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10 Best Concealers For Mature Skin And Their Reviews [Updated 2022]

Written by Arianna Last Updated: October 15, 2017

A good concealer often comes in handy to get rid of blemishes and redness. When chosen and applied correctly, a concealer will give you that seamless skin you dread for. The concealer covers your imperfections with ease, letting you enjoy smooth skin throughout the day.

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best concealers for mature skin and their reviews. Want to skip the reviews and get straight to the concealers? Here’s a quick list of some of our favorites.

If you see one that’s not on the list and should be, let us know in the comments below. With that said, let’s get started with the reviews.

Table of Contents

1. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is known for three main things:

  • Erase dark circles or scars on your skin
  • Remove puffiness that result from skin infections
  • Smoothen lines that might be a result of aging.

Its triple-action formula makes it a favorite of many people. Besides the triple action formula, the concealer is offered with a Micro-Corrector applicator, which micro-fills and smoothens any fine lines that might be on your face.

The application feels easy with no harshness experienced on the skin. Its active formula features Haloxyl, which isn’t only safe, but also effective in reducing the look of puffiness and under-eye shadows.

When used right, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is a good product to hide a sleepy appearance when you’ve had a long night and need to work the following day.

During use, the neutralizer shade needs to be applied on extremely dark spots. The brightener shade is formulated to add a luminous touch to your face.

This product is among the best make-up products on the market thanks to the fact that it’s offered as a concealer and treatment all in one package.

The applicator should be used to apply the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer directly under the eyes while blending in an outward motion.

The concealer doesn’t create a cracked look on your skin. You can wipe off excess concealer from the skin surface using a dry tissue. Care should be taken to avoid wetting the applicator.

There are seven shades of this product to choose from, which makes it versatile and easy to use. Offered in a slim bottle, holding the bottle and applying the concealer feels easy.

Even with the great formula, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is offered at a great price, way cheaper than other concealers on the market.

This Maybelline concealer is 50 percent more opaque than other concealers on the market. Coupled with its great consistency, the unit offers high-quality concealment and lasts long.

The sponge applicator is very soft. It’s antimicrobial, and you don’t have to worry about your hygiene. It blends the concealer well, allowing it to last long.

The concealer acts as a highlighter too. Besides using it below the eyes, you can continue application on the cheekbones, nose bridge and brow bones. Better still, it buffs out with ease without chipping with the brush.

This concealer is formulated light, allowing you to test it out on different skin shades.

Users love the ease of application, the triple-action formula and the price of this concealer. Again, they love the fact that this concealer can be used as a highlighter.

  • Triple action formula; erases dark circles, puffiness and fine wrinkle lines
  • Formulated with true color, making it suitable for different skin tones
  • Light formulation for easy application
  • Lasts relatively long
  • Conceals and treats your skin, making it an all-round product

2. NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar

The NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar is for those who are struggling to find the perfect shade. There are 15 colors to choose from, making it ideal for any weather and for different skin tones.

Because the skin color may change after a few months, the NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar ensures you have concealment all year round.

The quantity you get in the jar is much more than it seems to make it ideal for those who are shopping for a concealer on a budget. You can use it for a long time without the need to replace.

According to the manufacturer, the concealer provides a natural appearance after application and offers lasting coverage. This keeps your skin free of discolorations and imperfections.

When applied right, the concealer doesn’t result in a clumpy or caked-on look. Again, it’s highly concentrated, and you only need to apply a little under the eyes and the sides of the nose.

NYX Cosmetics formula allows it to be used on all skin types. It can be used for large coverage, making it great for application on oily and combo skin. You can also use it with a blender.

The net weight of the concealer is 7 grams, which is higher than most concealers on the market.

The concealer is formulated with capric triglyceride, mineral oil, microcrystalline wax, BHT, Nylon-66, Silica, Fragrance, Castor Seed Oil and Ceresin among others.

These major ingredients of the concealer are combined to offer a long-lasting and natural look. It may also contain iron oxides, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide greens and ultramarines.

Of all these ingredients, none has been shown to cause any harm to the user.

