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15 Best Compact Powders For Daily Use & Their Reviews [Updated 2022]

Written by Arianna Last Updated: January 3, 2018

We want to look good as we go to and from various places. We want our makeup to look flawless all day long. With the help for the cosmetic industry, now we can.

There are powders that provide a bit of a highlight, some that contain sunscreen, and some that are good for acne prone skin. All the compacts are perfect for easily putting in your handbag and using to touch up your makeup throughout the day.

The powders range from drugstore brands to high end makeup brands so you’ll find something that works for both your powder and budget needs.

Below are 15 compact powers for daily use and their reviews.

Table of Contents

1. Dermablend Compact Setting Powder

This Dermablend Compact Setting Powder claims to be weightless, translucent to keep your makeup smudge proof for up to 16 hours. You will no longer have to worry about your makeup that looked beautiful this morning looking greasy and melted by lunch time.

This setting powder will set your makeup for the day. You will have a flawless looking face for the entire day. If you’re someone who suffers from oily skin, this powder will keep you matte all day. It’s fragrance free so no need to worry about it containing a potent smell or causing any nausea.

It has also been allergy tested so this is fine to use if you usually have any allergies to makeup products. For those of you concerned about using it on acne prone skin, have no fear because this powder is both non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic.

This powder won’t clog your pores like other powders.  To use, you pat on your face over your makeup and let sit for a couple minutes. After a couple minutes, you dust off any excess powder. While you’re waiting for this powder to set, you can be applying your other makeup products, doing your hair, or getting dressed.

So it’s nice that even though you need to let it sit on your skin for a couple minutes, you aren’t required to completely stop everything you’re doing. Letting the powder sit on your face will help it set and works it’s magic to keep your makeup looking perfect all day long.

This compact powder is perfect for keeping your face matte while you’re on the go. It’s relatively fast and easy to apply. Best of all, it can be used on all skin tones and types. It’s completely universal so no need to stress about whether or not it will match your skin tone.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Can be used on all skin tones and types
  • Lasts for 16 hours
  • Doesn’t contain skin clogging ingredients

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2. L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Powder

This L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Powder comes in 32 color options. So you’ll be sure to find your shade no matter what your complexion is. The idea of this product is that it will precisely match your skin tone and texture.

It claims to never leave your skin looking chalky or cakey. It goes on smooth and is meant to provide your skin will a natural finish that blends right into your skin. To make this powder easy for on the go application, it comes with a mirror and applicator inside the compact.

There’s no need to carry around a brush or only apply this powder when you’re in the restroom in front of a mirror. This powder compact has that for you. It’s very convenient being that it can go with you anywhere. This powder is micro fine to provide versatile coverage that can be built up as much as you desire.

You can chose to blot any shine you may have, blend into your skin for a natural finish, or build it up for a heavier coverage. This powder even contains hints of pearl pigments to add a slight glow to your skin tone.

This powder is perfect for anyone who wants to have the option of switching up their makeup coverage depending on the day or occasion. It’s very versatile. The fact that it has 32 sheets is great because there is shade for every skin tone.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Comes with mirror and applicator
  • Micro fine consistency for increased versatility
  • Wide range of color options

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3. CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder Compact

This CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder Compact is a shine free formula that gives you a natural, clean, poreless look without clogging your pores. It’s hypoallergenic, non-acnegenic, and non-comedogenic. This powder is lightweight and can be worn alone or over your favorite foundation.

It allows your skin to breathe so you won’t have to worry about it clogging your pores. This powder provides its wearers with full, blendable coverage all while feeling extremely light on the skin. It’s also available in sensitive skin and oil control options for those of us with sensitive or oily skin.

It’s great for tossing in your handbag and taking everywhere with you. You’re covered no matter where you’re because this compact has a mirror and an application puff. You can now apply makeup quickly while headed to work or school.

And if you love your makeup products with a little fragrance, you’ll love this powder. This powder is definitely worth trying because it’s not harsh on your skin but it keeps you shine free and has a pleasant smell. And just as you thought this powder couldn’t get any better, it did.

It’s dermatologist tested. So now you really have no need to worry about it clogging your pores or causing crazy breakouts. A dermatologist has tested this powder and approved it’s claims. Not to mention that this powder is very affordable and comes in several shades.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Lightweight formula can be worn alone or with foundation
  • Keeps shine under control
  • Comes in sensitive and oily skin options

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4. Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Powder

This Neutrogena Skinclearing Mineral Powder will allow you to experience mineral powder coverage all while using a convenient compact. You’ll have a fresh, shine free look when using this powder. It contains salicylic acid along with various minerals to help treat and prevent further breakouts from occuring.

It works to treat acne while providing great coverage. The coverage this compact provides is so good that it can be used to conceal existing acne breakouts.

