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Best Hair Dyes: 15 Quality Products To Dye Your Hair At Home

It can often be quite difficult to find a high-quality hair dye that works well and comes at an affordable price. In order to make things simpler, I’ve put together this list of 15 different hair dyes that I’ve personally used.

They all work well and aren’t very expensive. If you happen to see one that’s not here and you know it should be, you can add to the comments below and let us know about it. Enjoy!

1. Clairol Natural Instincts Crema Keratina Hair Color Kit

Without a doubt, this semi-permanent dye is one of the gentler and safer products in this list. Its ammonia-free formula guarantees minimal damage during the dyeing process.

Not content with simply minimizing damage, this product’s formula also features nutrients and protective agents. This overall helps improve the general health of your hair.

Since it’s busting with keratin, the Natural Instincts Crema Keratina protects your hair from damage from the chemicals contained in the dye. Not only that, but It also features coconut oil as one of its main ingredients. Easy and quick to mix and apply, it’s perfect for home dyeing.

Featuring natural colors that range from light blonde to dark brown, this dye provides warm tones that react beautifully to changes in illumination. Its main feature is the ability to enhance color and shine without lightening your hair.

The result is a truly healthy, natural and creamy look. Opposed to other hair dyes, this stands out because of its sheer presence. The shine lasts for up to 28 shampoos and potentially longer.

It’s important to note that – due to its non-lightening formula – sometimes this product can turn out looking a bit darker than expected. However, this can be easily avoided by choosing a slightly clearer tone.

2. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme

This is an impressive dye that uses high-quality ingredients to achieve rich and bold colors. Additionally, it provides revitalization and protection to make your hair look and feel wonderfully healthy.

This product has a range of blonde, red, brown and black shades that is impressively wide. If there is one area this product excels at, it’s gray coverage.

As a matter of fact, this product is easily the longer-lasting one in the market for that purpose. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Excellence Creme is its application process.

In order to be as effective as possible, it’s done in three steps. The first consists of a pre-color serum that provides protection to fragile parts of the hair. This places particular emphasis on dry ends.

The second is the application of the keratine-infused coloring product itself. Finally, a conditioning treatment is applied in order to protect the colored hair while enhancing its look and texture.

Despite its three steps, the entire process lasts only 20 minutes. The result is a full-bodied, luscious and brightly-colored head of hair that will last a surprising amount of time.

3. Revlon Color Effects Frost and Glow Highlights

While this product may not be as versatile as the previous two, its focus certainly allows it to excel at what it does. In fact, Color Effects Frost and Glow sticks to three basic tones of blonde highlights: Medium, Honey and Platinum.

However, the quality of its finished look surely compensates for its lack of variety. This product allows you to achieve a frost and glow that naturally stands out without looking forced or out of place.

Depending on its application, the end result can range from subtle to dramatic. Either way, it will surely assist you in achieving a more ambitious look without becoming someone else in the process.

At the same time as providing a vivid color, Revlon’s Color Effects Frost and Glow helps you keep it healthy. It does this by adding keratine moisture complex to its unique formula.

Additionally, the people at Revlon made sure this product’s formula is hypoallergenic and ammonia-free. This greatly reduces the potential for harmful and toxic reactions to it. As if that was not enough, this dye can be regularly used on natural, color-treated or permed hair.

4. Goldwell Elumen High-Performance Haircolor

One of the things that give this product a competitive advantage is that it can be beneficially used with any type of hair. Yet that’s not all. Its special formula aims and succeeds at creating a vibrant and shiny color without damaging the hair.

Its respectably-sized range of colors includes 22 shades and one clear tone. Each shade can be used in different intensities to achieve different tones. This allows you to expand the product’s range to encapsulate a whopping 113 different varieties.

Apart from the previously described coloring benefits, the Elumen High-Performance Haircolor adds shine, body, and volume to the hair. One thing that sets this product apart is that it works very well with extremely thick hair.

Additionally, by not containing peroxide, ammonia or phenylenediamines, this product is remarkably clean and safe to use. Moreover, this high-performance product is completely oxidant-free. This allows it to last much longer without damaging your hair.

