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15 Best Drugstore Brow Gel Products & Their Reviews (Updated 2022)

Written by Arianna Last Updated: November 2, 2017

Eyebrow gel is the most ideal drugstore product for keeping your brows looking slick and sleek. You can tame strays and create shape without the pain, redness, and overall irritation of waxing and tweezing.

Waxing and tweezing also allow for only one shape, whereas using gel frees you up to explore a new thickness and style every single day. Make it sleek and simple for the office or brunch with the family, or create a bold statement for a glamorous night out or romantic date.

In order to help you decide what to pick you, below we’ve included a best drugstore brow gel buyer’s guide. With that said, let’s get started.

Here’s a list of the 15 best drugstore eye gel products.

Table of Contents

1. L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Brow Plumper

L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Plumper is the perfect brow gel for this season’s hot new full brow look. This gel comes in three very easy to match tints: transparent, light to medium, and medium dark.

This grants you every opportunity to enhance your unique bold color. The fiber-infused formula of the gel fills in the pesky gaps and locks in your individually crafted shape.

The mini brush is excellent for effortlessly creating your perfect brow line with precision. With this brow gel, you can have salon-style brows by a name brand that you know and trust, but without breaking the bank.

Want a little less bold and a little more control over your brow shape? L’Oréal also has a brow gel pomade for just about a dollar more. This gel comes in the natural shades of blonde, light brunette, warm brunette, and deep brunette.

This option is great if you want to explore pomade but aren’t ready or able to spend more for the more luxury versions. Users rave about the ease of application and the long lasting full coverage.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Choose from multiple tints to match multiple palates and create multiple looks.
  • Choose from fiber-infused plumping gel for a bold full look, or pomade to create your own unique look.
  • The precision brush head allows for detailed shaping.
  • Enjoy the excellent price point.

2. Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

Benefit’s option for creating the bold full brow look comes in a medium shade that works well with every palate.

The fiber-infused gel formula keeps those brows in place all day with waterproof coverage. The tapered brush helps you blend and shape with ease and accuracy.

The special gel formula volumizes by coating brows and filling in sparse areas. You can use more or less depending on the amount of coverage and pop you want each day.

At a great price point, this is a great deal for such a high quality product. Customers fave about the full color coverage. If you enjoy being part of the Benefit family but you’re looking for a clear brow gel, check out their Benefit Ready Set Brow 24 Hour Invisible Shaping and Setting Clear Gel.

This clear gels pairs well with your other favorite Benefit brow products as a top coat and touch up product. Customers rave about how long the product keeps their brows in place. In need of a little more precise definition than you can get with a standard brush? Benefit has something for this, too.

Their Ka Brow option is a cream gel that you apply with you favorite thinner tapered brush, giving you a bit more control over the shape you create and the amount of coverage.

Available in a medium tint that works with almost any palate, it can be yours for a great price. Users with both thick and thin brows rave about the coverage, so this product is sure to please everyone.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Choose from either clear or a natural moderate tint.
  • You’ll love the waterproof volumizing formula.
  • The tapered brush is perfect for both blending and shaping.
  • You get a lot of bang for your buck.

3. Wunderbrow Brow Gel

Wunderbrow’s gel is great for creating a look tailored perfectly to you. This gel comes in five natural shades: blonde, auburn, brunette, black/brown, and jet black.

This high end luxury gel is formulated to withstand sweat and water, so you can keep your brows in their perfect shape at the gym, while you swim, or even on the rainiest of days. It’s perfect for the style conscious individual on the go.

The gel hair fibers naturally and flawlessly fill in your brows to create anything from a sleek and natural line to a bold and full brow. At a great price, you can afford to get multiple colors to create both effortless and glamorous looks.

Even users with the sparsest of natural brows can’t get enough of the amazing coverage that lasts for hours. For just a couple more dollars, Wunderbrow features their D-Fine.

This gel pencil with its tapered tip offers enhanced capabilities for defining your ideal shape and filling in sparse areas. It is a great tool to create the initial shape of your brows, after which you can seal it with the basic gel to lock your look in stronger.

