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10 Best Hair Ties and Ponytail Holders [Updated 2022]

Written by Arianna Last Updated: April 9, 2017

When it comes to getting that perfect, no-fuss ponytail, there’s a long list of holders and hair ties on the market. There’s decorative elastic bands, colorful cuff wraps and banana-shaped clips.

The problem is that people with medium-length to long hair just want something that holds well and looks nice. Yet with so many to choose from, it’s near impossible to know which is going to work best.

Here are the top 10 ponytail holders and hair ties available on Amazon today.

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1. 100-piece High-Elastic Black Cotton Hair Ties

Delicate, fashionable and practical, these black cotton hair ties go with any outfit. While black may be basic, it’s an essential basic for anybody’s collection of hair accessories.

These come in packs of 100 for under $13, saving buyers a bundle when compared to most retail outlets. The stretch on these bands is substantial enough to pull around even the thickest hair, but they are far from flimsy.

In fact, they are quite rugged and, assuming you don’t lose them, they last a long time. Where many off-the-shelf elastics and bands break or stretch out with time, these hold up to regular use for several months and, because they are soft to the touch, the bands can be slipped on the wrist when not needed. That’s a handy feature for people on the go.

They are of a “seamless design” which means they are easily applied to any hair type without causing damage. The best thing is that they don’t slip. This is great for active people that want something that holds all day long.

They can easily be wrapped three times around a pony tail, securing it tightly with an elegant look suitable for a fancy night out or a relaxing evening in.

2. Five-Piece Alloy Metal Glitter Cuff Wraps

With five glittery, eye-catching choices coming in a single order, these hair holders are phenomenally effective at not only keeping long hair in place, but standing out in a crowd.

The brightly colored metal cuffs are equipped with a spring hinge, measure 1.4 inches in diameter and are made of a gold-like alloy that catches the light. Costing just over $10, these hair cuffs come in five different colors, blue, green, pink, silver and gold.

They have the flash of expensive jewellery, giving the wearer a unique look perfect for a day at work, school or a night out on the town. These are really a classy alternative to traditional hair ties and wraps.

Plus, they hold hair quite well. Because they are relatively uncommon, these glinting metal alloy cuffs earn women compliments left and right. The bands come with little elastics that help secure them in place.

The alloy rings aren’t great for people that have a lot of hair and want to make a full ponytail, but those with thicker locks can still tie back a substantial portion, like the bangs and top, to create a stylish do.

3. Parcelona French Oval Celluloid Tortoise Automatic Hair Clip

At less than $8 apiece, these tortoise shell clips are made in France out of long-lasting cellulose acetate that is highly regarded as a luxurious material for the way it catches the light and holds up to use.

This is nothing like the off-the-rack, plastic clips you might find at the mall or your local drug store. These clips are solidly built and work with even the thickest hair.

The clips have rubber-coated metal that ensures they never tangle, pull or break hair. Providing automatic ponytails, these clips aren’t made for a day at the gym, but they do create an elegant look that keeps hair in place for casual or formal outings.

This cloudy, amber coloring matches best with darker outfits, but they can be worn with anything, really. The best part is how easy these clips grab onto hair and hold.

While it is a barrette, its automatic closure and sturdy clip means hair can be tied back and secured effectively in a stylish ponytail. Stamped with a decorative “made in France” logo, buyers of this shell-colored clip will tell you that cheap knock-offs tend grab or snag hair whereas these slide in easily.

Plus, cheaper versions break easily. This sturdy product is built to last.

4.  Velvet Hair Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies are just about the easiest hair management tools on the market as they go on fast, never pull or damage hair and can add a bright, colorful touch to any outfit.

For around the house, school, work or play, hair scrunchies usually require an extra twist or two to be most effective, but they are durable, long lasting and always stylish.

With a dozen included for about $10, this deal is exceptional as hair scrunchies can be costly. Some individual scrunchies cost $12 or more for virtually the same product.

Hair scrunchies are a trend that will never die largely because of how simple it is to slip one on, quickly securing hair with a velvety soft band that can also be worn as a bracelet.

When looking for scrunchies, it’s important to find those with a tough fabric that won’t lose elasticity or break. This particular 12-pack of durable scrunchies comes in a variety of colors and the velvet material is extra soft on the wrist or in the hair.

The brown or black colors are classy enough for cocktail parties or a night out, while the more colorful bands are awesome for the gym or a walk around town.

5. No Crease Elastic Ribbons

This new trend is all the rage among children and teens, but these elastic hair ribbons are appropriate for any age. Kenz Laurenz’s 100-piece sets of no-crease hair ties are a must have for anybody with medium-to-long hair.

For about $10, these stretchy, but soft ponytail holders come in fancy, colorful patterns like polka dots, stars, stripes and wavy lines. Solid colors ranging from black to pink are also available in the 100-tie pack.

Plus, they just have a fun look and they work great without damaging your hair. With so many hair ties in one order, you’ll never run out of choices when trying to match your hair accessory with your outfit.

Having so many also means you’ll have a virtually endless supply as these hair ties can be used again and again without losing elasticity. The ties are durable and easy to slip on, but they can also be worn as a stylish bracelet.

