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15 Best Airbrush Makeup Kits And Their Reviews [Updated 2022]

Written by Arianna Last Updated: October 4, 2017

Airbrush makeup kits can help cover blemishes that most other makeup cannot. This includes items such as scars (acne or otherwise), dark circles, rosacea, blemishes, birthmarks, sun spots, and more

With practice, airbrushing your makeup on can be faster than traditional application methods. Airbrushing can also be more sanitary as bacteria can build up on your makeup brushes and sponges.

Another added benefit of switching to airbrushing is that you simply need one tool to apply your makeup.

In this list we’ve included the 15 best airbrush makeup kits along with their reviews. Want to skip the reviews? Here’s a quick list of some of our favorites:

Table of Contents

1. TEMPTU Pro S-One Premier Airbrush Makeup Kit

TEMPTU airbrush makeup kits are often ranked as best sellers – so if others rate them high, then you should check them out. They have been in the airbrush makeup business for more than 30 years.

Based on its size and portability, this airbrush makeup kit is great for salon or workstation use. TEMPTU offers recommendations on what to use this kit for, which include: beauty, facial and light body work purposes.

The TEMPTU is more often used by professionals, but is also a great airbrush makeup tool for beginners looking to break into the makeup industry.

This premier airbrush makeup kit includes: the S-One Compressor (110V) with a 40 PSI maximum pressure; SP-35 Airbrush, 12 Pack S/B Foundation 1/4oz Starter Set, Airbrush Cleaning Kit, 4-oz cleaner product, a coiled air hose, and an airbrush holder.

  • Budget friendly for new artists
  • Lightweight (8 pounds) and portable
  • Powerful compressor, considered on par with the powerful and reliable, but more costly Iwata Silver Jet
  • Compressor
  • Precise application
  • Built-in PSI Regulator

2. Art of Air AOA-01

The AOA-01 is a great kit for either the Beginner or experienced professionals. Art of Air is known for their utilization of the newest technologies and air brushes that are easy to use.

While it is on the lower end of the cost spectrum, the quality of the materials remains high. This is one of those kits that comes with branded cosmetic product, so you can get started trying out the system upon delivery.

Beginners find that they are very comfortable using this system within three (3) to four (4) applications, making it a great airbrushing makeup application entry-level system.

This airbrush makeup system includes: User Guide, compressor with fully adjustable airflow control settings (110V), a 6-foot push on rubber hose and holder; airbrush; 10 Art of Air branded make-up bottles (six (6) foundation shades, anti-aging primer, bronzer, blush and a shimmer highlighter – all water-based); cleaner, and deluxe carrying bag.

  • Very quiet compressor
  • Small compressor for ease in portability for personal use when traveling or for a mobile business
  • Highly customizable air pressure
  • Easy assembly
  • Budget friendly
  • Dermatologist recommended

3. Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Personal Starter Kit

Aeroblend’s reputation lies in its ease of use and foundation products that are guaranteed to match any skin tone. Just like its name suggests, this Starter Kit is great for beginners who need multiple items to begin trying this makeup application approach.

Like other airbrush kits, this one comes with makeup product made by Aeroblend and because it is highly pigmented, it should take a very little amount to get maximum coverage.

Reviewers who are beginners to airbrushing makeup on themselves claim to have achieved a great flawless look on their very first try. The company’s HQ is also located in the USA.

This kit includes: Instructions, compressor, double-action airbrush stylus, air hose, 110V AC Plug, full one (1)-year warranty, five (5) foundation shades, two (2) blush shades, one (1) highlighter, and one (1) bronzer.

  • Exceptional reviews/reputation
  • Color-match guarantee
  • Full 1-year warranty
  • Very quiet compressor
  • Easy to travel with
  • Easy to use
  • Low price point
  • Cosmetics with natural ingredients, great for sensitive skin

4. Dinair Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit

This starter kit is comes with shades for different skin tones, so just make sure you purchase the correct kit to match your skin tone.

What’s great about this type of offering is that it demonstrates that there is a lot of variation in skin tone. These kits are designed for at home personal use predominantly, but provide professional results.