While this powder fights off acne it’s still very gentle on the skin. It doesn’t cause your skin to dry out or become flaky like traditional acne medication is known to do.

This skin clearing powder even contains oil absorbent ingredients that helps to control any shine that may occur during the day. This powder is also great for on the go users because it has a mirror and application puff. The application puff is double sided.

One side is for controlling shine while the other side of the puff is for applying this powder. Who knew that you could fight your acne while also looking flawless. If that is your goal, you’re in luck because that is exactly what this powder will do.

Now you don’t have to chose between skincare and makeup. This powder is formulated to let your skin breathe, not clog pores, treat acne, and provide coverage.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Treats acne while allowing you to look flawless
  • Contains mineral ingredients
  • Fights oil production

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5. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Powder Compact

If you’ve ever wanted to get rid of your pores, here’s your chance. Although this It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Powder Compact comes in a compact form, it is known for providing pore eliminating and flawless silk airbrush coverage.

The airbrush coverage is what makes the pores appear to vanish. This powder is translucent and can be used on any skin tone. It contains triple fine milled micro silk powder that blurs any visible pores and any imperfections you may have.

To apply, you will gently buff it into your skin in circular motions using a big fluffy brush. This will help to give you a smooth and flawless look.

This pore reducing powder can be worn alone or over makeup. So if you’re looking for diminish the appearance of your large pores, this will be a great product to try out. This powder can be applied throughout the day as needed.

It can even be used as a blotting powder. This product will give you a perfect, porcelain look making you look young and angelic.

This powder has also been known to control shine and diminish the look of wrinkles. Aside from giving you flawless looking skin, this powder also contains an anti aging blend of peptides, silk, hydrolyzed collagen, and antioxidants that all work together to give you gorgeous skin.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Erases visible pores
  • Works on any skin tone
  • Contains skin nourishing ingredients

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6. e.l.f. Perfect Finish HD Powder

This e.l.f. Perfect Finish HD Powder is a versatile translucent powder that can be used to set your makeup, reduce shine, and provide a mattifying look to your skin.

This powder can be applied with either a sponge or brush. For convenient, portable application this compact comes with a mirror and application puff. This powder compact will allow you to fill in any fine lines, blur imperfections, and give your face a smooth finish no matter where you’re.

You can literally apply this powder while at a stop light or riding public transit. This compact is so perfect for taking with you everywhere you go. Also, this powder is HD and works great with HD cameras. So this powder is also great to use if you’ll be taking any pictures or recording in videos.

You’re on0camera makeup will be flawless and matte so you won’t be constantly in need of a touch up. Just make sure you apply this powder light because it may cause you to have a white cast in photos. If you lose it it’s no big deal because it’s so inexpensive.

You’ll be able to easily replace it. So you might want to purchase several upfront so you can leave one at home, put one in your bag, and leave one at work.

Once you try this powder, you’re not going to want to be without it. It will keep your makeup in place and set for several hours. It goes on light so you won’t even feel it on your skin.

But you’ll definitely notice the effect it will have on your face. You won’t have to worry about your face getting shiny or greasy. Your face will look as flawless as it did when you first applied your makeup.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used with a sponge or brush
  • Great for portable, on the go use

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7. Estee Lauder Golden Alligator Slim Compact Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder

This Estee Lauder Golden Alligator Slim Compact Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder comes in a beautiful gold alligator skin inspired compact case. This translucent powder is great for giving a flawless finish to any skin tone.

This non acnegenic powder won’t clog pores and can be used throughout the day when you’re in need of a touch up. Aside from providing your skin with a smooth appearance, this compact is the perfect keepsake item.

Once you’ve used up all the powder, you can purchase a refill to reinsert into the compact. It will be good as new. This elegant and sophisticated compact will make a perfect gift option for anyone that loves Estee Lauder products.

It arrives in a beautiful presentation box and includes a velvet like pouch to ensure that it remains in pristine condition. Who wouldn’t love to receive pressed translucent powder in a beautiful gold refillable case. It’s literally the perfect excuse to check your makeup.

You’ll fall in love with this compact each time you take it out of your bag. This is great for those beauty lovers who collect refillable cases or cosmetic bags from beauty brands. Plus, this compact is small and slim making it great for taking it with you to touch up your face throughout the day.

It’s so small that you can even put it in a clutch with no problem. Go ahead and give this pressed powder a try if you’re looking for something with a touch of elegance.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Beautiful gold packaging
  • Can purchase refillable inserts
  • Perfect for any skin tone

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8. Clinique Almost Powder

This Clinique Almost Powder is an oil free powder foundation with shades for every skin tone. You’ll love its ultra light and smooth consistency. It’s long wearing and will give you a natural looking complexion.

