10 Best Drugstore Nail Polish Products Under $10

How much money have you spent on nail polish? Considering that the average bottle of O.P.I. nail polish can run your to $25, I’ll bet you’ve invested hundreds in your nail polish cupboard.

Yet the truth is that quality nail polish doesn’t need to cost you any more than $10 per bottle. I’ve put together a list of the 10 best nail polish products that can each be found for less than $10:

1. Coney Island Cotton Candy by O.P.I.

Introducing Coney Island Cotton Candy brought to you by O.P.I., the perfect mauve-neutral for any skin tone. Neutral nail polish should be a staple in any lacquer collection due to its versatility, and Coney Island does just that.

These shades can literally match any outfit and are appropriate for almost any occasion. This deep nude adds depth to your nails and a glossy finish that radiantly brightens your hands.

As with any color from America’s favorite nail polish brand, Coney Island Cotton Candy applies smoothly, dries within minutes, and lasts for up to two weeks. Try this shade on your natural nails or apply it to your acrylic manicure.

2. Lounge Lover by Essie

Whatever the weather, this dainty shade of Essie nail polish will add a little springtime to your look. I’ve rocked this color in every season.

If you’re not familiar with this brand, Essie creates long-wear colors without toxic chemicals such as DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde. This means their lacquers do not damage natural nails or hinder their growth, as other formulas do.

Lounge Lover dries on your nails just as it appears in the bottle – a vibrant rose-pink with a glow-y finish. It only requires two quick coats of this lacquer to create a professional high-gloss, gel-like, manicured look.

3. Ablazing by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color

Fiery, attention-grabbing reds never go out of style, and neither is quick-to-dry nail polish. That’s why I love Ablazing – a shimmery fire engine red that dries in record time. Perfect for last-minute manicures or quick touch-ups, this shade dries in less than one minute, but lasts for over a week without chipping.

This lacquer provides you with the same super glossy finish as gel nail polish, except that with Sally Hansen’s version you get to skip the painstaking wait and harmful UV light.

Yet the big cherry on top is Ablazing’s fashionable tint. Though the color nods to the classic red manicure of  the 50’s, the faint sparkles and slight orange hue makes gives this shade a modern twist. You’re guaranteed to feel confident strutting around with this vibrant color.

4. Coal Mine by Mineral Fusion Nail Polish

The name Coal Mine is fitting for this black nail polish with scattered bits of silver sparkle. It truly looks as though tiny, hidden diamonds are glimmering through the deep, coal black.

This product applies evenly every time since Mineral Fusion Nail Polish comes with an extra thick nail polish brush. Say goodbye to streaky nail color and hello to glossy paradise.

This brand boasts of its vegan quality. There are no animal products or dangerous chemicals in their lacquer, so you don’t need to hold your breath while painting with this polish.

5. Iris Mattevelvet by Zoya Nail Polish

Mattevelvet finish nail polish is a great way to create a minimalist look even while experimenting with playfully, bright colors. Iris Mattevelvet from Zoya Nail Polish is an eye-catching plum purple that dries to mimic velvet fabric, with a subtle shimmer in the finish that creates the illusion of softness.

This polish is great for quick manicures because it does not require either base or top coat. Even without base and top coat, Iris Mattevelvet holds without chipping for up to two weeks. Another bonus: Zoya Nail Polish products are all free of DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde.

6. Go For Gold by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color

Going for a bold and confident look? You can’t go wrong with a glimmering gold shade, especially knowing that your manicure can be kept as short as 60 seconds. The Insta-Dri collection from Sally Hansen goes on smoothly and dries quickly for a professionally-manicured look with little effort.

Go For Gold catches sunlight and artificial light beautifully, accentuating your nails whether its day or night. I always get compliments with this color, and nobody can believe that this expensive-looking polish can be scored for less than $10!

7. Desirable by Revlon Nail Enamel

The aptly named Desirable from Revlon is a metallic pink with tiny gold flakes floating throughout the color. Don’t be fooled by its bargain price – Revlon only produces the most high-quality lacquers famous for their chip resistant formula and smooth finish.

Once dried, this polish lasts for up to two weeks and can be easily touched up or removed and reapplied. Try several coats of Desirable on your fingernails to create a deep, layered metallic look that highlights your hands. This color is a great way to express fun and flirty personalities.

8. Crystal Baller by Color Club Halo Hues 2015 Collection

As mentioned above, I have colors in my nail polish collection that you probably didn’t even know existed, and Crystal Baller is one of them. This color has a “holographic” finish to it, creating a futuristic, out-of-this-world fusion of blue and silver.

This nail polishes belonging to the Color Club Halo Hues 2015 Collection do not contain DBP, toluene, of formaldehyde. This is especially good news to girls trying to grow out strong, natural nails.

Polishes lacking these toxic chemicals do not damage the nail surface, thus enabling nails to grow stronger and more rapidly.

9. Got the Navy Blues by Cuccio Lacquer

If you’re looking for a bright, rich color appropriate for the workplace, take a look at Got the Navy Blues from the brand Cuccio Lacquer. This color complements any skin tone well. Although it has a colorful personality, it creates a put-together and professional look.

Your nails will thank you for eliminating nasty chemicals from their beautification and this natural nail polish lasts for over two weeks without chipping or losing its flair.