The range of colors for NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar range from light fresh-toned to dark colors. You also choose between lavender, orange, yellow, and green, letting you take care of all the areas of your skin.

While the consistency of the concealer isn’t as creamy as you would expect from a high-quality concealer, it still offers great cream for a medium to full coverage.

The orange concealer works for many people thanks to its versatility. For many skin tones, the orange concealer might work alone as it camouflages with the green under many skin tones.

If the orange does not work alone, you can pat the yellow concealer lightly blending it to match your skin tone. You can also mix two colors in an empty container to achieve a perfect shade. You can then keep this for daily use.

When using the concealer, you’ll need a moisturizer under the circles to enhance coverage. The concealer isn’t offered with no wand.

This is great since you don’t have to worry about hygiene. The wand picks up color when you try layering it up with another color.

The NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar has found favor with users. Its great blend allows it to match different skin tones, making it easy to use for all.

  • Gives a perfect shade for different skin tones
  • High quantity at a great price
  • Creamy formula, but not runny or hard, making it easy to apply
  • Ideal for use all year round even with skin tone changes
  • Can be used with different brushes

3. Bare Escentuals SPF20 Correcting Concealer

The Bare Escentuals SPF20 Correcting Concealer is a creamy concealer formulated to match the needs of all skin tones. You have up to 7 colors to choose from, which makes it suitable for all.

During use, you can blend two or more colors to achieve the unique color that you need. The 2 grams concealer is long wearing, ensuring that you only have to apply once per day and you’re good to go.

According to the manufacturer, the concealer hides dark spots and skin discolorations for a radiant and even-toned complexion.

The concealer applies a powerful botanical brightener with a broad spectrum SPF 20, allowing it to brighten the skin and provide a medium to full coverage.

The concealer is formulated without parabens, artificial oils or synthetic fragrances, making it safe for use each day. Its formula also allows it to blend seamlessly, hiding blemishes, under eye circles and a horde of other skin imperfections all day.

Titanium dioxide is one of the main ingredients in the concealer. Inactive ingredients include the following:

  • Isodecyl Isononanoate
  • Phenyl Trimethicone
  • Hydrogenated Polyisobutene
  • Isocetyl Alcohol
  • Polymethylsilsesquioxane
  • Polyethylene
  • Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate
  • Euphorbia Cerifera
  • Silica
  • Ethylene Copolymer
  • Lecithin among others.

None of the ingredients in this concealer is harsh, which means that there are no side effects from a long period of use. The high concentration of the concealer allows you to use only a small amount and you’re good to go.

Use the maximum coverage concealer brush provided to ensure you get maximum coverage.

  • It offers medium to full coverage, concealing skin imperfections for a long duration
  • Its lightweight formula protects with SPF 20
  • With time, the formula erases darks spots and skin discoloration
  • Offered in seven different colors to match different skin tones’
  • Concentrated formula ensures you only have to use a little
  • Safe ingredients lets you use it every day with no side effects

Users love the Bare Escentuals SPF20 Correcting Concealer thanks to its ease of application, its rich ingredients, weight and price.

4. Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-in-1 Concealer

The Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-in-1 Concealer is formulated for under eyes concealment. It’s the most ideal concealer if you wear contact lenses. Its broad spectrum SPF 20 gives it great concealing power for dark spots, acne and red skin among other skin issues.

Skin discoloration is a common issue with many people as the skin keeps on changing throughout the year. With four different shades, this stands as an ideal choice for those who are looking for a concealer for a unique skin tone.

The concentrated formula of the Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-in-1 Concealer enhances its use. You only need to squeeze a small dot of the concealer on your finger and blend it on the entire eye area. For a natural look, blend the formula under eyes and on the eyelids.

The concealer doubles as sunscreen for your skin. You can apply it 15 minutes before the skin is exposed to the sun and keep reapplying every after two hours of sun exposure. If you’re swimming of sweating, you will need to use a water-resistant sunscreen.