It’s available in three easy to match tints: blonde, brunette, and black/brown. Customers say that the quick application and package design makes it a great travel product.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Choose from the wide variety of natural tints to match your unique palate.
  • This is the strongest waterproof and sweat-proof formula you will find.
  • It’s composed of gel fiber hairs, offering you customized coverage capabilities.
  • Yours at a great price for such a luxury product.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Do you settle for nothing less than brows that look they they came straight out of a Hollywood makeup room? Anastasia Beverly Hills offers a wide range of high end brow gel products made from the finest ingredients.

The featured basic clear gel keeps your brows perfectly groomed. The formula is so lightweight and flexible, you will forget you have product on at all. It is so light, in fact, that you can also use it to smooth and flatten those tiny little soft hairs around your brows.

What’s even more exciting, the gel contains chamomile for long lasting calming and softening of your brows. This gel comes in 9 fabulous shades: clear (no tint), blonde, taupe, soft brown, caramel, auburn, medium brown, granite, and dark brown.

At a great price, this gel has a great price to quality ratio. Users absolutely love how natural it makes their brows look.

For around the same price, you can add some tint to your brow care regiment with Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel in six stylish shades: blonde BG, caramel BG, auburn, chocolate, granite, BG, and espresso.

Finally, Anastasia has come aboard the trend towards the enhanced shaping ability of brow gel pomade. They offer this ultimate brow care treatment in shades of taupe and caramel. Customers rave about how quick and easy it is to apply.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Provides you with a strong hold yet lightweight and flexible feel.
  • Luxuriously infused with chamomile for calming and softness.
  • Choose from the nine great shades to suit your palate.
  • Enjoy the excellent price to quality ratio.

5. Maybelline New York Eyestudio Brow Drama Tinted Gel Mousse

Maybelline New York’s latest contribution to the brow gel family is also great for when you seek the hot new full brow look. It makes for the boldest look possible thanks to the combination mousse formula, rich tint, and specially designed ball tip brush.

The mousse formula also makes it feel more lightweight and flexible. To suit every look and palate, this brow gel is available in five natural tints: transparent (no tint), blonde, auburn, soft brown, and deep brown.

This brow gel is great for the person on the go who needs to sculpt and tint in one smooth step. It has a great price so you can afford one in every tint to match your different moods, and one for every bag. Shoot, at these prices, keep one in the car and at the office, too.

Customers love how this product gives them just the right amount of pop. To put a finishing coat on the Brow Drama, Maybelline New York invites you to think outside the box and use their New York Great Lash Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow.

This is an affordable addition to your brow treatment collection that will ensure you always have a polished look. Customers highly recommend it for a quick and natural look and as a top coat.

Pros & Benefits:
  • The mousse-style gel formula offers the most lightweight and flexible feel.
  • Both clear and basic tints are available to help you accent your natural beauty.
  • The unique ball tip brush provides a bold full brow style.
  • Enjoy these incredibly affordable prices.

6. Rimmel Brow This Way Lightweight Gel

Rimmel London offers a great brow gel for the novice, the busy, and the girl seeking beauty on the budget. It comes in three easy-to-choose-from shades: blonde, medium brown, and dark brown.

You won’t even remember it’s there as it holds your shape, thanks to Rimmel’s lightweight formula. All in one step, it smooths your brows, fills in gaps, creates a groomed shape, and gives your brows just a hint of shine.

The standard brush head makes for easy application. Customers love how well the shades blend with their natural brow color, and they rave about how much value they got for the price.

Love the Rimmel London brow gel formula, but wish you had it in clear? You’re in luck. Rimmel’s Clear This Way brow gel offers you and your brows a one and done treatment for the busiest mornings or days when you just want to look your best version of your au natural self.

It also has a lightweight texture and just a hint of shine. Feel free to stock up. Keep one in every bag, and make sure you always have it handy in a pinch.

It’s perfect for when your luxury brow gel needs a top coat midway through the day. Users rave about how it tames even the wildest of strays and provides an all day hold.

Pros & Benefits:
  • You can’t beat this lightweight formula with a strong hold.
  • Choose between clear and three natural tints to perfectly match your palate.
  • Get on your way looking great with the effortlessly precise application.
  • Enjoy these everyday low prices.

7. Queen of the Fill Eyebrow Pomade

And then there’re the times when you need your brows to be movie-star quality. First dates, big dates, or job interviews. Eyebrow pomade is your answer here. It is a brow gel that you apply with a brush to tailor your brows to perfection.