This compact contains skin benefiting ingredients such as antioxidants and SPF. So not only will you get a light, natural coverage from this powder, you’ll also get anti aging benefits. It’s so easy to apply that you can even apply it with your eyes closed.

You can use a sponge or brush and will have a perfect application. This powder is great for sensitive or acne prone skin because it’s very light and gentle. You won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything on your face. This also makes it perfect for anyone who desires coverage but doesn’t want a heavy or full coverage.

Being that it’s so light, it can also be applied over foundation and concealer. If you suffer from breakouts, you can apply a little concealer to those areas and finish up with this powder.

You’ll have a natural and clear looking complexion all while being protected from sun damage. If you’re looking for a little more coverage, you can try using a liquid or cream foundation and buffing this powder onto your skin for maximum coverage.

The versatility of this powder is great. You’ll be amazed at how light or full of a coverage this powder will provide. Go ahead and give this compact a try.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Contains SPF
  • Easy to apply
  • Gentle on the skin

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9. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Pressed Powder

This Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Pressed Powder is universal and can be used on all skin types. It’s meant to soften any fine lines, wrinkles, and pores you may have. It’s talc free and has a silky and lightweight texture. This powder was created to work specifically with HD technology.

If your skin gets shiny, this powder is perfect for touch ups throughout the day. While it helps to conceal your fine lines and large pores, it’s completely undetectable to even the most magnified HD lens. It contains hyaluronic acid and silica that helps to keep your skin hydrated while wearing this.

This is good for keeping your skin hydrated no matter if you’re going to be taking pictures under hot studio lights or just wearing it to the office. You want to have great long lasting makeup without sacrificing the health and condition of your skin.

While this compact does have a mirror, it doesn’t contain any type of applicator. It’s so thin that a puff applicator probably wouldn’t even fit inside. It’s recommended to apply this HD powder with a kabuki brush.

You can easily find a retractable brush that you can take with you so you can apply this product anywhere. For maximum mattifying results, this powder should be applied to your face as a last step to ensure that your makeup is set.

However, you should apply this powder lightly because it has been known to cause users to appear washed out and ghostly in pictures when flash is used. Other than that, you’ll love the way you skin looks visibly perfect when using this powder.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Long lasting mattifying effects
  • Works with HD technology
  • Ultra fine texture that makes it undetectable

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10. Christian Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder

This Christian Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder comes in four color options: nude glow, pink glow, golden glow, and bronzed glow. Each of these shades will work on any skin tone to provide a luminous yet matte look.

This powder contains illuminating pigments that will leave your skin looking highlighted and radiant. This powder is perfect if you want something that will give you that extra sparkle factor without looking too glittery and sparkly.

It’s important that when using a shimmer product, you’re careful not to use something that looks like its for a teenage girl. You want something that compliments your skin and overall makeup. This powder will give you a sophisticated, subtle glow that can be built up by applying more.

Although this powder can be applied to your entire face, when applied to your cheekbones it will really make them pop and reflect light.

It’s great for applying it solely as a highlight. This beautiful silver compact includes a mirror inside and also comes with a mini kabuki brush for application. This powder is perfect for taking with you on a night out or on a daily basis.

This compact is small and can be easily tossed into a slim clutch or small handbag. So if you want a luminous look without looking like you stuck your face in glitter, try this powder out. You won’t be disappointed.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Available in four colors
  • Comes with a kabuki brush
  • Gives skin a radiant appearance

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11. Laura Mercier Invisible Pressed Setting Powder

This Laura Mercier Invisible Pressed Setting Powder claims to set your makeup for longer wear capability. This powder works on all skin tones and types. It’s translucent so it will soften and mattify your skin.

This powder is ultra fine and lightweight so you don’t have to worry about it settling into your pores or fine lines. It will set your makeup and give your skin a soft, velvety finish.

This powder is oil free, non comedogenic and has been formulated without parabens and preservatives. So if you prefer products without parabens and preservatives give this a try. This is also a good powder to use if your skin is acne prone.

This powder will soften your skin without the use of ingredients that typically irritate acne or cause more.The small compact contains a puff applicator so you can use it on the go without having to keep up with a separate brush.

It’s recommended to lightly pat the powder onto the skin with the applicator. This will ensure that the powder will work as it was intended to.

This invisible powder will give you the visible results you’ve been wanting without covering your face with bad ingredients. This powder is also great if you have aging skin and are concerned about using a powder.

Uses with aging skin have claimed to love this powder because it’s not for their age their skin instead of provides a smooth, velvety finish and keeps their foundation lasting all day.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Doesn’t contain preservatives
  • Won’t settle into fine lines or pores
  • Gives skin a velvet finish

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12. Guerlain Parure Gold Radiance Powder

This Guerlain Parure Gold Radiance Powder is a compact foundation that will give your skin a rejuvenating light. This powder contains pigments and collagen boosting ingredients. Although this is a foundation, it’s very soft and applies to the skin softly.

