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10 Best Gel Nail Polish Kits [Updated 2022]

Written by Arianna Last Updated: August 16, 2017

If you’re into fashion but on a budget like me, it’s not always feasible to get your nails done often. I used to just DIY my nails at home with classic nail polish. However, I realized that after my hundredth chipped nail, I was spending far too much time painting my pointers.

I started researching more effective ways to make nail polish last, and I was finally introduced into the world of gel nail polish. A gel nail polish manicure is really just a polish that is applied and then hardened by drying under a UV light.

For that reason I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best gel nail polish kits.

Table of Contents

10. Sexy Mix Gel Polish Starter Kit UV Led Gel Nail Manicure Kit 5 Colors

Sexy Mix developed this starter kit for beginners delving into the world of gel nails. It’s a very basic kit that comes with five selections of colors to choose from (all solid colors with sparkles). This includes one bottle of base coat, one bottle of top coat, one mini nail dryer, one USB power cable, and a user manual. It also comes with a double-sided nail buffer.

  • This kit will be most beneficial to someone who polishes their nails regularly and is looking to expand into the realm of gel nails. It doesn’t come with excessive manicuring tools and is very basic. It will give you a good idea on whether you like gel nails or not.
  • The brush applicator of each polish is wide, which makes for an easy application process and eliminates the margin for error when it comes to smudges or mistakes. The wider brush also makes it easy to equally distribute polish on each nail.
  • Sexy Mix claims that their polishes resist chipping for up to two weeks, and customer reviews on this product seem to support this claim. You can probably get longer gel nail polish life out of other kits, but for the price point Sexy Mix is at,
    two weeks of polish life is very desirable.

9. Sexy Mix Color Changing Gel Polish Kit, Nail Dryer LED Lamp Soak Off Nail Polish Starter Kit 5 Colors

The Sexy Mix Color Changing Gel Polish Kit is a more expansive version of the Sexy Mix Starter Kit. It includes the following: five gel polishes, one base coat polish, one top coat polish, one 6W SUNUV LED nail dryer, one double-sided cuticle pusher, one file, one set of nail clippers, two nail separators, one nail brush, one cuticle fork, one bottle of cuticle oil, one buffer block, one pair of cutting pliers, some nail stickers, and fifty packets of gel nail remover.

  • With a complete set of manicure tools, this kit makes it easy and affordable to treat yourself to a complete manicure at home or on your lunch break at work. If this is the first time you’re wading into at-home manicure waters, having a complete manicure set is essential. Even if gel nails aren’t for you, having cutting pliers,
    cuticle pushers, and nail clippers readily available will save you some sanity.
  • Sexy Mix’s kit comes with five popular nail color variations, so there should be an option that suits your personality best.
  • Sexy Mix provides fifty nail removal packages, so you have enough of them for every time it’s necessary to remove your nails. This is important; trying to pick or peel your gel nails off can ruin your nail bed and weaken your nails, which can then lead to injury or infection.

8. Gelish Pro Kit with LED Gel Light, 9 Count

The Gelish Pro Kit touts a salon quality LED 18g gel light. This kit comes with two nail polish colors: a matte style red and a shimmering pink. Also included are a base coat, a top coat, a bonding agent, and a nail oil. The only manicure tool included is a cuticle pusher.

  • The LED gel light included in this kit is of high salon quality. Coupled with the bonding agent provided in this kit, your nails should stay on for a little over three weeks (Gelish claims 21 days). This time frame is comparable to having your gel nails professionally done.
  • Also, because the gel light is of such high quality, you can easily dry other types of nail polishes without problem, making it a more versatile purchase.
  • The polish remover requires the user to soak for ten to fifteen minutes to fully remove the gel polish. Customers reported that they have had a safer, easier experience with this home kit’s removal process than that done by salons they’ve gone to.

7. Azure Beauty UV LED Gel Nail Polish Light Kit , Glitter Gel Nail Polish and Nail Dryer Lamp Of Starter Kit

Azure Beauty’s nail kit is pretty expansive. It comes with one UV LED nail curing lamp, six glitter gel polishes, one top coat, one base coat, and a package of nail tools. In the nail tools package, there’s one buffer block, one sanding file, one cuticle fork, a bottle of cuticle oil, one double-sided cuticle pusher, one pair of cutting pliers, two nail separators, a nail brush, nail clippers, nail stickers, and fifty packets of nail removers.

  • One of the largest customer praises of this kit is just how much top coat and base coat is included. This will save you money in the long run, especially if you decide to expand your nail color selection beyond the six colors provided.
  • The heating lamp in this kit has a light sensor integrated into the unit that will automatically turn the LED bulbs off once you remove your hands. This will save bulb life, allowing you to get more use out of your heating lamp.
  • The heating lamp also has preset time intervals of thirty seconds and sixty seconds, eliminating the need to keep track of the time yourself.

6. Elite99 (Pick Any 5 Colors) Nail Starter Kit Soak Off Gel Polish + Top Base Coat Set + 36W UV Lamp + Cleanser Plus + Manicure Tools Nail Files Removers Buffer Nipper Push

Elite99’s gel nail polish kit is a non-toxic high quality gel nail kit that claims to have a reduced odor. This kit includes five polish colors, a nail buff, a double-sided cuticle pusher, a nail file, and cutting pliers. The lamp is a 36W UV model. his kit also comes with a foundation, a top coat, cleanser, and packets of gel nail removal.

  • Elite99 will send you five different colors with this kit, but they allow you to choose which colors you’re interested in. After you place your order on Amazon, a team member from Elite99 will send you an email to verify which colors you’d like to choose. There are just under 250 polishes to select from.
  • The LED lamp can be used for all applications, not just gel nail polish. Elite99 markets that you can use their lamp when applying regular polish, false nails, acrylic nails, and the like.
  • The polish is long-lasting, and should withstand two to three weeks worth of wear and tear before it will be time to remove it.