Queen of the Fill offers this pomade in five natural shades: blonde/light, auburn, espresso, dark chocolate, and night. With this product you can have makeup-artist brows without paying makeup-artist prices.

Customers don’t have a single complaint. They especially love how smoothly it goes on, how long it stays, and how jut a little bit goes a very long way. If you love how Queen of the Fill makes you feel like a queen, but you don’t have a royal amount of time to get ready, try their Queen of the Fill Tinted Eyebrow Makeup Gel.

It comes in blonde, medium brown, and dark brown. The tapered brush allows for quick and easy application. This gel is great for a more naturally but still groomed look, free of fly aways and sparse areas.

The great thing that sets this brand apart is their dedication to cruelty-free avoidance of animal testing. This is a great gel for when you need a little more luxury with a little less effort. Customers simply can’t get enough of how quickly, naturally, and completely it fills in their brows.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Queen gives you one option for speedy application and one for precision shaping.
  • Choose from the full range of natural shades to match your unique palate.
  • Animal lovers will appreciate the cruelty-free formula development.
  • Enjoy the excellent price points.

8. Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel

Ardell has a great clear brow gel for those days when you just need to tame to strays and quickly sculpt a long-lasting shape. The clear color allows you to maintain the perfect brow as well as your natural look.

It’s quick and easy to apply, and the basic brush shape works with any brow shape. The formula not only holds your contour all day, but it also conditions your brows for a healthy shine. This is a great gel to always keep on hand for last minute styling needs.

Users love how quickly and easily this product seals in their look. For the days when you need to add a little color to your life, Ardell also offers two great options. First,you have the same great sculpting gel as the clear but in a moderate tint.

Second, the Brow Building Fiber Gel comes in soft black and taupe. This version offers a little more professionalism without paying a lot more.

If you like the concept of brow pomade and you’re partial to the Ardell family of drugstore beauty products, you’re in luck.

They also offer the Ardell Brow Pomade. Seen here in dark brown, it’s also available in blonde, medium brown, and soft black. Customers say it is smooth, easy to apply, blends well, and provides a generous amount of pigment.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Enjoy a wide variety of products from one great brand.
  • Composed of a high quality formula that holds strong yet stays flexible.
  • Choose from many tints to match any palate.
  • All options are available at excellent prices.

9. Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil & Gel by ColorStay

Revlon understands that sometimes getting the perfect brows takes a combination of pencil and gel. That is why their ColorStay line offers this pencil and gel duo pen. Pictured here in light brown, it also comes in dark brown, brunette, and dark blonde.

This is great for traveling or keeping in your purse for an all-in-one full brow treatment.

Customers rave about the color quality of this product. If you like the feel of brow gel mousse. Revlon also offers a ColorStay Brow Mousse in tints of blonde, auburn, soft brown, dark brown, and soft black.

This product is composted of a lightweight and flexible formula that also stays in place with waterproof hold for a full 24 hours. The molded flow-through applicator is convenient for quick application.

The mousse is great if you either have or wish to have the full and thick look. Finally, Revlon also has your back for high quality top coats and touch ups.

Their clear Beauty Tools Brow Styling Gel pairs perfectly with all other aspects of your brow sculpting routine. Customers love the full, natural coverage.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Here you have two great products in one convenient tool.
  • Choose from the many great tints to suite all palates.
  • Get going with your day thanks to the easy application.
  • This brand offers great products for all budgets.

10. Aesthetica Brow Sculpting Duo

If you like the pencil and gel sculpting duo and would love to have a higher end version on hand for special occasions, Aesthetica has your brows covered. The triangular tip shape of the pencil allows for greater range of detail.

It provides all day hold and a professional groomed finish. This formula is also cruelty-free, as well as talc-free and gluten-free. It’s available in four natural shades of pencil: auburn, brunette, deep brown, and black.

The accompanying clear gel matches any brow and pencil. Since not all of us are natural born estheticians, Aesthetica includes a set of instructions for those new at the art of sculpting the perfect brows.