When applied correctly, the Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-in-1 Concealer corrects dark circles, erases fine lines and reduces puffiness. It also keeps the eyes safe with broad spectrum SPF 20.

It features an ultra-blendable skin conditioning formula that offers a natural looking coverage. The formula won’t settle on the fine lines on your skin, making it ideal for those who wear contact lens.

One of the advantages of this concealer is its formula. It’s offered with natural ingredients, making it safe and effective. First off it has vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, ridding the skin of free radicals.

It also has natural soy, which enhances the appearance of the skin and also rids it of free radicals thanks to its antioxidant characteristics.

Lastly, the concealer has feverfew, a natural ingredient that offers calming properties and also acts as an antioxidant.

Neutrogena is recognized for its natural ingredients. It’s a healthy skin makeup product that features a lightweight and non-greasy formula.

With vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, the concealer improves the health of your skin while offering you great concealing power. The fact that you only have to apply a dot of the concealer makes it feel easy on your skin.

According to the manufacturer, Neutrogena, when the skin health is improved, the skin conditions improves. Neutrogena recognizes that dark circles are either inherited or lifestyle related.

You may have discoloration of skin or allergies as inherited factors. You may also have sunken eyes that lead to formation of shadows or thin skin under the eyes, causing blood vessels to show.

Lack of sleep and exposure to sunlight can also cause skin discoloration. Neutrogena has developed its formula to enable the skin fight these conditions with ease.

Even when you have puffy eyes, the formula corrects the situation while ensuring that healthy nutrients are delivered to the skin to maintain its health.

Neutrogena is one of the skin care product sellers that has been on the market for a long time. Its products are available in more than 70 countries. They’re known for the manufacture of natural skin care products at great prices.

The Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-in-1 Concealer has a horde of positive reviews online, placing it among the top concealers for mature skin.

  • Offered with all natural ingredients, making it safe
  • Formulated to promote skin health besides concealing dark spots
  • Retails at a great price
  • Only a small dot is needed to cover a large area
  • Application does not need a brush
  • Designed specifically for the eye area


5. Boo-Boo Cover-Up Concealer

The Boo-Boo Cover-Up Concealer features a great formula designed to conceal as it heals. This makes it an ideal choice for those who are healing from skin bruising or other conditions.

It’s also a suitable choice for those with scars, dark sports and white sports. Even though it’s formulated for use under the eyes, the concealer still comes in handy as a highlighter. This allows you to use it under the skin on other parts of your skin such as the sides of your nose.

This concealer is pretty pigmented to offer great coverage and help you out with minor skin imperfections while it heals the skin. Its great healing characteristics are offered by known natural ingredients such as chamomile, aloe, green tea, vitamin E and tea tree oil.

These active ingredients promote the overall health of the skin even as they heal it. With frequent use, you can eliminate dark spots from your skin and get rid of fine lines and puffy eyes.

The high concentration of this concealer lets you use a dot for a wide area; all you need to do is dot and blend over minor skin discoloration.

The concealer isn’t meant to be used around the eye area. Though it heals the skin, you should not apply it on an open wound.

Unlike most concealers on the market that are offered in different shades, the Boo-Boo Cover-Up Concealer is offered on one medium color to match most skin tones.

While this is a good thing as you can have one product to use even when your skin tone changes, the shade isn’t suitable for all. However, the manufacturer claims that the dark and light shades are in the process of formulation and you should be on the lookout.

On application, the concealer feels nice and creamy and easily blends down for full coverage. During application, you can set it with a finishing powder for a good look.

The healing and concealing formula is a great concept with not many concealers offering the healing bit. It’s offered at a great price and you can even subscribe to have it delivered to you every month.

There are no side effects from using the concealers and you don’t feel uncomfortable either. The innovative formula allows you to cover bugs and mosquito bites, scratches and under eye circles. With continued use, the concealer makes your skin smooth.

The only complaint from a small number of users is that the concealer is too yellow for them. This, however, has not affected majority of users. Generally, the Boo-Boo Cover-Up Concealer is a great product.

Each unit carries 0.34 ounce; you need to use at least two or three every month if you use every day.