That added feature means no more lost hair ties! Losing hair ties when you’re out and about can be frustrating. These bands are comfortable and good looking both in your hair and on your wrist.

6. 100-Piece Towel Rings

Coming in a full range of bright colors, these elastic towel rope ring hairbands are especially fashionable in Europe, but they have remained trendy the world over for years because they are easy to slip on, comfortable and they add a nice, stylish flair to any hair.

Coming in packs of 100 for under $5 with free shipping, these hair ties are not only a bargain, but also an effective hair accessory that lasts and lasts. That means buyers are making a low-cost, long-term investment as a pack can last several years.

Some might consider this look to be a bit outdated, but styles from the 80s and 90s are making a comeback in recent years. This retro fashion is increasingly popular among women and girls of all ages.

Made out of nylon in a simple design, these colorful hair ties hold ponytails back effectively without the hassle of tangles or knotting. Easy to slip on, an order of these rope rings can’t be beat by retail outlets price-wise.

Being nylon, these ties, on an individual level, can be used many times. The ridges integrated into the design allow for a more effective ponytail hold, no matter if you’re working out or hanging out.

7. 250-Count Black Rubber Bands

Let’s get back to the basics! Costing less than $4 for a 200-count bag, these black rubber bands are just about the best deal on the market and their thick, but soft design is really what makes them the best choice when looking for traditional, rubber hair ties that don’t break hair.

Black goes with everything and having a virtually endless sack of elastics on hand is important for anybody with medium–length to long hair. These bands don’t fade when stretched.

They are made out of a stretchy, soft material that is suitable for children and adults. These bands are versatile, meaning hair can be tied quickly into ponytails, braids or any other style and the bands, even when wrapped multiple times, don’t break easily.

When purchasing elastic rubber bands, be they black or brightly colored, the material is important. Stiffer rubber bands don’t stretch well and often pull hair out when removing.

The best part is how well they hold. When it comes to creating a ponytail that stands up to an active lifestyle, elastics like these are really the best option.

8. Pulleez Sliding Ponytail Holder Accessory With Silver Knot Charms

Sliding ponytail holders are just about the coolest hair accessory to hit the market in recent ears and this particular product, coming in at about $16, adds a nice little addition of silver knot charms to your hair.

A step up from classic hair ties, it won’t snag or break hair. It can be reused for years and they are super easy to install. They are great for dressy or casual wear. The metal charms are a lovely touch.

You don’t usually see charms in people’s hair and that’s what makes this a unique accessory. The button-like toggle which secures the band in place is plastic, but it holds well and doesn’t slip.

Both the toggle and elastic don’t break. That durability is what really makes this different than rubber bands, scrunchies or barrettes. It almost looks like a bracelet for your hair.

Pulleez ponytail holders are great for any hair types, but the company has become renowned for producing products that actually hold. While competitors or knock-offs tend to loosen with use and even slide off, these hold securely.

Not only is that a good thing for your hair, but also your wallet as you don’t have to worry about losing the tie while you’re out and about.

9. L. Erickson Ponytail Holders, Set of Eight

These gentle, non-damaging, two-inch ponytail holders are great for all hair types and the chic black, braided design provides a refined look that is suitable for any outing. Despite being fashionable enough for a pantsuit, these hair ties can also be used causally and are effective for active days.

Made of thick elastic, the ties hold back hair easily and efficiently. Those looking to branch out from the black band can find this product in several different colors and styles for that same price tag of about $10 for eight.

Because these are thick and quite large compared to most elastic bands, they can be used on hard-to-manage hair, be it curly, wavy or bulky. The bands can be used multiple times without losing their elasticity and they don’t pull out hair when removed.

The best part is how well they hold in place. Without any slippage to worry about, athletes use these hassle-free bands just as frequently as stay-at-home moms that don’t want anything too flashy for small hands to grab onto.

Because they are particularly soft, they can be thrown on the wrist in-between use and they are super quick to install when you’re on the go.

10.  Smoothies Leopard Elastics

These trendy, material-wrapped, leopard-print elastics are soft and they lack in any hair-breaking metal, meaning they are suitable for any kind of hair. Easy to manipulate and gentle, the bands, which come in packs of six, are easy to put on and take off without any snags, tangles or pulling.

With shipping, these hair ties come to about $8 for six, but that is still a better price than most retail outlets. They are soft to the touch and effective at holding hair in place for those people on the run, at work or dancing all night in a club.

The leopard print actually works well with most outfits and adds just enough pizazz to your hair to make even the most basic ponytail fun. The coolest part of this six-piece set is there are three different leopard patterns to choose from.

While similar sets are all the same, this allows the wearer to pick between a darker, fancier pattern or a livelier, brighter pattern. This means users will be able to pick the perfect leopard print for any outing.

These bands are long lasting, meaning the elasticity holds for several months of use as long as you don’t lose them.


We hope that you found the hair tie or ponytail holder that you were looking for. Do you happen to know of another top hair tie that’s not on this list and needs to be? Comment below and let us know. Enjoy!



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