5. TouchBack Root Touch Up Hair Color Marker

More than just a simple dye, this product constitutes a veritable dyeing system that includes useful applicators that make it perfect for re-touching and covering gray hairs on the spot.

It’s not only the clever marker-styled applicator that achieves this feat. The product’s exclusive formula causes it to actually bond with the hair, blending with it and permanently transferring its vibrant, natural color to it.

This sets it apart from flaky, unstable products such as hair mascaras, crayons, gels and powders. A perfect companion to creativity, it even allows for coloring over previously colored hair. This is great for adding in highlights and other touches.

Not only that, but it’s great to quickly and easily maintain color between more extensive coloring sessions. Although this product is easy to manipulate and use, it’s important to note a few things about its application process.

First of all, it should only be applied on dry hair. It’s also important to point out that, because some types of hair may be more resistant to coloring, it may be necessary to spend a few extra seconds pressing the applicator in order to deposit more color.

It should also be taken into account that, despite the TouchBlack allowing for mousse, gels and other styling products to be used before it, only hair spray can be used over it.

6. L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Color + Shine System

It’s readily apparent that the thing people love about it the most is its impressive resistance to fading. Without a doubt, its exclusive formula manages to capture and maintain colors for much longer without detriment.

This product’s care supreme conditioner with shine serum provides silky and damage-resistant hair while maintaining the vibrancy of the color for an extended period of time.

This – in combination with its fading resistance – results in a truly long-lasting look. However, the fact that this product lasts up to eight weeks is not its only asset. Incredibly, its 50 luscious, modern and luminous shades can be individually mixed with up to 12 different tones.

This sophisticated product was inspired by the awe-inspiring night landscapes of Paris. These features are instantly recognizable in its modern, reflective colors.

As a matter of fact, these light-reflecting properties are brought about by a special light-catching gel that is part of the product’s unique formula.

This property allows for an astounding level of depth and dimension that, combined with the sheer potency of the color, results in a complex and beautiful look.

Undoubtedly, this is a fantastic product for those who are after a look of multi-faceted elegance and sophistication.

7. Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Frost & Tip

Even though this product is not as easy to apply as some of the others, it provides results that exceedingly compensate for any inconveniences. One of the most prevalent comments it gets is in awe of its salon-like quality.

Recommended for natural hair colors that range from light blonde to dark brown, this product allows you to enhance naturally blonde hair through precisely placed highlights.

Although they may seem like a simple and subtle touch, the highlights provided by Clairol’s Nice ‘n Easy constitute an elegant and sophisticated way to make your hair stand out. Moreover, it can be very well used for injecting new life into your favorite hair style.

Depending on the hairstyle and the technique used for application, Nice ‘n Easy can be used to achieve either a subtle effect or a striking, dramatic and light-catching new look.

8. Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent Hair Color

Without any doubt, Garnier’s Olia is one of the most outstanding dyeing products available. Its unique formula combines a 60% natural oil ingredient with natural flower oils.

In effect, sunflowers, meadowfoam flowers, passion flowers and camellias join forces in order to provide nutrition to your hair. These nutrients provide your hair with several healing and restoring properties.

In addition to improving its health, they help protect your hair while maintaining its new color looking fresh.

Unlike many other dyes, instead of simply attaching the color to your hair, Olia propels the colorant into it. This results in a long-lasting, organic and powerful natural look.

A product that’s committed to natural and healthy dyeing, Garnier’s Olia takes full advantage of the properties of oil in order to lift your hair color by up to two levels.

For example, this allows you to easily go from a dark brown to a lighter brown. Furthermore, it can even allow you to go from a light brown to a blonde.

If that wasn’t enough, Olia’s Dark Platinum collection allows black-haired customers to achieve a reflective platinum shine in a matter of minutes.

9. Wella Color Charm Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Although it may be tempting to assume that this product’s affordability reflects in its quality, the truth is very different. Wella’s Color Charm Demi-Permanent is extremely well-balanced.

This sophisticated hair dye provides an excellent value for its price. Specially formulated for fragile hair and sensitive scalps, this product is incredibly gentle.

