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10 Best Drugstore Eyeliners For Mature Eyes (2022 Reviews)

Written by Arianna Last Updated: February 19, 2019

What is the greatest challenge for us, women, when it comes to make-up? I would swear to Vogue it’s definitely our eyes.

Eyes are the mirrors of the soul, we all know that, and we’d definitely want these mirrors to be shiny clean and streak-free, don’t we? Well, so do we want for our eyes too!

Years pass by and wisdom comes, but with wisdom comes along wrinkles, fine lines, sensitive eyelids and a skin that takes new textures with make-up, especially eyeliner, becoming even more difficult to apply.

We all had times when eyeliner smudged, flaked or irritated us. Well, worry no more girls! It’s not your eyes’ fault! You just need a new fail-safe eyeliner!

With that said, let’s get started with the 10 best drugstore eyeliners for mature eyes and their 2021 reviews.

Table of Contents

1. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Lacquer Eyeliner

If long lasting effect is your number one priority, L’Oréal Paris took care of you! Infallible Lacquer Eyeliner goes hand in hand with the hectic times we live in.

Despite the long days with no breaks, this astounding eyeliner will stick with you for 24 hours without having you worried about looking for mirrors or bathrooms to refresh it.

It will remain fade-free and flawless no matter how long your day is… or your night! Finally, an eyeliner that lets you enjoy some after-work drinks with a proper fresh look.

Definitely and without any doubt, the best one for the modern and busy woman.

 Pros & Benefits:
  •  24-hour long wear
  • Gel formula for smooth application
  • Flawless, fade-free wear

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2. Maybelline New York Ultra-Liner Liquid Liner, Waterproof, Black

Are you one of those women that won’t get out the house if your make-up doesn’t look as if it was made by an expert? Maybelline’s Ultra Liner with its precise brush is all what you’ve been wishing for.

This eyeliner has absolutely made eyeliner application from pain into a breeze! Long gone are the days of struggling to apply it.

Whether you’re noticing a loss of elasticity around the contours of your eyes, or sagging skin along the rim, luckily, this astonishing product with its adapted formulas can make your eyes bring out their sparkle.

It comes in glossy brown and black colors.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Waterproof for all-day wear
  • No skipping or smearing
  • Precision brush for perfect application

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3. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner Unisex

Smoky eye lovers, let me introduce you to one of the blackest black eyeliners of the market today!

Give your cat-eye look a dramatic and intense style with this powerful black eyeliner or choose it in a strong brown and go for an earthier smoky boost.

As this was not enough, Revlon ensured to create a hypo-allergic product for sensitive eyes and skins that can be taken off easily and pain-free when your sun sets for the day.

It provides you with an excellent sweat-resistance for the hot summer humid days letting you with no worries about melting off, running, or dropping down your face. A brilliant choice for intense and passionate women.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Ophthalmologist-tested to be safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Waterproof and easy to remove
  • One of the blackest black colors of the market

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4. Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner Long Lasting Intense Color, Fierce Blue

For the more adventurous daring to experiment with bright colors and shades, Prestige Total Intensity is what you are looking for.

It comes in many colors, including Deepest Black, Bold Brown, Fierce Blue, Daring Green, Lively Turquoise, Powerful Purple, and Strong Slate, each one of them waterproof, sweat and humidity resistant.

This eyeliner is also great for the compassionate organic vegan as it is cruelty-free with no tests on animals done, and it is designed with a formula of fewer chemicals.

It works on all types of skins offering moisture and hydration. Last but definitely not least, its soft touch is valuable when dryness and drooping lids.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Paraben Free, Dermatologically Approved, Not tested on Animals
  • Smooth the liner along the top and bottom lash line for a bold, intense liner look
  • More intense colors available with deep black undertones; lasts up to 10 hours

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5. Shiseido Automatic Fine Eyeliner, BK 901

Draw fine lines like a pro with this amazing eyeliner. Shiseido Automatic is exactly what its name implies. It is indeed automatic and will give you all the definition you need.