  • Innovative formula heals and conceals
  • Formulated with known ingredients, which are not only healthy, but also effective
  • Offered as a one-product-for-all, ensuring you don’t have to buy different concealers
  • Offered at a great price with options of saving more with subscriptions and coupons
  • Highly concentrated and you only need to use a dot


6. L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Concealer

L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Concealer is unique in the fact that it’s a liquid concealer. Most people are not used to liquid concealers and you may even doubt that they work.

However, based on the users, the L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Concealer has performed just fine on any part of the body. While stick and cream concealers are common, liquid concealers are not at all common.

Each package has 5.2 ml, which is a tad too little for those who apply every day. However, the price of the concealer matches the quantity and the quality.

It’s offered with a number of minerals to help promote the health of your skin. None of the ingredients offered in the package is harmful to the skin. There is, therefore, no cause for alarm even for daily users.

The L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Concealer is offered in a clear plastic tube that has a silver cap. On the cap, a brush applicator is attached just like in a nail polish bottle.

This smooth brush lets you get the right amount of concealer from the bottle to avoid over application. This is a concentrated concealer and you only need to apply a little and you’re good.

Better still, the concealer lasts all day long so you don’t have to reapply after a few hours.

The compact size of the package lets you carry it from place to place and you can apply it from anywhere as long as you have a mirror. With the transparent tube, you can see how much product is left inside the tube.

According to L’Oreal, the Super Blendable concealer hides acne spots, under-eye circles, blemishes and skin discoloration. Besides, it nourishes the skin and keeps it protected.

The concealer is non-comedogenic and oil free. This ensures that it does not clog pores. You can choose one among three shades including fair/light neutral, light/medium neutral and medium/deep neutral.

The different shades accommodate people of different skin tones. This concealer has a medium consistency and blends well. For first time users, the concealer is easy to apply thanks to the fact that it’s lightweight.

Even after a period of application, the product does not cause breakouts and does not irritate the skin, according to users. Again, it doesn’t have a strong smell and is almost odorless.

You don’t need a foundation whether you need a light, medium or heavy coverage. You can just apply the concealer the way it’s and you’re good to go. When applied under the eyes, the concealer brightens the skin.

Granted, you can use this as a highlighter for the cheeks and the sides of your nose.

The brush applicator offered with the concealer makes it easy to apply. You can do it effortlessly without unnecessarily wasting a lot of product. It’s buildable and offers moderate coverage without leaving your skin dry and flaky.

You only need to apply a little concealer and it will cover your dark spots, red spots and acne. If you’ve an oily skin, applying a lot might result to the concealer settling on the fine lines, making it look cakey.

The concealer stays up to seven hours before it starts fading for people with oily skin. You can still have it by the end of a day when your skin is dry. There are always discounts that let you save a lot when buying this concealer.

  • The brush applicator is soft and makes it easy to apply the concealer
  • Feels comfortable after application
  • Offered with ingredients that promote skin health
  • Does not need a foundation when applying
  • Packaged in a compact, easy to carry tube

7. Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer-Stick

The Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer-Stick is a make-up product designed for light to medium skinned users. It’s formulated to reduce redness from Rosacea, injuries and blemishes.

It also conceals discoloration of the skin, dark spots and acne spots. You can also use it after plastic surgery to hide the scars that remain. It’s an inexpensive concealer for buyers on a budget, which makes it a great choice.

Offered in a plastic twist-up tube with a pull-off cap, this concealer is easy to apply. Being a stick concealer, it lasts longer than most liquid concealers with the same weight and you can never apply more than the needed amount.

Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer-Stick is formulated as a heavy duty creamy concealer. It’s a waterproof concealer whose application leads to the neutralization of red spots on your skin.

The formula is thick and provides full coverage opacity. For those with sensitivity skin, the concealer is fragrance free and hypoallergenic.

According to Physicians Formula, this is a non-drying concealing stick offered in three different shades. This makes it suitable for people of different skin tones. With the lipstick-style tube, application is very easy.

