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15 Best Korean Beauty Products For Black Skin (2022 Reviews)

Written by Arianna Last Updated: February 17, 2019

For dark skinned women, the first product on their list of skin care items is generally not Korean beauty products. The reason?

One would rarely reach out for a product that is advertised with faces that are nowhere similar to their own. Additionally, the advertised purpose of using such products is generally very different from what dark skinned women need.

But this misleading advertising should not deter such women from using Korean beauty products as their usage is widely recommended and their products are much more diverse than the general list of beauty products.

Korean beauty products are known for their malleability and diversity. But many dark skinned women would testify to their apprehension when it comes to using this product.

The apprehension stems from the way these products are presented. It looks like it is meant for just those with the stereotypical white skin, generally associated with Korean girls and women.

But the reality is actually very different from what has been advertised. These products are ideal for black women as well because of the science that governs their usage.

These products focus on hydration, exfoliation, and sun care — three things that are essential for all skin types. These products make more sense for dark skinned women because their skin is much more prone to hyperpigmentation.

With that said, let’s get started. Here’s a list of the 15 best Korean beauty products for black skin 2021 and their reviews.

Table of Contents

1. Charlotte Cho’s Triple C Lightening Liquid

The Triple C Lightning Liquid is a transparent liquid with the smell of ascorbic acid. This pure Vitamin C serum is made only in small batches in Korea and flown to America to keep it fresh.

It’s a very power serum that contains 20.5% Vitamin C to reveal brighter and smoother skin. The rest of the serum is comprised of black chokeberry which is a natural antioxidant.

Because of the widespread popularity of the product, it won the People’s Choice Award and Soko Glam Best of K-Beauty Award in 2021.

Even though it is not recommended, it is ideal to keep the serum in the refrigerator. The serum stands to benefit those who have dull skin and suffer from hyperpigmentation.

It improves skin complexion. For those with dark skin, this product is ideal to improve skin brightness as well as making it smooth to touch.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Brightens and smoothens skin
  • Improves complexion
  • Decreases hyperpigmentation
  • Minimal stickiness
  • Minimal unwanted post-application residue

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2. The Plant Base Waterfall Moist Balanced Hyaluronic Acid

Waterfall Moist Balanced Hyaluronic Acid 100% is a viable shortcut to giving darker skin that shine of youth. This addition to general moisturizers can boost the freshness of skin almost immediately.

It reduces the loss of water content from any moisturizer and allows the user to draw the full benefit of their moisturizer.

With 100% Hyaluronic acid, this addition can ensure long term moisturized skin. Hyaluronic acid is rich in moisture and nutrition and provides the same to the skin it is applied to.

Because of its neutral nature, it is safe to use for people with sensitive skin as well. It is recommended for people with sensitive and dry skin.

It leaves no residue and it is instantly absorbed.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Contains 100% pure sodium hyaluronate
  • Penetrates the skin and hydrates it
  • Smoother and firmer skin with regular usage
  • Powerful booster infuses skin with intense moisture without using harsh ingredients
  • Doesn’t contain potential irritants like parabens, artificial fragrance, silicones, surfactants, and mineral oil
  • Heals dry patches and rough skin.

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3. Acwell Aqua Capsule Sun Control Gel SPF 35

This sunscreen lotion is meant for all skin tones. Because of its high SPF 35 PA++ content, it protects against harmful sun rays and other harmful UV rays.

This sunscreen gel is meant for dark and sensitive skin. Those with a darker complexion should use this in order to protect their skin and given a bright glow. Along with the glow, the user’s skin also feels plump thus giving it a fresh and natural look.

It is also perfect for oily skin and gel blends perfectly with the skin and quickly absorbs with very little residue or greasiness.

The gel nourishes the skin with the pleasing peony extract that is complimented with a fresh mint extract. Once applied, the skin will remain protected under even harsh sun.

