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10 Best Foundation Products For Sensitive Skin With Acne (Updated 2022)

Written by Arianna Last Updated: April 11, 2019

Finding the right foundation is a GAME CHANGER. The goal is to find that 10/10 PERFECT foundation shade and coverage that does not irritate the skin nor trigger more acne!

Foundation is supposed to enhance the beautiful features you already have!

Ever wonder why acne appears more on the face than other places on the body?

Pimples often become visible in the face area because the sebaceous glands (the gland that produces oil) surrounds the hair follicles located on the face, back, chest, and shoulders.

Acne can potentially be caused when hair follicles have a buildup of oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells forming whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples.

There is a lot of makeup out there but each skin type needs a variety of options. Going from store to store, testing out foundations is money and time out the door!

With that said, let’s get started. Here’s a list of the 10 best foundations for sensitive skin with acnes and their reviews for 2021.

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1. Mirabella Skin Tint Crème Full Coverage Liquid Mineral Foundation

This dainty Mirabella foundation is a mineral-based formula that does a suburb job of covering up imperfections.

Time to say goodbye to the skin damage and say hello to flawless skin as this full coverage foundation conceals dark spots and reduces the redness that often appears on the skin.

Not only does the Mirabella foundation minimize wrinkles and fine lines but generates long lasting results of healing to the skin with the hyaluronic acid that does the trick!

As you apply it on your face, it blends very naturally without leaving undertones or the “cakey” look that we all try to avoid!

As you use this mineral foundation, it will give you a smooth, perfected look! For those with pimple prone skin, this foundation was made just for you!

   Pros & Benefits:
  • Created for dry, sensitive, and acne prone skin.
  •  The bottle contains anti-flammatory properties that reduce redness.
  •  One reason why this product is a best seller is because this formula is free from talc, parabens, lead, and dyes.

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2. Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin CC CreamAre you one of those all natural vegan lovers when it comes to makeup products? Well, this unique Physicals Formula Organic Cream Foundation is the right one for you!

The container comes in a thick liquid but is miraculously smooth and light weight when applied on the skin. This 100% natural foundation nourishes the skin and brightens the complexion.

Several of the ingredients in the foundation are made from organic nutrients that include lemon, microalgae, blue agave, acai palm and orange serving as antioxidants and hydrators on the skin.

The lemon is a potent antioxidant that decreases redness. Blue algae, known to hydrate draws the moisture close to the skin while the orange fights against sun damage.

The foundation not only evens out skin tone nicely but also covers any imperfections as it is also hypoallergenic and naturally derived, it is perfect for sensitive skin.

An extra perk is that you smell like a flower after you cover your face with this Physician’s Formula Foundation!

Pros & Benefits:
  • For the animal lovers, this CC foundation is cruelty free!
  •  Hypoallergenic free without harsh chemicals.
  •  Benefiting the skin with the natural botanicals as antioxidants hydrating and improving the skin better than ever.

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3. Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless liquid Foundation

Finding the perfect shade can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be any more with the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation that makes finding and matching the right shade as simple as can be!

You take a short quiz asking about your skin type on the Maybelline line and then pick your exact shade on Amazon!

This foundation is ultra-light weight giving your face that matte finish! Not only is it incredible for reducing pores without having the cakey look that nobody wants but absorbs pores as well!

The coverage is very natural, perfect for the daily makeup routine. Lastly, it is recommended for people with regular to oily skin lasting up to 12 hours. And yet it gets better, this product is quite affordable – $5.94!

Pros & Benefits: 
  •  Refines pores and acne
  • Formula includes micro powders that blur out pores.
  •  41 shades to pick from on Amazon for under $6!

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4. Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

There’s a reason we’re all dreamy about Maybelline’s New York Dream Matte Mousse foundation that comes in 12 shades with the long lasting results holding for 16+ hours.

The coverage is astonishing- hiding blemishes leaving your face feeling extremely light weight as the foundation evens out the skin tone.

This dreamy foundation holds full coverage for acne scarring, redness, uneven skin tones, and pigmentation leaving your face fresh and matte all day!

Need a quick fix when your acne is acting out? – the Dream Matte Mousse truly does a magic trick with the face lift results.

If you want to feel covered when your acne is acting out, the Dream Matte Mouse is the answer to all your problems!

Pros & Benefits: 
  •  Used for all types of skins especially when acne more heavily breaking out.
  •  Never dries out your skin.
  • light you can barely feel it!

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5. Harvest Natural Beauty- Perfecting Organic Liquid Foundation

For all the vegan lovers and cruelty free people out there, this product is for you! Save the animals and save the skin! Beautify your skin with this foundation while it improves your skin with the all-natural ingredients.

Harvest Natural Beauty foundation is truly perfect for sensitive skin with breaks out that occur frequently.  Plus, the ingredients are beneficial to the skin and free from harsh chemicals that clog up the skin.

Another advantage is that the ingredients include essential oils such as rosemary and lavender. Rosemary has natural antiseptic properties that reduce redness and puffiness, known for treating and preventing future acne breakouts.

