most skin colors.

However, unlike other products, the Naked Lunch is in small quantity.

Key Benefits
  • It’s available in a variety of textures and finishes to match the needs of many people
  • Suitable for use either dry or wet
  • Naked Lunch is easy to apply, smooth and long wearing
  • Great value for money
  • Buildable and highly pigmented

8. MAC Eye Shadow Phloof!

The MAC Eye Shadow Phloof is a great product and its matte color doesn’t smudge. It is that product that can redefine your beauty instantly. For this reason, it has to appear in this list.

The product is sometimes referred to as simply eye shadow and comes new in box. It’s unique earning its position in this list as it provides you with a subtle, soft, light-refractive, non-frost and sheen look.

The product comes highly pigmented. When applying, you will notice that it applies evenly and blends well with the skin hence its popularity. You can use the eye shadow Phloof either wet or dry depending on the coverage you wish to get.

For a medium coverage, dry application will suit you whereas for a more intense coverage, the wet application is recommended. Furthermore; the product comes in a satin tone- a pure color with a satin style finish. This makes it attractive to the eye for potential customers. Other varieties and textures are also available.

You can use the make-up to highlight your eyes and in some cases put a dab on top of your brows to achieve an extra lift. The product can also be layered with other bright colors to improve your look. For instance, you can use it together with an eye liner or move to mix it with the eye liner. Alternatively, you can mix and match.

Phloof has an uncanny ability to brighten tired eyes; after a long night of indulging, you can apply this eye shadow and all will be well. It works well as a brows highlighter and on the inner corners of the wearer’s eyes. It appears great on light skinned and dark skinned women given that its neither too cool nor too warm as expected of many highlighting eye shadows from Mac.

Key Benefits
  • Safe for the skin and for the eye with all-natural minerals
  • Like other MAC products, it is acnegenic
  • Long wearing without creasing
  • Greatly enhances the eyes making them brighter
  • Highly nourishing and can be used in a variety of ways

9. MAC Electric Cool Shadow Electroplate

True to its name, MAC Electric Cool Shadow makes the wearer look cool. It is designed to give a rich color delivered in a modern mode. It is a soft and lightweight eyeshadow whose natural and simple formula has enabled it to feature on our list.

The MAC Electric Cool Eye Shadow is sometimes called the “electroplate”. The “electroplate” is a cool gunmetal gray. It is a product that is highly pigmented, highly frosted and having a smooth and spongy texture. You should hurry to get the product because it is always a limited edition.

Colors originating from the product are usually supercharged. The product gets into action when electric pigments come into contact with the high frost. This happens at a maximum impact in the 16 shades which eventually slide across the skin surface with flexibility and comfort. The product is a true definition of blending power and color intensity that keeps on surging.

However, when dropped or mishandled, the product’s functionality may be affected and the unique flexible texture of the product changes. Nonetheless, only the electrical functionality is affected. You can still use the product by patting the “cake” into place and continue application just like in the other eye shadows. It is because; the performance of the product is not affected by an electrical malfunction.

The formula of Electroplate is not powder and not a cream but something in between the two. With its soft and springy texture, the shadow bounces back when pressed. With its 16 different shades, an eye shadow wearer will choose how glittery, frosty and pigmented they want their eye shadow to appear. When blending, it is recommended that a fluffy brush is used but during application, a flat brush is recommended.

Key Benefits
  • The product is quite reliable as one can wear it for longer periods of time. This means that you will not need to keep on applying new make-up all the time.
  • The product ensures a flexible coverage because you can either choose the medium or the intense depending on the method of application
  • The product does not cake
  • If you’re the kind of person that likes to wear contact lenses, the product will not interfere with the vision.
  • It features a cream to powder formula that ensure the skin is always smooth
  • The product is quite easy to use. When applying, you can choose to smooth over the eye region either with your finger or using a brush. Alternatively, you can use a larger shade brush to apply to the eye area to get that professional-quality pick-up look.
  • Regarding the texture, it looks great, velvety and most consumers are usually impressed with what the product offers. The colors are bright, and the smooth application does not wear off, implying you wouldn’t be applying the makeup repeatedly.
  • The product’s colors are bold, and are long wearing meaning that they can stay the whole day without applying again. Interestingly enough, you wouldn’t need any eye base.

10. MAC Cosmetics Soft Serve Shadow

The soft serve eyeshadow is an excellent product even though it’s still new as compared to the others; it has distinctive features to choose from. For example, cushy life 5g, softened up, plead guilty, and bounce around 5g, quite yummy and many more.

The Soft Serve Eye Shadow is very distinctive from the rest of the eyeshadows in that it is a long-wearing product, non-creasy and has an incredibly bouncy texture that ensures a smooth finish. For this reason, it features on our list.

The Soft Serve Eye Shadow features very distinctive creamy texture that is bouncy in nature. This feature further set to a fine powdery finish that easily attracts the eye. The product also comes with variety of shades, up to 12 shades comprising of satin and frost textures, cotton candy blue, bonbon pink and soft pearly neutrals.

Furthermore, the layers of each shade smoothly fit onto the lid having a buildable color. Lastly, the buildable colors associated with the product are usually non-creasing, long-wearing and scrumptious.

The product is relatively cheap as compared to some of the counter parts in this list.

Application of the product on the skin is quite easy; you just have to directly apply to the lid using either a brush or with the help of your fingers. But to get desirable results, synthetic brushes are known to satisfy this.