Similar to the TEMPTU, the Dinair company were one of the first to use airbrush makeup on actors over 3 decades ago, and claim to have originated airbrush makeup.

Their cosmetic products are supposed to be healthy for the skin, while the airbrush tool itself applies the makeup to the skin flawlessly. These products are also made in the USA.

This Dinair airbrush makeup kit includes: Instructional Guide, a standard one (1) year warranty, a CX Pro airbrush with continuous flow, a professional compressor providing one (1) speed, a power adapter, a 6-foot long hose, cleaner solution with silicone grip cleaning system, moisturizer promised to make skin appear moist and dewy, three (3) foundation shades, and three (3) multi-purpose shades.

  • Compact and lightweight compressor (20% lighter than previous models), for easy travel and storage
  • Mid price point
  • High quality, experienced and evolved engineering
  • Cosmetics that are lightweight and breathable, silicone free, paraben free, and are not tested in animals
  • “Spa quiet” compressor

5. Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System

The dermatologist-tested and recommended Luminess system is your basic plug-n-play airbrush system, so it is very easy to use, and ranks among one of the more popular airbrush systems.

This system comes with its own line of cosmetics and is easy to clean with nothing but water on a regular basis, but can easily be cleaned more deeply with cotton swabs.

The compressor motor is known for its continuous air flow for consistent makeup delivery to the skin. Even at full power, users have great control because of the stylus’s design. Luminess makeup can be applied anywhere on the body with the airbrush system.

The Luminess system includes: Basic airbrush system, no mess-tip stylus, ac adapter, seven (7)-piece airbrush foundation and cosmetic starter kit that has primer/moisturizer, foundation, brightening glow and blush, and an instructional DVD, User Manual and case.

  • Almost silent motor
  • Compact for easy travel and storage
  • Allows for buildable coverage
  • Great for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Cosmetics provide excellent coverage and are long-lasting to take you from work to evening
  • Cosmetic line is never tested on animals

6. Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System Kit

The Photo Finish Airbrush system, like the Luminess system, is ready to go upon delivery and was made with professionals in mind, but is effective and easy to use for beginners for personal use as well.

It’s rated highly by both beginners and professionals. The company’s mission is to provide anyone with professional quality tools and cosmetics at reasonable prices.

Both the airbrush gun and compressor are compact, but effective. Many of the smaller systems don’t come with fully adjustable or controllable air flow, but the Photo Finish kit does, making it a great option for those who love to play around with different looks.

These products are also made in the USA.

This system kit includes: Airbrush gun and Compressor with 12V AC adapter, five (5)-piece foundation Set, Blush, concealer, Shimmer, Neroli Anti-Aging Primer and Silica Finishing Powder, and a deluxe carrying bag.

  • Easy to use
  • Cosmetics are not tested on animals
  • Designed for everyday use
  • Excellent price point for beginners
  • Long lasting makeup, meant for all skin types and comes without preservatives, is oil-free and is mineral based

7. Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrushing System with Silver Jet Air Compressor

The Iwata products rank very high, and is pricier than most of the other kits and does not come with makeup products.

This may seem like a downside, but on the flip side, it doesn’t force you into using a specific makeup line of products, giving you the freedom to select from whatever products you prefer.

The other interesting feature is that this airbrush is advertised as multi-purpose, so you can use it for makeup, tanning, fingernail painting, crafts, or baking.

The compressor for this airbrush system is larger than some of the others at 12 pounds, so just keep that in mind when making your decision, if storage or travel are priorities for you. The compressor is one of the best on the market and notably reliable.

This classic airbrush makeup system includes: Dual-action gravity-feed airbrush with cup, unique 0.35mm needle and nozzle combination for fine-detail spraying, jet air compressor that is adjustable from 10-18 psi, coiled air hose, pistol-grip filter, and pressure adjustable knob. Cleaner sold separately.

  • Versatile
  • Multi-option spray patterns from just one nozzle
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent control throughout the entire spray range
  • Adjustable air pressure
  • Color well/cups are easy to clean

8. Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

Belloccio makes tools and products for the everyday individual to use in their home as well as for professional makeup artists. They encourage creativity and the blending of their products to make custom looks and perfect matches.