You will walk out of your house flawless as you apply this foundation and even after you take your makeup off!

Pros & Benefits:
  •  The ingredients include essential oils.
  • Further gives skin a long term “glow” because of the powerful organic ingredients.
  •  Made without “pore-clogging ingredients” saying goodbye to the past pores!

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6. Better’n Ur Skin Organic Liquid Foundation Makeup

Want to know what ingredients you’re putting on your face? Done with all the chemically filled makeup foundations breaking out your skin?

Well, this dainty foundation bottle fits all the requirements made with all organic ingredients leaving your face fresh and smelling like vanilla without the side effects of your face breaking out.

Not only does this foundation cover up blemishes but makes your skin looking younger and healthier.

This liquid foundation is specifically known to cover imperfections such as age spots, freckles, back heads, and red skin without triggering more acne.

The best part of this product is the ingredients – filled with natural plants and essential oils containing aloe, chamomile, vanilla, oregano, thyme, olive, rosemary, and lavender.

Lavender, an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic property, fights against acne and inflammation which is a fantastic oil for skin care that reduces blemishes, prevents wrinkles and promotes better blood flow.

Vanilla, a source of vitamin B, is the second ingredient that fights acne infused with antibacterial properties reducing and reversing skin damage.

The name of this foundation speaks truth as it improves your skin leaving your face revived and renewed each morning.

Pros & Benefits:
  • The organic ingredients promote healthy skin fighting off acne, reducing wrinkles, and potential scarring.
  •  Risk free trial with your money back until you find the right tone for your face!
  •  Improves skin with the lavender and vanilla without dealing with toxic chemicals on your skin.

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7. Derma blend Flawless Creator Multi-Use liquid Foundation

This 10 ingredient, water and oil free formula covers every single thing! A little goes a long way with this product. One drop of this Derma foundation and that’s all it takes to cover your entire face.

This high-performance pigment liquid foundation comes in 20 shades and includes a dropper. You can use Derma blend foundation alone or customize your own mixture by adding other serums with this foundation.

You are the artist! This foundation is weightless without causing breakouts.

For those who may not call themselves an “everyday foundation wearer”, you will be HOOKED on the full coverage and the feather light feel in the Derma Blend Liquid foundation!

Pros & Benefits:
  • Winner of the 2021 Oprah Magazine Beauty Awards.
  •  Comes with 20 colors making it easy to find the correct color for your skin.
  •  33% concentrated pigments in the foundation that create the light weight feel allowing you to also customize your own coverage.

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8. COVERGIRL Advanced Radiance Age Defying Pressed Powder

Who wants a wrinkle free face? This lovely foundation pressed powder designed by COVERGIRL is a top seller on Amazon because of the amazing results of reducing fine lines and wrinkles!

If you’re 16 or 90, this age defying product is truly a radical invention in the makeup industry, fashioned for all ages! Works on aging skin without that chalky feel and stays matte even on oily skin.

The price is unbeatable- less than $10! Cover girl has been around for more than 50 years and here they are again producing incredible “radiance age defying” products that don’t disappoint.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Great for sensitive skin types.
  •  Filled with skin brightening features that perk up the complexion with that more youthful look!
  •  Comes as a petite pressed powder easy to carry around in a purse throughout the day.

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9. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay- in Place Makeup

This is the holy grail of holy grails foundation! Ever heard of a foundation outlasting the sweat?

Estee Lauder Double Wear comes in a bottle with an extensive range of tones to match each skin type without necessary requiring a primer to prep the skin.

Just for an extra bonus, Double Wear is oil- free truly suitable for acne prone skin.

Rather than dealing with foundations that melt off after a couples of hours, Estee Lauder Double Wear does a remarkable job of staying on your face until you wash it off!

Great foundation for all the seasons- summer, winter, and in between. The coverage is to die for! Who needs concealers when you apply double wear foundation?

Pros & Benefits:
  •  Excellent for athletes who need makeup to durably hold in all environments.
  • Doesn’t have that paint/chemical smell like most foundations.
  • Recommended for sensitive/oily skin.

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10. Maybelle Fit ME Shine – Free + Balance Stick Foundation

Regular foundation can be messy, take too much time, and may potentially further produce more acne on oily skin.

Ain’t nobody got time for taking an hour to apply makeup in the mornings!

Maybelline’s Fit Me stick foundation comes in clutch making roll on easy, beneficial for quickly applying and running out the door that never spills in your purse!

This exclusive foundation comes in 16 shades that automatically subdues excess oils as it also hides dark spots. This foundation is all ready to go for you and very practical for traveling.

Pros & Benefits:
  • A unique stick foundation quick and easy to apply.
  •  No powder needed underneath.
  •  Made for oily skin types.

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When you find that foundation that empowers you to be 100% yourself, you know you have picked the right foundation!

These top ten amazon foundation products have a wide range of options for sensitive skin types leaving you looking like a queen!



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