The product’s colors are true, creamy, long wearing and you can choose to wear them on a daily basis. Also, the product comes with a high shimmer which usually looks amazing over other colors.

Key Benefits
  • The soft serve eye shadow is crease-proof
  • The product is long-wearing- upon application, the product normally last long hours without wearing, in most cases, up to eight hours
  • Some of the products varieties are water resistant- by this, it means that the product can be stored in any place and you’re not going to be worrying about contamination with water.
  • The products feature a formula that is creamy, which in the end provides complete smooth texture
  • The product is also great for all kinds of skin types; no more worrying about your complexion again. You just buy and proceed to apply
  • Easy on your skin and your eyes (naked or with contact lenses) with no known side effects
  • The product is non acnegenic

11. MAC Extra Dimension Shadow

The MAC Extra Dimension eye shadow is an eye shadow product that is quite popular among most beauty product users. This eyeshadow is offered in many varieties making it versatile and accommodating a horde of eyeshadow users. Given its price and its performance, this product fits perfectly on our list.

It is a must product have in your beauty drawer. Types of the Extra Dimension Eyeshadow include stolen, sweet heat, triple impact, a natural flirt and amorous alloy among many more.

The product comprises of a hybrid shadow which is smooth and creamy like, easily blends with different skin complexions (like a liquid) and it finishes like a powder.

This product usually combines three aspects that make it have that modern hybrid formula. The extra dimension eye shadow combines a liquid’s blendability with the smoothness of a cream and a finishing touch of powder. All these coupled with prismatic reflections and its long wearing color characteristics makes it a must have.

In addition, the modern hybrid formula (creamy, fluid like and silky) makes the eyes appear brighter and reflective with finishes ranging from a sheer crystallized light to that of a stunning metallic.

The product is smooth and long wearing upon application. This means that you’re not going to be concerned about repeatedly applying make-up as it stays up for more extended periods of time.

The product is easy to use. You can wear it alone as well as with an eye liner or consequently mix and match. The mode of application to the lid is either using your fingers, brush or a soft sponge. In addition, you can use the product either wet or dry. To achieve a medium coverage, the dry application is commonly used while if you wish to obtain a more intense coverage, then the wet application is what you go for.

This product that has been on the market for years because users find it reliable. In fact, some customers have used it for more than two decades.

The product has a smooth and rich texture, with great color. It is highly recommended and you will surely be going back to the stores for more once it finishes.

Key Benefits
  • The extra dimension eye shadow is crease proof and fade-proof
  • It’s long-wearing lasting up to six hours after application
  • The products feature a stay true color that makes the face luminous
  • The product also works with all kinds of skin types
  • Has no known side effects on your skin or your eyes
  • The product is non acnegenic; does not propagate acne

12. MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadow Retrograde

The Mac Mac Spellbinder is a must have for your collection. The spell binder eye shadow is an excellent product that is really recommended by customers, even though it is still new as compared to the others, its unique style of performance gives it a spot on our list.

The spellbinder is a different eyeshadow compared to the others on the list due to its nature. It is made up of pigments that are magnetically charged and ionized. They thus cling to the lid like velvet.

This is an eye shadow product that when applied create eyes having a deep and mysterious shade which tightly cling to the lid. The product works in the following way; the ionized pigments which are usually black and also magnetically charged fuse together with loose powder.

The fusing ensures that the loose powder maintains its form and dimension while having the pigmentation. The Spellbinder eyeshadow features a wide variety of shades, most commonly 8, all in a metallic finish.

The product is easy to use. You can wear it alone as well as with an eye liner or mix and match. You can apply the shadow using your fingers, using a brush or a soft sponge. In addition, you can use the product either dry or wet.

To achieve a medium coverage, the dry application is commonly used while if you wish to achieve a more intense coverage or deep coverage, then the wet application is what you should go for. Lastly, the product will work effectively depending on the eye time base. To achieve maximum results, it works efficiently after application of the prep plus the prime 24 hour (extend eye base).

The product has a smooth deep texture. Furthermore, the MAC spellbinder eye shadow can work with most skin colors. The MAC spellbinder’s silky smooth texture ensures that; the eye shadow just glides on the surface. The range of colors is also mesmerizing and quite noticeable, which is what beauty is all about.

In addition, you can use a primer as the powder is fine to achieve a longer lasting look. It is a high time that the beauty cabinet you own be lightened up by these products. This way, you can experience the excellent feature it has to offer.

Most customers find this product’s bold Color as fascinating, it’s color true, long wearing, no fall out cases, easy brush pick up and easy to blend.

The product is affordable to the average consumer. You don’t have to dip too much into your pocket to enjoy the benefits of a good quality eye shadow. Being affordable and giving you the eccentric looks makes it a must buy product.

The product has a smooth texture and is long wearing upon application. No more worrying about repeated make-up application as it stays up for more extended periods without wearing off or fading.

Key Benefits
  • It has a true stay color that gives the face a profound and unique look
  • Great performance-price ratio
  • Smooth texture and the shadow is long wearing
  • Works great on different skin colors
  • Crease and fade resistant
  • Does not need a primer or base to last long; though you can use such to lengthen its durability
  • Perfect evenness on application

Final Thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed this list of the best MAC eyeshadows. If there’s not one on this list and you think it needs to be, feel free to write it down in the comments.



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