You can use the yellow shade to conceal blemishes, under-eye circles and minor imperfections on the skin. Green shade is ideal red spots and scars. Flesh tone shade is good for minor skin imperfections.

The green shade concealer is especially important seen that almost everyone has a red spot on their skin. This concealer is formulated to work like many professional concealers.

Unlike some products in the market, the Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer-Stick has no fragrance or stinky smell.

Most users appreciate how this product functions especially the ease of application. When using this concealer, tone, moisturize and prime then apply it. It works well even with no foundation.

A small detail brush, the size of a lipstick brush, will work just fine to apply this concealer. You can then apply your foundation. When that is done, the concealer won’t come out and lasts up to 8 hours a day.

This concealer won’t work well when applied with a sponge or fingers thanks to its heavy duty nature. Given its concentration, you only need to apply a small amount of concealer for precision concealment.

You only need to concentrate it on the specific redness area and nowhere else.

For long lasting concealment, you need to apply this with a good powder. If it happens to come out when you’re applying the foundation, add more green shade.

While this is a waterproof and will stay on even when you sweat, it will come out easy with a regular facial cleanser. When used right, it delivers good results and isn’t harsh on the skin.

  • Three shades to conceal different skin conditions
  • Thick cream for a medium to full coverage
  • The 0.15 oz tube lasts long
  • You only need a dot of the concealer to cover imperfections
  • Waterproof and long wearing
  • Fragrance free
  • Skin-friendly formula

Anyone can use this concealer whether they have a sensitive skin, mature skin or any type of skin. Seeing that you can choose colors, the formula lets you take care of different conditions.

The formula has substances such as citric acid, beeswax and safflower seed oil. These ingredients among others promote skin health. From the users, this product has no shortcomings.

8. Revlon Colorstay Concealer

The Revlon Colorstay Concealer offers three great advantages to the users, compared to other concealers in the market today; it offers full coverage, stays up to 24 hours after application and matches the skin tones of majority of users.

It’s formulated with an exclusive formula that makes it special while ensuring that it delivers the great results that Revlon, the manufacturer claims.

Formulated to cover dark circles, blemishes and imperfections, this Revlon concealer comes as a thick liquid concealer. You’ll only need a little product to cover a wide area.

When applied right, the formula is undetectable on the skin. Again, it’s available in multiple shades, accommodating all types of skins and all skin tones.

The three shades are:

  • Light medium
  • Medium
  • Deep

However, according to Revlon, from their website, the concealer is available in 5 colors. Either way, the three colors still offer versatility to a lot of users as they accommodate skin tone changes throughout the year.

This being a liquid concealer, it’s offered in a glass tube whose cap is fitted with a doe-foot applicator. The packaging is nice with the applicator, allowing you to take just enough product to conceal minor imperfections.

Again, the applicator is soft, making it easy for you to apply. However, the problem with this kind of packaging is that the applicator won’t get to the product at the bottom of the bottle and it ends up being wasted.

Again, using the doe-foot applicator is relatively unhygienic. When used right, nonetheless, the doe-foot applicator offers one of the best ways to apply any concealer.

The Revlon Colorstay Concealer is neither thick nor thin, which is a great consistency for precision application. When using, therefore, you can get medium to full coverage with great ease.

According to most users, the concealer blends smoothly, letting you achieve that natural look effortlessly.

However, if you have really dark circles, the concealer doesn’t offer full coverage and a keen look might still be able to see the faded dark circles.

While this isn’t a good thing, it’s rare to have those very dark circles. For such cases, you might need foundation before the concealer. Perhaps, a different shade would have come in handy in offering full coverage for all skin conditions.

When used with doe-foot applicator, a little goes a long way thanks to the high concentration of the concealer.

The deep shade is meant for deeper skinned and tanned skin. This is, however, the most versatile shade of the three as it offers full coverage on different skin conditions.

The medium shade is offered for those with light toned skins. It’s formulated with orange undertones, allowing it to conceal darkness under the eyes. Even when you’re 1-2 shades dark than the medium skin tone, this shade will still suit you.