Their basic system comes with foundation in four (4) shade options, Fair, Medium, Tan, and Dark. You will change your makeup application forever with this system.

This system comes with a great DVD that will teach even the most inexperienced individual with makeup application. The makeup and application kit are ideal for all skin tones.

This makeup system comes with: User Guide DVD and Manual, makeup airbrush, adjustable compressor with three (3) air flow settings, cosmetic storage and carrying bag, foundation set of four (4) color shared within the tone you select, anti-aging moisturizing primer, blush, shimmer, bronzer, cleaner, shade concealer, makeup blending sponge, makeup finishing and setting spray, and a one (1)-year warranty on the tools.

  • Quiet compressor
  • Small convenient for travel or storage size
  • Professional precision airbrush
  • Water based makeup products that won’t clog your pores
  • Solid and very helpful instructions
  • Low entry price

9. Glam Air Airbrush Makeup Foundation System Kit

If you’re new to airbrushing, this is the starter kit in Glam’s series of kits – they have several depending on your experience and needs.

Some compare the Glam Airbrushes to the TEMPTU and Dinair, but, perhaps that is true of the more expensive kits. This kit is in a good price range, for the quality.

While this system kit comes with Glam cosmetics, they support customers using this kit with other brands, as long as you blend them appropriately.

It’s often rated well, and sometimes referred to as the magic wand. The Glam team takes great pride in this product. This product is advertised for actresses and actors, so you know they stand behind their results.

This airbrush makeup system includes: How-to instruction catalogue, airbrush gun, compressor, air hose, five (5) shades of foundation, one (1) blush, and a travel bag, the approximate size of a clutch purse.

  • Great compact travel size
  • Covers blemishes, discolorations, birthmarks, and acne scars
  • Cosmetics are never tested on animals
  • Excellent coverage, water-based makeup, proven to reduce makeup-generated acne

10. TRU Airbrush Makeup Basic Kit

Next on our list is the TRU system. What brings this system to our list is that they are the first to carry mineral based airbrush makeup. Their system is good quality and is priced well at under $100 USD.

The basic kit comes with a few branded airbrush makeup that they’re well-known for. Their product contains only natural dyes and pigments, making it healthier than many other product lines.

It’s also free from gluten, oil, silicone, and parabens, but includes a soy protein that helps is last all day long. TRU is also known for their exceptional customer service. This kit is also made in the USA.

This basic airbrush kit comes with: a compressor, an airbrush stylus, two (2) foundation shade, one (1) blush, and a travel case. Other kits come with more product.

  • Price point
  • Makeup quality
  • Portability

11. Paasche Airbrush Makeup Brush and Compressor Kit with Case

Coming in on the higher end of the cost spectrum we have the Paasche system. This kit has a very professional and classic look with its metal storage case with handle and pink airbrush stylus.

This company specializes in airbrushes, so they have a great reputation. While this system has a professional air to it, it can be used for personal / home use.

This airbrush is made by an airbrush company that isn’t also a makeup company, which can say a lot about their focus on the quality of the airbrush.

This kit comes with: a gravity feed airbrush that’s made in the USA, an adjustable (three (3) pressure settings) compressor with built-in airbrush holder, air hose, metal storage and travel case, and a five (5) pack of Glamaire high definition makeup.

  • Quality construction and customer service reputation
  • Design that makes an great first impression

12. Grex GCK03 TRITIUM.TG3 Combo Kit

The TG3 boasts an airbrush trigger style that is well-known in the makeup industry for being ergonomic, versatile and for delivering high performance.

The airbrush is a top gravity airbrush, which is great for serious users and/or professionals. The nozzles are interchangeable giving you a lot of freedom and the handle is designed to prevent hand fatigue.

This is another multi-purpose airbrush system which can be used for face makeup as well as nail color, but is also popular for crafting.

This airbrush makeup kit includes: Instructional DVD, airbrush gun, 0.3 nozzle and nozzle wrench, mini compressor, control valve with hose, private stock color, top cup with lids in three (3) sizes and needle caps, and a carrying case.