Apart from its softness, women with thin hair love it for its restoring properties. To the contrary of most hair dyes, Color Charm actually improves your hair’s condition and overall health.

Additionally, it enhances its shine and texture, helping you achieve a flowing, beautiful look. Easy to prepare and use, this product is perfect for home application.

Requiring a settling period of only 20 minutes, the entire process of applying Color Charm Demi-Permanent lasts under half an hour.

Not only that, but its long-lasting effect ensures that there will be no need for touch-ups and re-applications for a convenient amount of time.

Keep in mind that its gentle formula allows frequent re-applications whenever necessary. A great product for covering gray hairs, it covers the strand completely, easily staying on it for over six weeks.

10. Wella Color Charm Permanent Liquid Hair Color

This amazing hair dye is perfect for slowly achieving a radical color change by degrees, one shade at a time. Utilizing a color-coded tonal family system, this hair dye provides a comprehensive range of possible colors.

Its classic, time-tested and still unique formula provide consistent results that do not cease to impress. Implementing only high-quality ingredients, this formula is capable of achieving long-lasting, fade-resistant results without professional application.

Wella’s own Liquifuse Technology saturates, penetrates and finally fuses with the hair, delivering in a vibrant and exciting color that does not fade away.

Proving its versatility, Wella’s Color Charm Liquid can be used for either changing your natural hair color or covering gray hair. Unlike many other hair dyes, it achieves this goal without producing irreparable damage.

Quite to the contrary, in addition to providing vibrant color to your hair, this product offers deep conditioning properties that will help improve and maintain its healthy, youthful appearance.

As a bonus, this product features a soft and subtle floral fragrance that allows a more pleasurable experience during its application.

11. Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour Permanent Color

Within this list, the product that offers the most salon-like treatment is definitely this one. Through a two-step coloring system, it’s capable of achieving enormous tonal depth.

Salonist’s innovative brush and bowl process provides separate treatment for roots and lengths. The reason for doing this is that, as any professional colorist knows, newly grown stands take in color differently from previously dyed stands.

The process begins with the mixing and applying the product to your roots. The next step is adding the uniquely formulated Salonist serum to the mix before applying it to the length of your hair.

Although it works wonders by itself, this product is definitely at its best when used in conjunction with the Salonist Colour Preserving Conditioner, locking the color in.

When applied properly, the powerful combination of coloring and conditioning can produce astonishing results. Surprisingly, this two-in-one product is not as pricey as you would imagine.

At an affordable price, this sophisticated and advanced hair dye undoubtedly has tremendous value. Not only does it work wonderfully, it also makes you feel like a true salon colorist.

12. Schwarzkopf Keratin Color

This popular hair dye is constantly flying off the shelves of stores like Amazon. With the promise of younger looking hair in less than 30 minutes, Keratin Color has gained a tremendous following among women of over 35 years of age.

Apart from delivering skin-flattering, vivid colors, it helps restore and improve your hair’s overall health. This results in fuller hair that suffers from 80 percent less breakage.

Its formula features keratin complex, a compound that is capable of protecting your hair both during and after coloring.

One of the biggest draws to this product is the fact that it’s specially formulated for matured or brittle hair. Not content with fully covering gray hair, this product does it in a way that produces minimal strain, reducing overall damage and eliminating potential hair loss.

Another great benefit this product provides is partial gray covering. If you have less than 30% gray in your hair, you can use a Keratin Color in a lighter shade in order to balance and homogenize its color.

Whatever the current state of your hair, at least one of the 23 available colors for this product is sure to suit your style perfectly.

13. Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids

Surely, this list would not be complete without a hair dye that is not afraid of bolder, more artificial colors. Introducing Pravana’s ChromaSilk Vivids, a youthful and in-your-face hair dye that can help you explore your wild side.

Featuring colors such as violet, green, magenta, orange and pink, this product is definitely not for those that do not like the idea of standing out in a crowd.

Without a doubt, Pravana’s goal for this product was making a bold statement. Accordingly, it’s aimed at people who want to leave a mark.

Without letting that out of sight, ChromaSilk makes it a point of delivering highly-saturated, vibrant, vivid and electric colors that are full of life.