5. Red Carpet Manicure Cinderella 5 Color LED Gel Nail Polish Kit Set with Travel Bag

Included in Red Carpet Manicure’s Cinderella kit are one limited edition gold professional LED light, one black travel bag, and a manicure essentials kit.

The manicure essentials kit contains nail primer, a base coat, a top coat, nail and cuticle oil, a bottle of cleanser, nail polish remover, two bottles of nail polish, a shiner block, and a white nail file.

  • Red Carpet Manicure’s Cinderella kit comes with a travel bag. This was the first kit I’ve seen on Amazon that actually supplies one! The travel bag makes for easy storage and, of course, makes it easy to transport from home to work or wherever.
  • The professional LED light cures nail polish in just 45 seconds, whereas most kits can take sixty seconds or more.
  • This kit is perfect for on-the-go manicures. Because it’s meant to be used while traveling, some of the items (like the polishes, base coat, etc.) aren’t as large as regular, standard kits. Though this might be a downfall for some customers,
    it does allow for easy traveling.

4. Gelish Harmony Complete Starter Led Gel Nail Polish Kit with 5 Additional Colors

Gelish makes an appearance on our top ten list again with the Gelish Harmony Complete Starter Kit. It is very much like the Gelish kit we listed earlier, but this one comes with five colors and more manicure tools.

Do be aware that step-by-step instructions don’t come in this kit, so if you haven’t done gel nails before, be sure to Google it or find a tutorial on Youtube.

  • Customers often report that after ordering, their packages arrive sooner than originally promised. Also, many customers who were dissatisfied with this product have had positive experiences working with Gelish’s customer service team.
  • Gelish nail polish is of remarkable quality. Even after excessive wear and tear from everyday living, the polish stays on for at least three weeks and can survive high temperatures.
  • This kit is on the pricier end, but it is of salon quality. Many customers have raved about saving money in the long run. Three trips to the salon is, more or less, the cost of this kit – but with five Gelish polishes included, you’ll get way more than three manicures out of it.

3. Azure Beauty Gel Polish Starter Kit with 24W LED UV Nail Dryer Curing Lamp Manicure Nail Tool

If you’re picky about your polishes and don’t want to pay extra for a gel nail kit for colors you don’t even like, then this is the best gel nail kit option for you. Azure Beauty has made the list again with their Gel Polish Starter Kit.

This kit comes with one 24W LED nail dryer, one double-sided cuticle pusher, one sanding nail file, one pair of nail clippers, two sets of nail separators, one cuticle fork, one nail brush, one bottle of cuticle oil, one pair of cutting pliers, one packet of nail stickers, one buffer block, and fifty tabs of nail polish remover.

  • The Azure Beauty starter kit is an economic option for picky manicurists. It doesn’t come with gel polishes you potentially won’t want to wear. Instead, it comes with the basics, allowing you to purchase separately gel polishes that match your style.
  • Something you need to consider when purchasing your gel nail kit is how much use you’re actually going to get out of it. The Azure Beauty nail dryer has a service life of approximately 50,000 hours. Let me do the math for you: that’s over five years of continual use!
  • Even though the drying unit is not of salon quality, customers have reported satisfaction with it. They don’t seem to notice much of a difference between results of a professional’s dryer and their home kit.

2. Modelones Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit with Mini LED Lamp, Portable Nail Art Kit for Travel

Modelones Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit is another great, economic option that’s suitable for traveling. This kit comes with one nail lamp, one user manual, one USB line, six types of gel nail polish, one bottle of a base coat, one bottle of a top coat, one 6W LED lamp, one double-sided cuticle pusher, one sanding file, one set of nail clippers, two sets of nail separators, one cuticle fork, one nail brush, one bottle of cuticle oil, one pair of cutting pliers, a package of nail stickers, one buffer block, and fifty tabs of nail polish remover.

Do be aware, that this kit doesn’t come with a power adapter, but any charge box should work, like the base for your iPhone charger.

  • Most gel polish starter kits come with two to five gel polishes, but Modelones has six options to choose from: ivory, khaki, pink, green, grey, and blue.
  • A travel bag is included in this kit (wow! another travel kit with a bag included!), though it’s not very decorative. Modelone’s travel kit size does have some perks. It’s easy to grab and bring with you on a business trip or vacation.
  • Modelones gel polish kit is an economic option that also makes for a great gift for friends or family.

1. MelodySusie 54W UV Nail Lamp

I know this is technically not a kit and is instead two different products, but hear me out. MelodySusie has some of the highest ratings on Amazon for their products. The gel nail heating light I included in this list is a high efficiency unit with three time settings of two minutes, three minutes, and five minutes.

This unit is large enough to fit both hands at the same time, which cuts down the amount of time sitting and waiting for your nails to dry.

The second link I provided is a six-pack of MelodySusie gel nail polish, which doesn’t require a base or top coat in addition to the polish.

  • One of the most important benefits to note for this product is that MelodySusie gives customers a one year warranty on their nail dryer, something I never see promoted for gel nail products. If something goes wrong with your nail dryer, this company will make sure you’re taken care of.
  • The gel nail polish this company sells works just fine without the need to apply base or top coats. This will cut down the time it takes to give yourself a manicure.
    Even with the lack of pre and post-care products, this gel nail polish lasts for two weeks.
  • If you don’t trust the quality of MelodySusie’s polishes , the LED nail dryer is compatible with most gel nail polishes, so don’t feel obligated to only use this brand if you do end up purchasing their nail dryer.


Final Thoughts

Here you have the 10 best gel nail polish kits. If you see one that’s not on the list and it needs to be, go ahead and leave a comment down below.



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