Forget the days you were struggling for sharp precise lines, especially when our skin becomes a little bit of drooping. With this outstanding eyeliner you won’t have to do much as its application is as easy as ABC.

It provides you with control to draw the perfect lines even if you have the most amateur hands. Try this one if you want to forget all those annoying stickers and all the tricks you’ve been watching on Youtube tutorials.

You won’t need any of these with this eyeliner, this is for sure!

Pros & Benefits:
  • With a Precision Brush-applicator that enables you to freely draw bold or fine lines
  • No need to apply touch-ups
  • Provides a long-wearing strong line without smudging

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6. COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast Eyeliner Pencil Silver Spark

Worrying about your contact lens or your sensitive skin? Covegirl’s got you covered. This particular eyeliner is one of the safest for contact lens wearers and sensitiveness all because of its high-pigment formula!

Modern and sophisticated, it conditions skin and hydrates. It comes with a built-in smudger tip that makes its application smooth, soft and easy, while it soothes skin and protects it.

It comes in several colors to experiment with, including Black, Brown, Violet, Silver, and Blue. Finally, some more options on the eyeliner palette for all the contact lens wearers.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Five more colors available perfect for any occasion and every mood
  • High-pigment formula and built-in smudger tip make it easy to apply
  • Liquiline Blast Eyeliner effortlessly creates striking eyeliner look that lasts 8 hours
  • Safe for contact lens wearers

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7. Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil, No. 202 Black Brown

Revlon is undoubtedly the game changer in eyeliner coloring. Colorstay came to stay with all its unusual hues varying from Charcoal, Jade, Sapphire, to Teal. And of course, the classic black and brown couldn’t be missed.

Waterproof, smooth, and long lasting this eyeliner is promising enough!

While all its colorful options make it an ideal choice for the fun woman who’s into dazzling eyes, its Softflex comfort technology makes aging eyes and sensitive skin look youthful and your eyes opened up and wider.

Pros & Benefits:
  • 8 waterproof colors available.
  • Wears up to 16 hours
  • Softflex comfort technology

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8. Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner, Blackest Black 

Milani Cosmetics designed the best eyeliner for women seeking flexibility. It offers a varying degree of thickness to highlight different features of your eyes.

You can draw fine thin lines for your elegant daily styles, or deep strong thick ones for intense and seducing looks.

Or if you are into all that Instagram trend of floating crease liner looks that many of us have fallen in love with, this is the best tool to achieve the trendiest of the trendier looks. Play with it according to your mood or the occasion.

One of the greatest black eyeliners you can find out there. And why all this fuss? Because it’s crafted with a quick-dry formula that promises no more smudge.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Full color definition in one stroke
  • Extreme fine felt-tip point
  • Waterproof & non-feathering

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9. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Gel Eyeliner

Estee Lauder promises that this eyeliner will stay in place for up to 12 hours preserving a silky color and soft finish, all because of its gel-based formula that you can apply with the help of a brush which of course is included in the price.

It might be a little more expensive than other eyeliners in the market but you get what you pay. Its gel formula and its creamy consistency won’t dry out your eyes but they’ll rather make them softer and more subtle.

So, if you are a demanding woman that wants value for money, Double Wear Stay-In-Place is definitely made for you!

Pros & Benefits:
  • Silky smooth color
  • Up to 12 hours last
  • Gel-based formula creates a precise line every time with a soft satin finish

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10. Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner Makeup

This award winner eyeliner of Maybelline delivers precise strong sharp lines in just a single stroke. Maybelline Master Precise All Day liquid eye liner pen stays put all day with whatever look you’re working.

It is intense, it is fragrance free, it is perfect for absolutely gorgeous looks. Master Precise is a masterpiece for the eyes that lasts and doesn’t smudge.