The formula is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin. This is another very reasonably priced gel brow product. Even the least experienced customers love how easy it is to create a professionally groomed look with this product that lasts all day long.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Here you have two great products in one convenient tool.
  • For the new and the unsure, there’re helpful instructions included.
  • Animal lovers will appreciate the cruelty-free approach, and your skin will appreciate the talc-free and gluten-free formula.
  • All of this yours for an excellent price.

11. The E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit

E.L.F. has another great way for you to keep your brows groomed on the go. Their compact two-toned brow gel and powder combo comes equipped with a convenient little double-edged applicator.

One side helps you shape with precision, then the other helps you fill in sparse areas for perfection. The medium pigment duo works for most brow shades. Do you want bold and full brows? Sleek and streamlined? A defined arch?

This one great product will help you achieve all of the above. The formula lasts all day, especially because the convenient size makes touch-ups a breeze. Go ahead and keep one in every bag and one at the office so your brows always look flawless.

Customers are absolutely amazed by the value they receive for the price of this product. For a product to start your day with even bolder brows, E.L.F. offers you their Treat and Tame.

This gel and clear treatment duo comes in shades of light, medium, and deep. The colored end shapes and feels, while the conditioning end keeps your brows shiny and sleek. Users rave about how this product keeps their brows tame all day long.

Pros & Benefits:
  • This one great product is all you need for shaping, holding, and conditioning.
  • Available a convenient portable compact, great for travel and the stylish on the go.
  • Multiple options allow you to create multiple looks.
  • Enjoy the great low prices.

12. Beauty Boss Eyebrow Tint Hypoallergenic Gel

Be a brow boss with Beauty Boss. Their formula is strong enough to hold your look all day, but is gentle on the skin and completely free of harmful paraben. This tinted gel comes in stylish shades of natural, golden blonde, and dark brown.

For a more natural look or to lock in your tinted look on days when you you need to be a little extra Boss, Beauty Boss offers their Clear Brow Sculpting Gel & Mascara.

This is the same great prices as the tinted gel, and the formula is also strong and gentle at the same time. The classic brush head makes for easy application. Users with all skin and brow types love this product and claim that it keeps even the most stubborn brows in place all day.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Your skin will love you for the hypoallergenic formula.
  • This double action gel provides you with strong yet flexible hold.
  • Choose between clear and the many tints to suite your individual palate.
  • You’ll appreciate the high quality for a reasonable price.

13. Elizabeth Arden Statement Brow Defining Gel

Already a trusted name among high end drugstore beauty product, Elizabeth Arden also offers a luxury brow gel. It’s available in four natural shades: blonde, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown.

The incredible formula is creamy and light but strong enough to hold your shape all day long. In addition to all of the above, this gel conditions as you wear it, leaving your brows fuller and softer than before even after you remove it for the night.

The contoured brush head is the only tool you need for filling in sparse areas, creating shape, and taming strays.

Customers compliment the coverage, the easy of application, and the natural color they get with this product.

Pros & Benefits:
  • This product is available in four natural shades to match any palate.
  • The luxury formula is designed to give you a light but strong hold.
  • A contoured brush head provides for wide versatility and creativity.
  • It’s yours for a very reasonable price.

14. Mei Linda Brow Gel in Black and Red Brown

Are you among the many who struggle to set and maintain your desired brow shape on account of oily skin or living in an area with high humidity? If so, you’re not alone, and Mei Linda understands this.

That’s why they created this brow pomade formulated specifically to hold all day long over oily skin and in climates with high humidity. It’s available in bold black and striking red brown.

Unlike most brow pomade products, Mei Linda’s version comes equipped with a thin tapered brush designed for both shaping with precision and completely filling in sparse areas.

The inclusion of the brush makes this pomade brow gel an absolute steal. Customers love how rich and creamy the gel is, as well as the fact that it lasts all day.

Pros & Benefits:
  • This specialized formula is made for bonding to oily skin and surviving high humidity.
  • Enjoy the long lasting shape and coverage.
  • Available in unique tints you can’t find in most brow gel pomades.
  • The brush is included at one reasonable price.

15. Shouhengda Tattoo Eyebrow Gel

If you are like most people, you enjoy a “set it, and forget it.” approach to styling with eyebrow gel. Some people wish to forget it for as long as possible, and Shouhengda has heard your plea.