This concealer is long wearing. When used in very cold conditions, it lasts up to 8 hours a day. This is great, seeing that many concealers don’t last that long during cold days.

In summer, the concealer will last for up to 24 hours. It won’t result in any form of creasing even after a long day wearing. Again, when you touch the eye area, the concealer won’t come out. You can apply it with powder.

Just a cleanser is enough to remove this concealer. There’s no need for special make-up remover.

  • Smooth consistency for ease of application
  • Provides medium to full coverage to cover dark circles completely
  • Long wearing so you won’t need to reapply during the day
  • No drying effect and no creasing
  • Contains a host of natural extracts promoting skin health
  • Doesn’t break when you use it on blemishes
  • Soft doe-foot applicator picks right amount
  • Great price

9. Shany Crème Concealer Stick

The Shany Crème Concealer Stick is a creamy concealer offered in a convenient packaging, allowing you to use it with ease. It allows you to achieve a natural look with a glow.

Each stick is offered paraben and talc free, ensuring there are no side effects on your skin. Granted, you can apply this cream every day for great results.

It’s a concealer formulated for use around the eyes, the corners of your nose and the lips. It covers acne spots, thereby, giving you a smooth look.

When applied right, the concealer soothes the fine lines under eyes. It provides good results when used alone or used under foundation. The concealer blends easily, making it suit first time users. Again, it dries down smudge free and feels comfortable on your skin.

According to the manufacturer, the USA made concealer is one of the heathiest makeup products on the market. It’s not tested on animals during the manufacturing process as the manufacturer is a member of PETA.

The product is available in three different shades:

  • Light shade with warm undertones
  • Dark shade with cool undertones
  • Dark shade with warm undertones

When applied right, the Shany Crème Concealer Stick provides great benefits. First off, it hides dark spots, blemishes, dark circles and redness. Besides, the formula heals, protects and soothes the skin.

This double-action, concealing and healing, makes it a suitable choice for many users. Its innovative formula features a number of natural ingredients without talc or paraben.

Some of the ingredients include Beeswax as Cera Alba, Vitamin E as Tocopheryl Acetate and Shea Butter as Butyrospermum Parkii. These ingredients aim at improving the appearance of damaged and dry skin.

This being a creamy concealer, application takes a short time, especially if you’ve been applying for some time. Applying the concealer feels smooth and it blends smoothly, resulting to a matte finish.

There are only three shades provided by the manufacturer on most online retail stores, the manufacturer claims there are six shades. After application, the concealer is waterproof and lasts all day even in humid conditions.

  • Paraben and talc free
  • Innovative formula with a number of natural ingredients
  • Great consistency for even application
  • Awesome price-quality ratio
  • Offered in a compact bottle that you can slip into your pocket
  • Accommodated different skin tones

You can use this concealer as a highlighter or a bronzer and besides, it comes in handy as a healing concealer. This means you can use the formula to cover bugs and mosquito bites and scratches. However, be sure not to use it on open wound.

10. Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer

Neutrogena is one of the makeup manufacturers that has been on the market for a long time. This has allowed the manufacturer to create different products and offer upgrades to those products, ensuring that users always get the best.

SkinClearing Blemish Concealer is one of their concealers designed specifically for blemishes. It suits people of different skin types and skin tones, making it a versatile product.

You can apply it every day without fear of any side effects; it features an all-natural formula, guaranteeing you great results without unnecessarily bring you harm.

This is a 2-in1 makeup product formulated with Neutrogena MicroClear technology. The technology enhances its ease of application while improving its effectiveness to conceal blemishes and heal the skin.

The formula is non-comedogenic, has no allergens and no oils. This makes the product fit for use by all. When applied right, the SkinClearing Blemish Concealer gives you a natural looking color.

When used for a long period, this concealer reduces the chances of developing acne blemishes and ultimately improving your appearance. You can use this product with any other Neutrogena makeup products.

It also works well with different powders and other products, making it an ideal choice for anyone.

Unlike other concealers that just cover acne breakouts, the SkinClearing Blemish Concealer helps them go away. According to the manufacturer, this concealer is offered with a proven blemish fighting medicine.