The best thing about this product is extremely lightweight. It is easy to carry around and works with any and all skin tones.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Works well for people with oily skin
  • Quick absorption
  • Negligible Residue
  • Protects skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • High SPF35PA++ component
  • Nourishes and smoothens skin

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4. Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon/Green tea/Wine

These easy-to-use peeling pads are the perfect solution for exfoliating one’s face and removing the unwanted dirt that reduces the shine of the skin.

The manual peeling pad uses natural ingredients in order to keep the product as natural as possible. As a result, for darker skin, it works to make the face visibly clear, smoother and brighter skin.

Certified to be free of animal testing, the peeling pads are available in 3 different flavors and can be and biodegradable. The 3 layer technology works to remove even the most seep seated chemicals and dirt.

With the use of natural extracts, especially with Vitamin C extracts, the product has skin brightening effects.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Good for oily, dry or sensitive skin
  • Gentle exfoliating pads
  • Does not contain parabens, sulfates and phthalates
  • Antioxidant & Firming qualities
  • Easy to use
  • Patented 3-layer 100% cotton gauze pads for smoother and improved skin texture
  • 3-layers structure gauze pack pad i.e. 1st layer is 100% Pure cotton mesh gauze pad, 2nd layer is a cushion pad and the 3rd layer is an embossed pad for 360 degree powerful cleansing and exfoliation
  • Brightening home peeling for making pure and transparent skin

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5. Karuna Exfoilating+ Face Mask

Made of pineapple extract, salicylic acid and citric acid from lemon, the Karuna exfoliating+ face mask is a very effective product for those who are looking to get the shine back on their face.

Karuna prides itself as a provider of biodegradable products that is meant for beauty lovers. This product represents the ideology of the company. They recommend their products for people with different skin tones as it works for everyone equally well.

These sheet masks facilitate the restoration of the skin’s vitality. This happens by pushing the serum deeper than the skin’s surface.

Essentially it reaches a level where the skin actually needs those ingredients. Because of this, the freshness on the skin lasts for much longer and the shine is much more prominent.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Deep conditioning of skin
  • Results in guaranteed softer and smoother skin
  • 100% biodegradable wood pulp natural cloth for the mask
  • Retains 50% more moisture than masks made from synthetic material
  • Opens the skin pores and allows better absorption

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6. Neogen Dermalogy White Truffle Serum In Oil Drop

For any moisturizing oil, the one thing that is demanded the most yet is rarely ever available is that the oil moisturizes the skin and doesn’t look like oil.

Many products with natural ingredients have been created in the past. But Neurogen Dermalogy White Truffle Serum is a product which has been favorably reviewed by almost all online reviewers. It take effect fast and the effect stays for a long time.

For darker skin tones, this oil serum not only adds shine to the skin, it makes the skin look well hydrated and fresh.

With White Truffel as the most prominent ingredient, the oil is actually wonderful for those who are looking for chemical free products.

The other major ingredients are macadamia seed oil, avocado oil and baobab seed oil. As an oil, it is one of the most recommended Korean Beauty products available in the market.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Unique oil-drop technology
  • Soft and smooth finish
  • More hydrating, more than oily
  • Low frills product
  • Watery and refreshing
  • Can be used for all kinds of skin types

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7. Time Revolution: Skin Repair Serum

Korean skin care products follow a simple ideology of using fermented ingredients to get the best extract. The watery essence of this skin repair serum works well on all skin types.

For this product, the fermented yeast extract of Himalayan purple barley is used to give a last effect.  Niacinamide brightens the skin tone.

For people with a darker skin tone, the refreshing nature of this product makes it a must buy for those to illuminate their skin tone.

Using this concentrated serum is essential for clearer, glowing, healthier skin. The formula used is a fluid type with low viscosity to improve the absorption by the skin.

The yeast extract is a skin-friendly ingredient with components that are similar to any other natural moisturizers. It helps to replenish the skin to a level where it looks youthful again.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Plump skin
  • Improved skin texture by as much as 119%
  • Reduced pigmentation
  • Rapid absorption of moisture
  • Improved skin hydration by as much as 142%

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8. COSRX Morning Cleanser Gel

A real fact about maintain the glow and texture of one’s skin is to maintain the proper pH level of the skin. Since our skin is acidic and wards of bacteria from entering our body, it is essential to keep the skin pH level up to the mark to maintain good health.