They have created this state of the art brow gel tattoo. Use the tiny precision brush to create your perfect shape, let it set, then peel it off for a painless and long lasting brow. Top it off with just a quick sweep of your favorite basic clear gel each morning, and you’re good to go flaunt your flawless brows.

Wear it rain or shine, in the pool or while you sweat, thanks to the waterproof coverage. This great product is available in five natural shades ranging from a blonde to a deep brunette.

Even if you’re hesitant about this latest trend in the world of brow gel, you can afford to give it a try before fully committing. Users are amazed at how easy it is to put on and take off, how full and long lasting the coverage is, and how great the color looks.

Pros & Benefits:
  • This is the longest lasting coverage available.
  • Choose from five natural tints to suite your palate.
  • The small brush head is perfect for precision shaping.
  • You can’t beat the price.

Best Drugstore Brow Gel Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know all you need to about the 15 best brow gel products available, you’re probably wondering how you will ever go about choosing the right one for you.

This buyer’s guide will provide you with the three right questions to ask yourself in order to choose the perfect option above for your unique brow styling needs.

How often do you think you will use your brow gel?

If you’re the type of person who only uses brow gel on special occasions when you want to look ultra stylish, one of the high end luxury gels might be right for you. You can afford to pay a little bit more, because your minimal usage will make your product last.

All of the above brow gels are made to last, as long as you’re diligent about keeping the lids on tight when not in use.

If you use brow gel every single day, but don’t have it in the budget to spend a great deal of money on your brow regiment frequently, consider having one high end gel on hand for fancy affairs, and a variety of the more affordable options for everyday use.

If you fall into this category, it’s also beneficial to experiment with the basic clear gels until you find your favorite, and then keep one of those handy at home, at the office, in your car, and in the bags you carry.

How much time do you want to devote to your brows each day?

If you really just want a quick and effortless routine to tame your strays and maintain your shape, the standard gels with built in brushes are great for you. The brush heads are designed to shape and cover all in one fell swoop.

If you have more time to spare, enjoy experimenting with your look, or have a flare for the artistic makeup, try using one of the gel pomade options.

It’s lightweight and flexible and allows you the freedom to create any shape with the use of your favorite brow brushes.

If you love the precision capability of putting in the effort with pencils but wish to step up the hold and fill with gel, try the pencil and gel duos. They are great for travel, as they have all you need in one small package.

What kind of look are you going for with your brow gel?

It’s no secret that the bold, full brow is highly on trend right now. If you dig this look, definitely try one of the plumping of volumizing options. This is especially great if you don’t have the time to spend or desire to go to the effort of using pomade and a wide variety of brushes.

If you want a more stylized and groomed look, but aren’t quite ready to go full and bold, try any of the tinted options with unique brush heads. They provide you more more styling options than the simple clear gels, but with more control over your amount of coverage.

You can gradually build up to a fuller, bolder look, or save it for special occasions without purchasing a whole new product.

Finally, if you’re just after a more tamed and groomed version of your naturally beautiful self, experiment with the different clear gels until you find the one that’s most uniquely you.

What tint are you looking for?

Not all products come in the same tints. Here’s how you know which tint is right for the look you’re going for. Ask yourself Three questions:

  1. What is your hair color?
  2. What is your skin tone?
  3. Are you going wearing warm colors (such as red, yellow, and orange) or cool colors (such as grey, blue, and green?).

If you have blonde hair and fair to medium skin, and you’re wearing cool colors, choose taupe. If you have blonde hair and medium to dark skin, and you’re wearing cool colors, choose cool brown.

For those that have blonde hair and you’re wearing warm colors, choose a warm brown tint regardless of your skin tone. If you have brunette, black, or auburn hair, and you’re wearing cool colors, choose a cool brown tint, regardless of your skin tone.

And for those that have brunette hair, fair to medium skin, and you’re wearing warm colors, choose a warm brown tint. If you have brunette hair, medium to dark skin, and you’re wearing warm colors, choose a rich brown tint.

If you have black hair, and you’re wearing warm colors, choose a rich brown tint, regardless of your skin tone. Finally, if you have auburn hair, and you’re wearing warm colors, choose a warm brown tint, regardless of your skin tone.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 15 best drugstore brow gel products and their reviews. See on that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.



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