It works to diminish the signs of aging and fatigue. It also contains an SPF 15 to help protect your skin from the damaging sun rays. This powder smells amazing. It has a soft floral scent with notes of peach, rose, raspberry, jasmine, and white musk.

Doesn’t that just sound like it smells heavenly. A product with a good  smell will make you excited to use it. This product smells good and gives your skin a radiant glow. This great smelling powder comes in eight shades.

It’s suggested to apply this as a foundation by using a sponge and blending it in the same direction from your nose to the outside of your face. To apply this is a powder, you can use a brush all over your face for more velvety finish.

This great smelling powder is the perfect option for anyone who loves to apply their foundation or powder while on the go. It comes in a luxurious black case to keep it in pristine condition and also, it’s perfect for putting in any handbag you’ll be caring with you.

If you’re into luxury cosmetic products, you should try out this compact. This powder is luxurious without being over the top. You’ll fall in love with the way your skin glows after using this product.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Can be applied as a foundation or a power
  • Smells great
  • Has SPF 15

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13. Shiseido UV Protective Compact Foundation Powder

This Shiseido UV Protective Compact Foundation Powder protects the skin from any harmful sun rays with it’s SPF 36. This broad coverage compact foundation not only protect your skin from the sun it also gives your skin a powdery, matte finish and is both water resistant and sebum resistant.

So if you’re constantly sweating your makeup off or worried about it melting, this is the foundation for you. you can now sweat and swim in your makeup without being worried that it will easily come off. You won’t have to worry about water washing away your foundation or your natural sebum coming through.

This foundation will be perfect for taking on the go and even on any vacations. Several users of the foundation even noted that this product kept their skin from getting sunburned for up to four hours before they needed to apply again.

This makes this product ideal for pool days and sunny vacations when you want to apply makeup. It also allows for you to purchase refills so you can keep your compact forever. Inside the compact you’ll find a sponge applicator that can be used to apply this foundation.

This foundation is very versatile and can go on wet or dry. You’ll be able to get various looks depending on whether you apply it wet or dry. If you enjoy changing up the finishes of your foundation, this powder will be great for you. You’ll get two finishes in one.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Broad SPF coverage
  • Water-resistant
  • Can be applied wet or dry

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14. NOTE Cosmetics Luminous Silk Compact Powder

This NOTE Cosmetics Luminous Silk Compact Powder comes in seventeen shades. This compact isn’t your typical pressed powder. The formula is designed to hydrate and help balance the moisture levels of your skin.

This will boost your complexions natural radiance giving your skin and nice subtle glow. It contains Argan oil which provides moisture to your skin and is infused with botanicals. It’s paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan.

So you’ll have no need to be apprehensive about using this product if you’re vegan or don’t support products that are tested on animals. It has also been dermatologist tested. This compact comes with an applicator making it perfect for applying wherever you’re.

It can be layered over liquid foundation to provide more coverage. To apply simply spread the powder gently all over your skin with that applicator or a brush.

You can apply more powder until you get your desired coverage.  Although this powder can be built up to provide you with even more coverage, it remains light and silky in texture and never gives off a chalky or cakey appearance.

Some users of this powder have even claimed that it works just as good if not better than their top high end face powders. Being compared to the high-end stuff is definitely something that is noteworthy about this product.

Pros & Benefits:
  • This powder is vegan
  • Buildable coverage
  • Balances your skin’s moisture levels

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15. Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Mattifying Powder Foundation

This Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Mattifying Powder Foundation claims to be all natural. It’s non comedogenic and oil controlling making it perfect for oily, acne prone skin. This powder foundation will mattify and smooth your skin while helping to even your overall skin tone.

You’ll no longer have to worry about a blotchy skin tone while using this foundation. This lightweight formula is made with bamboo to help blur imperfections. This powder has a lightweight consistency that will allow you to build coverage and blend effortlessly for a smooth finish.

This powder compact also absorbs oil without trying out your skin so you always have an oil free look. It’s available and six shades and it’s perfect for oily or combination skin. This powder has been formulated without parabens, petroleum, or synthetic fragrances.

It’s also not tested on animals. The compact itself has a mirror and includes a custom applicator. applicator is perfect for building and blending for additional coverage as needed.

This long lasting powder foundation is also perfect for applying over a liquid foundation if you desire full coverage. Users have said that this powder has a very lightweight fine consistency that lasts all day.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Inexpensive
  • All natural
  • Versatile coverage

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Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the 15 best compact powders for daily use and their reviews. If you see one that’s not on the list and should be, please let us know in the comments below.



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