This cleanser gel is meant to do exactly that. It’s a gentle cleanser meant for a morning wash in order to start the day with bright and glowing skin.

It is perfect for any skin type and tone. The gel mainly consists of Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) and Tea Tree Oil. This kills all dead skin cells and dissolves impurities embedded deep in the skin.

This cleanser is meant to exfoliate and hydrate skin before the application of any other rejuvenation products.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Ideal for any skin type
  • Deep cleansing
  • Controls sebum content in the skin
  • Gentle and low acidity to have long lasting cleansing effect
  • Maintains the optimal pH level for skin

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9. Banila Co. “Clean It Zero” Cleansing Balm

It is a hypoallergenic cleanser that is meant to give the user’s skin a smooth oil-like texture once applied. The main use of this balm is to clean the face of any impurities as well as the most stubborn of makeup.

The zero balance technology allows gentle exfoliation without damage. This leaves the skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenated.

The active ingredients of this balm are active botanicals, Vitamin C and E extracts and water drawn from hot springs. This combination allows a healthy complexion without any infusion of chemicals.

Use of this balm gives a moisturizing finish and completely eliminates dryness. The balm is available in 4 variants: Original, purifying, revitalizing and nourishing.

Today, it is a bestselling cleanser and is thoroughly recommended for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their skin.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Made of bamboo and acerola extract
  • Contains onsen water i.e. fresh water drawn from hot springs
  • Natural ester oil allowing it to be used on all skin types
  • Sorbet like texture that is very gentle on the skin
  • Removes the harshest and most stubborn impurities with least abrasion on skin

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10. Licorice PH Balancing Cleansing Toner and Make up Remover

This toner is basically the secret to achieving the fabled “honey skin”. For those who don’t know, honey skin is the ability to achieve next level of skin glow. Healthy skin has a certain glow and honey skin is the next level of that glow.

With recent explosion on social media about the unprecedented glow, honey skin can only be achieved through a balanced routine with an eclectic mixture of toning ingredients.

This Licorice pH balance cleansing toner contains peony extract which is good for numerous medical conditions as well as for skin wrinkles.

The high concentration of licorice water seeps deep into the skin to boost skin luminosity. The toner is also rich in green tea extract to calm the skin and reduce chances of pigmentation.

This product is meant for all skin types and tones. It is so popular that in 2021 there was 2000 person waiting list for the product.

Pros & Benefits:
  • All herbal ingredients
  • Significantly brightens skin tone
  • Boost skin luminosity
  • Reduces acne scars and dark spots
  • Clean and smooth skin, not dry or tight
  • Deep cleansing and luminous effect

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11. Neogen Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro Essence

This essence is another key product aimed at delivering hydrating and brightening effects. With a composition of more 93% natural ingredients, this essence is for anyone and everyone who wants glowing skin with herbal essence.

It is instantly absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky or irritable. Combined with a natural toner, it can be the key to unlocking the potential of even the most damaged and rough skin.

This essence has many benefits. Skin boosting, hydration and skin plumping just to name a few. It is fragrance free and contains 17% birch juice (for hydration) and 9% rice extracts (for skin illumination).

This is another product that can be on the collection of those looking to have “honey skin”. Combined with the right toner and moisturizer, it will give results that most other products in the market can never imagine.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Naturally fermented essence with 93% micro bio-fermented formula
  • Aids in skin boosting
  • Aids in skin hydration
  • Aids in skin brightening
  • Aids in skin plumping
  • Aids in skin strengthening and reinforcement of skin structure

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12. Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Water

Cleansing water is a popular product, but this one is extra special. It’s a multi tasking cleansing product that is made of 74% organic aloe extract. Because of this, it has a higher concentration of antioxidants and nutrients.