It makes droopy eyelids look tauter and moistened allowing you to feel comfortable and confident for up to 12 hours of your day.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Precise, sharp lines
  • Intense color
  • No smudge
  • Up to 12-hr wear

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11. Vivienne Sabó Eyeliner Pen – Feutre Fin

Vivienne Sabó’s eyeliner is probably one of the classiest ones, if not the classiest one out there. Choose this pen if you want to draw the thinnest finest lines for your style.

Its ultra-thin felt tip assists on professional results for chic cat-eye looks with a deep black color. Another astonishing vegan option, as it is cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

The combination of the two state-of-the-art formulas promises surprising smudge-proof and long-lasting styles. It dries very fast and it’s removed effortlessly.

Actually, this is a pen that has it all. A brilliant combination of all functions a woman needs for her eyeliner.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Ultra-fine lines with exact precision
  • Vegan, Smudge-free and long-lasting
  • Quick drying and easy to remove

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12. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Color, color, color! It’s all about color with this eyeliner. Alloy, cobalt, emerald, Indigo, Midnight, Olive, Periwinkle, Teal, and even White just to mention some.

Achieve eye-opening effects of various shades and hues, or draw thicker dramatic lines that won’t smudge and will last from day to night.

Its specially designed formula is perfect for aging eyes as it glides smoothly and with great ease, letting your eyes feeling light, moisture and hydrated.

It might be a bit pricier than others but again, it surely deserves some extra dollars to be spent. An absolutely impressive eyeliner able to satisfy even the most demanding woman.

Pros & Benefits:
  • The greatest variety of colors
  • No skipping, no smudging, no pulling
  • Long-lasting, up to 15 hours

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13. Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner 

Talking about quality, Channel, as always is the queen and it couldn’t be left out of this list. What is extraordinary with this eyeliner is that the retractable tip winds up whenever you need it but it’ll also wind down if you don’t.

Flexible and chic, ideal for the modern and decisive woman who knows what she wants. Another impressive element of it, is its composition designed with a gentle silicone-enriched formula enable you to draw smooth and even lines.

On the other side of the tip you will find a sharpener so that you’ll always be and at any time ready to apply a detailed deep line to your style. Definitely a unique addition on this list!

Pros & Benefits:
  • Stays close to lashline for a modern effect
  • Waterproof and long-lasting
  • Silicone-enriched formula for smooth and even lines

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14. Vassoul Winged Eyeliner Stamp

Unstoppable. No more words can describe this genius eyeliner. It’s got two pens, one left and one right, both curved in such a way that each eye of yours will be drawn with such a precision and detail that will leave you speechless.

The left pen will stamp on the corner of your left eye whereas the right will stamp the right eye, giving you the most dazzling eye wings.

It is the ultimate time-saver both because of the double sided pen but also due to the candelilla wax and carnauba wax that it consists of, enabling quick drying in just a few second. The waxes also offer a long lasting effect, smooth and irritate free.

Pros & Benefits:
  • 2 double-sided pens, wing stamp with eyeliner pen
  • Precise and Long Lasting
  • Smudge Proof and Waterproof

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15. LORAC Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eyeliner

In need of a liner that will gift you with high performance? Lora Front of the Line Pro Liquid is assures to deliver it. Try all the trendy looks with these one.

Perfect for a Fishtail Liner Look that needs clear fine lines to be achieved or give the All Around Wing a shot and make your eyes pop.

Or if you dare to try more then try the Floating Crease Liner look that you’ve been seeing from all the Hollywood stars this year. Don’t worry, it won’t budge nor smudge.

It’ll rather boast a special system for clear-cut location. You can find it in the classic black, brown, and navy colors. Made without any petrochemicals, or synthetic ingredients, dyes, and fragrances.

Pros & Benefits:
  • No parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances/dyes, no petrochemicals
  • Long-wearing, water-resistant
  • Clean, precise application 

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NYX, as its name implies was inspired by the Greek Goddess of the night, and promises to deliver an epic party look with this eyeliner that will make your eyes the most attractive in the room.

A black liquid eyeliner with a precise innovative brush tip that allows you to experiment different looks.