At the same time, however, the precise tones of the available colors were selected with sophistication in mind. The result is a product that is perfect for teenagers and young adults that are looking for powerful new experiences.

Contained in a 3 oz. tube for easy application, the ChromaSilk Vivids is a practical and affordable product that’s perfect for a youthful lifestyle. Providing a semi-permanent dye in ten different shades, this product must be applied on clean, dry and pre-lightened hair.

14. Redken Color Gels Permanent Conditioning Hair Color

Unlike most hair dyes out there, this one is not meant for producing full-head looks. It rather works wonders when it comes to brightening, darkening, changing or correcting established looks.

Being capable of producing advanced hair color effects, Color Gels Permanent is also amazing for creative highlighting. This product can also be used to cover gray hairs by sections or individually.

An incredibly versatile corrector, this product works with any shade of pigmented hair. Without a doubt, aside from its versatility, what stands out the most about this product is its presentation.

Unlike most hair dyeing products, Color Gels Permanent is not liquid or paste-like. Furthermore, it does not require any type of previous mixing or preparing. This makes it easy to use and extremely practical for on-the-go touch-ups and corrections.

Adding to its dynamism and versatility, this product allows users to easily combine various shades in order to achieve their desired color. Add to all of this its surprising affordability and you have a truly convenient, practical and user-friendly product.

15. L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color

This is one of the boldest and most fashion-forward products on this list. Feria is a permanent hair color with a full body and a truly eye-catching shimmering finish.

Inspired by cutting-edge, revolutionary fashion, this product offers a dazzling color spectrum that is composed solely of adventurous, edgy shades.

Using exotic and high-quality ingredients only, L’Oreal Paris’ Feria has managed to achieve a veritable prism worth of colors. Additionally, its 3X highlights produce brightly intensified results that quite simply stand out.

Surely, the key to Feria’s colorful success is in its special color blends. Aiming at producing a salon-like customized result, all blends were specially created by L’Oreal’s master colorist.

Although there is a huge variety to choose from, some of the most acclaimed exclusive colors this product offers are Power Violet, Power Red, Power Copper and the incredibly stunning Absolute Platinum.

Additionally, the groundbreaking Power Shimmer Conditioner is capable of restoring and hydrating your dyed hair on a regular basis.

5 Tips For Dyeing Your Hair At Home

1. Do not overreach.

One of the biggest mistakes amateur home-dyers make is trying to go from one color to a completely different one in one dyeing session.

As a matter of fact, extreme hair color changes should be done gradually over the course of a few weeks. The recommendation most professionals give is to always stay within two shades of your current hair color.

It’s also important not to go about making these changes too often as your hair will need some time to recuperate and stabilize after a dye.

2. Always perform a strand test.

Although it may be extremely tempting to dive right into the dyeing, you should always perform a strand test first. Every person’s hair is different, and it will surely react differently to a new dye.

A strand test is performed simply by, before doing anything else, applying the dye to a stand of trimmed hair. After waiting around half an hour, look at the results and evaluate whether they are what you want for your hair.

3. Naked dyeing.

Without a doubt, intimacy is one of the greatest advantages of dyeing your own hair at home. It allows you to do crazy things like stripping completely naked while going through the process.

Why would you want to do that? Simply because it’s the only approach that guarantees you will avoid staining your clothes.

If you’re not in the mood for complete nudity, it’s also possible to wear and old shirt or any similarly disposable clothing item while going through the dyeing process.

4. Use a toothbrush for highlighting.

Professional colorists working at salons have all kinds of nifty and useful tools designed for making their jobs easier and improving the quality of their end results.

While regular people at home may not have those tools, there are other options that produce good results. A great way of doing highlights at home is using a simple toothbrush. After applying the dye on it, use the toothbrush in swift vertical strokes.

5. Mind those roots.

Because they effectively constitute new hair, roots need the most coloring and processing time. A good way to go around this is to apply the dye on them first, combing through the rest of your hair to distribute the color evenly.


I hope this list of the best hair dyes and their reviews has been helpful. Keep in mind that I have personal experience with all of the dyes on this list. If you know of one that’s not on here, let us know about it below. Enjoy!

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