  • Very quiet operation
  • Easily switchable airbrush nozzles
  • Multiple gravity cup reservoirs so you can use more product when needed without always having to refill the cup
  • Moisture trap
  • Precise, unrestricted airflow control

13. Pinkiou Airbrush Makeup Set

At under $50USD, it’s a great gateway airbrush. It is a nice multipurpose airbrush that can be used for airbrushing makeup, temporary tattoos, nail art, face painting, tanning, cake decorating, illustrating, photo retouching, and arts and crafts.

For the price, the quality isn’t bad – and it doesn’t force you into any specific cosmetic products, so you have the freedom to choose what makeup you purchase. And if you decide airbrushed makeup isn’t for you, you haven’t made a large investment.

This airbrush kit includes: one (1) single action trigger air controlled airbrush with a standard nozzle, one (1) soft plastic airbrush holder, one (1) small and adjustable air compressor with air flow of 7.5L per minute and max pressure of 25 PSI, one (1) air hose, an AC adapter / transformer, instruction booklet and a storage case for the air compressor.

  • Low, entry price point
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Quiet compressor
  • Highly portable
  • Multipurpose and easy to clean / maintain

14. AW Black (or Pink) Single Action Airbrush Makeup Air Compressor Kit

This is one of the least expensive airbrush makeup applicators. The kit is very basic, so it may be one of the best options for someone unsure about committing to airbrushing.

This airbrush can be used for makeup as well as nail polish application. It has a removable needle and nozzle cap, which can help with full range spraying and more directed spraying.

Full range spraying allows for creating a stippling effect. The compressor also comes with automatic shut-off to protect it from over-heating. It will also cool down automatically before allowing a restart.

This kit comes with: Instructions, a single-action trigger airbrush with a gravity feed fluid cup with lid, air compressor, 5-foot rubber air hose, plastic storage case, mini air compressor, 1 AC adapter, and 1 nozzle wrench.


  • Very low purchase price
  • Very portable
  • Multiple spraying diameter options

15. AV Prime’s Professional 0.4mm Nozzle Single Action Gravity Feed Airbrush

This is the least expensive airbrush on our list coming in at under $20USD. While it is so inexpensive, it’s favorably rated and popular.

The components of this single action airbrush are all high quality, higher than some of the other dual-action airbrushes on the market.

Components are corrosion resistant, adustable and easy to use. Since this kit comes with only the airbrush gun itself, you will need a compressor or generator and it will work with either a plug-in or battery operated compressor of your choice, making it a highly flexible device.

This airbrush system includes: a salon-quality airbrush for makeup application, one (1) 2cc metal fluid cup, a nozzle wrench, a 2cc eye dropper to add makeup product to the gravity feed easily from any makeup product line you prefer (which is great for blending shades from multiple sources), instruction booklet all in a highly portable storage kit.

  • Lowest price point out there, making it great for first timers
  • Reliable and consistent quality for the price
  • Removable needle and nozzle allows for variable spraying for different effects of your choice

Airbrush Makeup Kits Buyer’s Guide:

But how do you know which airbrush makeup kit or system is the right one for you? First, know what to look for, decide on your budget (for both the tool and cost of the makeup) and what features or additional products are important to you.

Most range from just under $100USD and others can cost over $400USD. The most basic airbrush kits should include the following:

  • An airbrush (sometimes referred to as a stylus (because of its shape) or gun (because of the trigger));
  • A hose to connect the airbrush to the source of air (the compressor),
  • An air compressor (usually 110V) that can create an airflow that is even and controllable;
  • A power (AC) adapter for the compressor;
  • An airbrush holder (protective case);
  • Some kits provide a carrying or travel case – a huge plus for those interested in using their new makeup kit for personal use or for professionals who travel with their systems to their clients; and
  • Some makeup systems also come with some of their own cosmetic product (usually foundation in various shades);
  • Some kits even include cleaning liquid or other materials; and
  • Lastly, a quality product will come with instructions in the form of a guide or manual, DVD, or link to videos and tutorials online.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this list of the 15 best airbrush makeup kits. If you have one that’s not on the list and you think it should be, let us know down below.



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