10. Re-Fresh Mint by China Glaze Nail Polish

China Glaze Nail Polish is another all-natural brand which prides itself on creating gorgeous colors without the need for harmful chemicals, such as DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. This way you can achieve a colorful look without damaging the surface of your natural nails!

Re-Fresh Mint pleasantly captures the exhilarating feeling of biting into a mint in a sleek, calm color. This shade is especially perfect for the spring and summer seasons, as it adds a bit of cheer to lighter colored outfits.

11. Olaf’s Snow Flowers by Black Dahlia Lacquer

Presenting Olaf’s Snow Flowers available from Black Dahlia Lacquer, another vegan nail polish brand. Olaf’s Snow Flowers truly mimics a garden of golden flowers blooming in a winter wonderland. The white base dazzles with irregular chunks of gold holographic glitter.

This polish has a flat nail polish brush, which provides full coverage without globs. This shade looks best after two or three coats, and can be worn for weeks without worrying about touch-ups.

12. Neon Heat by Orly Baked Summer Nail Color Collection

If you want to get noticed from across the room, try painting your nails with Neon Heat. Aside from functioning as a nail polish, this lacquer can be used to help helicopters find their landing pads in the dead of night.

This loud, look-at-me color is especially great for summertime looks due to its excitement. Like other polish from this brand, Neon Heat lasts for up to two and a half weeks of no-chip wear.

13. Cinnamon by Crabtree and Evelyn Nail Lacquer

One of my secret weapons against nail breakage is the color Cinnamon from C&E. This nail polish actually actively strengthens your natural nails.

When applied to clean nails, this metallic fashion statement a will allow your nails to grow longer, stronger, and quicker by avoiding nail breakage that can otherwise slow natural nail growth.  With the help of a thick brush, Crabtree and Evelyn nail lacquer goes on smoothly and dries evenly every time.

14. All Shine on Me by L’Oreal Paris Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3 Nail Color

It’s quite surprising to find All Shine on Me to be on this list of deals, one of the most well-known brands of gel lacquer. In general, gel nail polish provides a superior hold and more brilliant shine than traditional nail polish colors do, and this is certainly the case with L’Oreal Paris Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3 Nail Color.

This gel mixture includes all three components of a flawless gel manicure (gel primer, gel color, and gel top coat) in one simple coat and does not even require a gel setting lamp to dry. Despite its simplicity, the richness of All Shine on Me commands attention and is highly resistant to dents and dings.

All Shine on Me won’t disappoint with its deep purple hue and high-shine finish. This color flatters every skin tone, and is especially great for autumn and winter.

15. Plummed-Up Plum by CoverGirl XL Gel

Plummed-Up Plum takes on the look of a professional gel manicure when in fact it is a traditional nail polish.  This gives you the intense shine and rounded plumpness of gel without the mess, fuss, or goo of a home gel manicure.

Plummed-Up Plum is a fun, rich purple shade straight from the center of a rainbow. It is sure to brighten your hands and call attention to your manicured nails without looking cheap or trashy.

16. Angel Rain by Orly Surreal Lacquer

For those days when you feel whimsical and enchanted, try wearing Angel Rain brought to you by Orly Surreal Lacquer. This shimmery polish catches and reflects natural daylight magically, making your fingers or toes stand out no matter what you’re wearing.

This iridescent polish can take on a number of colors depending on the shade of base nail polish you paint over. Apply multiple coats in order to create a purer shade of Angel Rain.

17. Electric Sheep by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquer

No animals were harmed in the mixing of the color Electric Sheep by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquer. That’s because this brand creates vegan friendly and cruelty free products only.

Yet this doesn’t limit their collection of shades. Electric Sheep is a magnificent and unique fusion of metallic lilac color and matte finish.

Electric Sheep has an underlying purple tint, but manages to match every look the way a neutral or nuder color would. This makes it perfect for every season, rain or shine!

18. Space Odyssey by NARS Shimmer Nail Polish

Take your nails out of this world with this long-wear, glimmering silver color by NARS Shimmer Nail Polish.  This paint shimmers brighter than stars in the night sky and makes a great accent color for any manicure. Since silver is one of the basic neutrals, this color spices up any outfit during any season of the year.

19. Sheer Aqua Green by Barielle End of the Rainbow Nail Polish

If you ever want to stand out in a crowd, Sheer Aqua Green might be your color for these moods. Depending on the light, this color looks either sea green, ocean blue, or even some sort of glamorous fusion of the two.

This nail polish goes on delicately, which makes it much easier to paint without getting globs of color stuck to your nails. Barielle End of the Rainbow Nail Polish is guaranteed to dry smoothly and quickly so you can show off your manicure as soon as possible.

20. DragonPad Pink Nail Art Makeup Cosmetic Container Box Case

After all the bargain hunting, your biggest problem is probably finding a place to keep all these treasures Fortunately, this doesn’t need to cost a fortune either.

The DragonPad Pink Nail Art Makeup Cosmetic Container Box Case holds three layers-worth of nail polish bottles and all your beloved nail art tools.

The compartments make it easy to place and hold your bottles without worrying about them shifting out of order.


These top 10 nail polish products will leave your nails looking sharp without the need to break your wallet.

Do you have any experience with the nail polishes on this list, or do you see one that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.

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