It offers concealing coverage for a flawless look while ensuring that acne breakouts are cleared.

This concealer is offered with some natural ingredients, making the formula safe and effective. Some of the active ingredients include Matricaria extract, Aloe Vera leaf juice, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron Oxides and Pantothenic acid among others.

Most of these ingredients are aimed at promoting skin health to help fight acne and other skin conditions.

It’s easy to apply this concealer especially given its high concentration and its great consistency. Before application, you need to cleanse the skin thoroughly, seeing that this is considered as medication.

This allows it to seep through the skin pores. You need to cover the affected area completely with one to three layers a day without foundation.

You need to start with a single application each day then increase to two or three applications to ensure the skin does not dry. If the skin becomes dry, reduce the number and thickness of applications.

The concealer is offered in a plastic tube that looks like that of a lipstick, making it easy to use.

The concealer comes in four shades including medium, fair, buff and light. You can, therefore, apply it on different skin tones for a flawless appearance.

  • Double action; heals and conceals
  • Smooth consistency for easy application
  • Great price
  • Provides a natural look after application

11. Xtreme Lashes Jo Mousselli Skin-Renewing Concealer

The Jo Mousselli concealer features an anti-aging formula, which allows you to conceal blemishes on your skin while still diminishing the look of lines and wrinkles on your skin.

With extended periods of use, your skin will appear smoother, plumper, brighter, firmer and will be more hydrated.

The highlight of this concealer is in its formula. It’s created to stimulate age intervention from deep down your skin. It features encapsulated dipeptide Carnosine.

It features some antioxidants including milk thistle fruit extract, and Vitamin E. These three ingredients are delivered in a liposomal complex to fight the symptoms of aging skin.

When used regularly, the concealer promises to revitalize the skin, increase elasticity and prevent stiffening and breakdown of collagen.

To keep the skin hydrated, this formula features Bisabolol, which is a product extracted from German Chamomile, and Australian Myrtle Oil. These two ingredients offer anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial benefits besides hydrating the skin. They also heal blemishes and sooth redness.

When used every day, the formula promises to counteract dark shadows, lines and wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin tone and discoloration around your eye area and all over the face. The concealer is long wearing with light diffusing pigments.

You’re offered four different shades to match skin tone changes throughout the year. They include beige, mocha, fair and neutral. The concealer gives a medium coverage.

Its water resistance characteristic allows it to remain on your skin for a prolonged duration. It stays long when worn during the winter and longer during the summer. It can be applied around the eye area and on the entire face.

Irrespective of your skin, whether sensitive or mature, this concealer will give you a natural appearance without being harsh, causing dryness or uncomfortable feeling.

Besides concealing and healing, the concealer can be used to contour and highlight. Seeing that it’s ideal for use on different parts of the facial skin, apply it on the cheekbones or the sides of your nose to achieve a bright look and enhance your appearance further.

The Jo Mousselli is offered in a twist-up lipstick-style tube. This makes it easy for you to scoop the formula and apply it. The stick concealer is best applied with a small soft brush.

Using it with a sponge or bare fingers won’t offer good results. While this concealer isn’t medication, it’s offered with medicinal properties, which makes it more than just a concealer.

However, the great qualities of the concealer comes at a price. Compared to other concealers in the market, the Jo Mousselli is expensive. According to users, it offers value for money especially if you’re prone to breakouts.

  • Natural ingredients to promote skin health
  • A little dot goes a long way
  • Long wearing
  • Formulated for use on all skin types
  • Easy to apply thanks to smooth consistency

Final Thoughts

Perhaps the main factor that you need to consider when you’re buying a concealer for your mature skin is the shade. This determines whether or not you get your minor skin imperfections covered completely.

You also need to look at the formula to ascertain that it does not contain harsh substances and will deliver just as you dread. Lastly, consider value for money. Are you getting what you’re paying for.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the 10 Best Concealers For Mature Skin & Their Reviews. See one that’s not here and needs to be? Let us know in the comments below.



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