The other fermented ingredients have beneficial additions such as amino acids and peptides. The lactobacillus ferments in the cleansing water also helps treat and prevent acne.

This organic cleaning water does not contain any chemical ingredients like paraben, synthetic preservatives  and artificial dyes.

While cleansing may take a long time to do generally, but according to the people at GlowRecipe, this is a quick “pick-me-up” solution. It is simple to use and its benefits including fresher skin, quick glow and accentuating the skin tone.

Pros & Benefits:
  • 100% organic product
  • Easy to apply
  • 74% organic aloe extract for fresher skin after every cleansing
  • Bright skin tone because of the brightening licorice extract
  • Meant for all skin types and tones

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13. Egg Cream Mask for Hydration by Too Cool for School

This particular egg mask is an alternative version of the popular original Egg Cream MaskThe difference being that this is meant to add brightening and hydrating benefits. It is meant for normal, dry, sensitive and combination skin types.

With an ultra-soft microfiber sheet soaked in egg extracts, coconut water, and other botanical extracts, this mask is a step up over its original version.

It provides long term hydration, plentiful nourishment and a brightening boost. Coconut water (for hydration), Niacinamide and camu camu (Vitamin C extracts for brightness) are the key ingredients of this pack.

In as little as 20 minutes, the pack takes effect and skin becomes hydrated and radiant.

This pack is meant for those who people of all ages and it is one of the most basic Korean beauty products. But it is one of the most popular as evidenced on amazon.

It’s recommended that any person who is just starting out with Korean beauty products, this is a necessary addition.

Pros & Benefits:
  • 100% natural
  • For all skin types and tones
  • Aids in skin hydration
  • Aids in skin rightness
  • Deep cleaning effect in the pores
  • Easy to use

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14. Dermae E Microdermabrasion Scrub with Dead Sea Salt

This salon-perfect formula scrub with fine textured crystal blend removes dullness and fine lines. It also treats wrinkles and roughness giver the user a very youthful and radiant appearance.

For black people, this is the perfect scrub to improve the quality of their skin and their luminosity. With the Dead Sea salts, this scrub helps the user to exfoliate and remove their dead skin.

Enriched with natural ingredients like lime and lemon peel along with natural antioxidants like grape seed, this scrub improves skin texture, leaving it smooth and youthful.

This can be used in other parts of the body as well for smooth and soft skin. The constituents of this scrub are 100% natural with no testing done on animals. It is gluten and soy free.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Award winning product
  • Enriched with natural extracts and salts
  • Gentle exfoliation and skin enrichment
  • Exclusive crystal blend for better buffing of skin.
  • 100% natural
  • For all skin types and tones

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15. Andalou Naturals Clementine + C Illuminating Toner

This toner is another product that one can use to get as close to the “honey skin” shine as they desire. It must be combined with good other products like organic cleansing water and natural skin repair serums.

On combining with the right products, it can give results similar to any other high end product in the market or even salons.

This tone is a combination of fruit stem cell complex and aloe Vera polysaccharides. These, with vitamin C extracts, instantly liven and moisturize skin.

The environmentally-friendly nutrients improve circulation and balance pH for improved appearance in skin’s tone. The skin’s texture and luminous complexion are also perfectly complimented by this toner.

This is another completely natural product from the house of Andalou Naturals. It is a highly demanded product. The product has favorable reviews across the internet and is endorsed by people of all skin colors.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Hydrates skin and maintains pH balance
  • Brightens skin with Vitamin C extracts
  • Improves skin texture with aloe Vera extracts
  • 100% natural product
  • Works well on all skin types and tones

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Final Thoughts

The Korean skin care routine is a disciplined regimen. Depending on the tone, texture and health of skin, there are many such

Korean skin care products that can give colored people to have skin similar to those who are currently using such products.

This routine is the same for any and every person, regardless of the color of the skin. These products are a selection of the best products available in the market, indigenously from Korea.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 15 best Korean beauty products for black skin and their reviews for 2021.



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