Yes ladies, the secret for once again lies on its brush tip, but what’s special with this one is that you have to swipe it lightly if you want to achieve a thinner line or press it a bit more while swiping to make a thicker line.

Flexible as it sounds it will not disappoint you no matter what you want. Choose this if you are a lover of classic black. Go with NYX to be the Goddess of the night.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Flexible for precise thin or thick lines
  • Innovative brush tip, varies according the degree of pressing it
  • Deep dark black color

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17. Maybelline Officially Licensed NFL Minnesota Vikings Crystalline Stadium

Another great choice, from Maybelline that bets to become the eye expert.  A pencil eyeliner that you can find in four different colors; black, brown, blue, and green. It’s new, it’s hot.. it’s self-sharpening.

Yes, you heard it right. Worry no more for finding sharpeners as you won’t ever need any with this one. It’s got a texture that’s soft enough to treat your eyes gently while it’s easy to be taken off without discomforts and irritations.

But above all, its long-lasting effects can arm up your look all day long. Get ready to crank your gaze up a notch if you choose this one.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Perfect for all-day wear
  • Provides smudge resistance
  • Soft application and easy painless removal

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18. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner

Physician’s formula designed a trio that will make all nude and glitter lovers crazy in love with it. A make-up artist must have for classic and bold looks with exquisite glittery finish.

This is a unique 24-hour glitter eyeliner set, a combination that will brighten and define your eyes instantly. It’s vegan, it’s cruelty-free, it’s here.

Without any doubt, it’s an incomparable choice with only Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically approved ingredients.

A pro-level eyeliner combination regarding quality, that will give you possibilities to experiment with an earthy multicolor style instantly and seamlessly. Your gaze will never be the same with this astounding trio.

No woman can go wrong with this one.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Perfect nude colors with glitter
  • 24-hour lasting effects
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologically approved

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19. Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner Pencil

Neutrogena’s eyeliner is designed to nourish your eyes, hydrate, moisture, and soften them.

What is distinctive and exceptional about it, is the nourishing olive oil, the Shea butter, as well as the light infusers added to make the whites of your eyes appear whiter. All these were used together to create one of the most hydrating but also lasting eyeliners.

It will enhance your style and brighten your eyes all day long. Find it in four luminous colors; black, pewter, chocolate, and blue.

It includes a built-in sharpener and smudger, so that you have precise definition and contoured smudger at any time of the day wherever you are.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Hydrating with Olive oil and Shea butter
  • Contains Light infusers to whiten the whites of the eyes
  • Built-in sharpener and smudger for precise definition and contoured smudger

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20. Docolor Liquid Eye liner Pen

Save the drama for you mama. Because this one’s certainly drama-free, smudge-free and sweat-free. You can wing it, flick it, or draw whatever lines you want without it taking off its place at all.

Waterproof and long-lasting of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be on this list, but this one’s also dust-proof. It features a formula ideal for everyday use, easy to apply and to remove.

It’s made by safe non-toxic harmless materials, and promises no stimulation, pigments, precipitation or any adverse side effects and reactions.

You’ll bring your artistry dreams to life and feel like a professional make-up artist with all the control confidence, and precision it offers.

It’ll make your eyes look bigger and feel smoother while it can be paired with various make-up styles. Docolor Cosmetics may be last on this list but definitely not the least with this liquid eyeliner pen of multiple characteristics.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Waterproof, long-lasting, dust-proof, simple to clean and take off
  • Non-toxic ingredients, no stimulation, no pigments, no precipitations, no side effects/reactions
  • Makes eyes look bigger and wider, smooth touch and application

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Final Thoughts

Whichever one you pick, it’ll surely work wonders to your beautiful wise eyes and give them a gorgeous youthful boost. Don’t let changes that time might bring discourage you.

Embrace them and make the most of your natural eye shape. It’s all about the eyes after all, isn’t it?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article of the 10 best drugstore eyeliners for mature eyes and their reviews for 2021. See one that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.



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